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Patriot America Plus

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Safe Travels USA

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Patriot Platinum

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  Pre-Existing Coverage
Covers acute onset of pre-existing conditions up to chosen maximum limit (aged up to 70 years). Covers Up to $1,000 for sudden, unexpected recurrence of a Pre-existing Condition Covers acute onset of pre-existing conditions up to chosen maximum limit (aged up to 70 years).
  Travel insurance Australia - Highlights
  • Eligible for Non US citizens traveling to the USA and also available for US citizens visiting USA.
  • Emergency medical evacuation covers up to medical maximum.
  • The plan offers a benefit of copays of $25 for urgent care centers and $15 for walk-in clinics which are paid INSTEAD of the deductible each time these facilities are used (when the $0 deductible is selected.)
  • Comprehensive travel medical insurance for non U.S. citizens visiting USA.
  • Emergency medical treatment of pregnancy covered up to $1,000
  • Emergency medical evacuation is available for 100% up to 2,000,000.
  • Wellness doctor visit covered up to $125
  • Optional Sports activity coverage available up to $50,000
  • Best suited for travellers expecting first-class medical coverage up to $8,000,000
  • Emergency medical evacuation covers up to medical maximum.
  • The plan offers a benefit of co-pays of $25 for urgent care centre and $15 for walk-in clinics which are paid INSTEAD of the deductible each time these facilities are used (when the $0 deductible is selected.)
  • Optional adventure sports rider available
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Best travel insurance for Australia

Travel Insurance for US citizens travelling to Australia

Australia is among the most popular travel destinations across the globe. Its natural wonders, beaches, vibrant art, friendly nature and the high quality of life that attract millions of visitors to the country. There are thousands of travelers from the US who visit Australia each year for study, work and for vacation. The most popular destinations for Americans are Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane. There are around 250,000 US citizens living in Australia.

US citizens can travel to Australia for tourism and business purposes without a visa for up to 90 days with an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA). The ideal time to visit Australia is during spring and autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. Travel to Australia has become more affordable and there is an increased number of US travelers traveling overseas thanks to the strengthening US dollar with respect to the Australian Dollar.

US citizens travelling to Australia should take care to buy good travel insurance to ensure that any disruption or flight delay, baggage loss of health of the traveler during the vacation is insured. Travel insurance provides coverage for unexpected medical and travel emergencies. It is important to have travel insurance to cover trip delay or trip cancellation expenses.

Best travel insurance for Australia from USA

What travel insurance do you need for visiting Australia?
Travel Medical Insurance
Travel medical insurance to emergency medical expenses
Trip cancellation
Trip cancellation insurance for trip investment expenses
Older travelers insurance
Older traveler, Medicare international insurance
Cancel for any reason
Trip cancellation insurance for Cancel for any reason
Quarantine coverage
Travel insurance with Quarantine Coverage
Expatriate insurance
Expatriate heath insurance for living outside home country
Annual traveler insurance
Annual travel insurance, Yearly travel insurance
Group travel insurance
Insurance for five or more travelers on same itinerary

Australia FlagAustralia - General Information




Australian dollar

26.6 million

Best time to visit
March to May

Vacation spots
Sydney, Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Cairns, Alice Springs, Great Barrier Reef.

Popular travel destinations in Australia

Fraser Island travel insurance

Fraser Island

It is the world's largest sand island, stretching over 120km. Panoramic viewpoints include Indian Head, and a cliff famous for sculpted ribbons of coloured sand.

Great Barrier Reef travel insurance

Great Barrier Reef

It is one of the oldest living coral reefs in the world, and also is one of the largest. There are more than 2k different kinds of fish and 500 species of coral polyps.

Sydney travel insurance


Sydney, capital of New South Wales and one of Australia's largest cities, is best known for its harbourfront Sydney Opera House, with a distinctive sail-like design.

Melbourne travel insurance


Sai Kaew Beach also known as The Navy Beach and beach offers many speedboat cruises.

Famous tourist destinations in Australia

International trip insurance for Australian outback

Medical insurance for travel to Australia - FAQ's

1. Do I need travel insurance for Australia?

Given the cost of healthcare, it is prudent to buy travel insurance for Australia which will cover medical expenses while outside your home country.

Since Australia has many adventure sports facilities, you should consider a travel health insurance plan with adventure sports coverage as well. A good review of the available health insurance travel to Australia using a travel insurance comparison tool is recommended so that you can find the best Australia travel insurance option given your specific requirements.

2. What is the best travel insurance for Australia?

This is a good question and American Visitor Insurance tries to answer for our customers. Given the different needs of different travelers there is not one policy that is always best for everyone.If you are a traveler with concerns about a pre-existing medical condition that cause an emergency, then you will be looking at different plans than someone without a life-threatening pre-existing condition.

Weendeavor to give our customer as much information as possible so they can find the Australia travel health insurance plan that is best for their needs.If you want some more guidance, please feel free to contact us and our licensed agents will help you!

3. How much is travel insurance cost for Australia?

The cost for the Australia travel insurance varies depending on the age of the traveler and the duration of coverage required. The older the traveler the higher is the cost. The longer the duration of Australia travel insurance required, the greater will be the cost.

Our Australia travel insurance quote comparison facility lists the travel insurance that satisfy your requirements comparing them based on price and benefit. Compare travel insurance Australia and get free quotes online.

4. Why American visitor insurance?

American Visitor Insurance works with reputed US travel insurance providers to give US and international travelers a wide range of travel insurance options. We have two decades experience in understanding the diverse needs of US citizens and international travelers and in offering appropriate travel insurance options to them.

Our typical customers range from US citizens on vacation, international travelers visiting the US, international students, J visa holders, H1b Visa holders, US travelers going overseas, travelers to Schengen countries needing travel insurance for visa requirements, trip cancellation customers to insurance their trip expenses, corporate professionals and business travelers who travel internationally regularly as well as other diverse traveling groups with unique needs.

Our licensed customer support team provide service at all times helping travelers find the most appropriate travel insurance for their needs as well as guide them when using the insurance in the event of a medical or travel emergency. We also provide answers to all international travel insurance questions, reviews of different products, testimonials for customers as well as provide an user friendly travel insurance comparison tool where travelers can compare different products based on price as well as the coverage benefits. All of these tools help travelers make an informed decision while buying travel insurance.

Places to see in Kangaroo Island

Trip insurance vs Travel health coverage vs Global medical insurance

Confused whether to buy trip, travel or global health insurance? Understand the differences!

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Travel insurance from Australia to USA

Travel health insurance for Australians in USA

Travel medical insurance
Travel medical insurance to emergency medical expenses
Pre-existing coverage
Comprehensive coverage for pre-existing conditions/ailments.
Senior citizens
Older traveler, Medicare international insurance
Student insurance
International student insurance for Australia students in USA
US Healthcare cost
Health insurance usa for foreigners cost
Annual travel insurance
Travel health insurance for frequent travelers

International travel insurance for USA from Australia

The United States long known for Hollywood and its culture influence globally, amazing cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago …, attractive natural beauty with national parks like the Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon, along with beautiful beaches and ski resorts is a top tourist destination. Along with the attraction of the US is the shared culture and values between Australia and the United States. There is strong people-to-people links built on common values and historical and cultural bonds. The relationship is bound by very high movement of people between both countries.

While the American immigration system is one of the toughest globally, it is easier for Australians who as part of the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) can enter the country without a visa and stay of up to 90 days. Thanks to these factors, Australia has made a place for its self in the United States of America with its influence through trade and investment, food, film, arts, fashion and lifestyle, native culture and tourism in the USA.

The American Australian Association highlights the best aspects of Australian economic and cultural diplomacy in the US through a G-Day USA program. This unique method ensures that the program is responsive to the growing trade and the people to people relations between Australia and the US.

All of this encourages Australian visitors and tourists to travel to the US to both explore the country as well as visit family and friends living in the US. In 2020 despite the pandemic there were 235,500 visitors departure from Australia to the United States. Traveling across the globe to the US to see family and friends is always thrilling but it does increase risk.

Travel insurance is very useful to reduce the financial risk. This is particularly trues for older travellers who are more vulnerable to unexpected medical emergencies. International travel insurance can provide you with coverage for unexpected medical and travel emergencies and can insure both the trip costs and health of the traveler.

At American visitor insurance customers can find some of the best US insurance travel insurance plans. America Visitor Insurance works with renowned US insurance providers who offer guaranteed best price along with coverage for pre-existing conditions. Australian travelers can compare several plans for prices as well as key benefits and also get answers to FAQ's so as to make an informed decision.

Buying appropriate US visitor medical insurance is easy at American visitor insurance. The insurance policy documents will be Emailed to the travellers as soon as one completes buying it online. There is also a 24/7 customer support staff available with licensed US insurance agents. For more details you can call the customer service or email them and they will be glad to help you.

Travel Insurance from Australia to the USA

The United States of America is known for its vibrant culture, has myriad manmade and natural attractions making it a top travel destination for many decades now. Along with the attraction of the US there is a shared culture and values between Australia and the United States.

There are strong people-to-people links built on historical and cultural ties. Australia is part of the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) that permits Australians to enter the country without a visa with a stay of up to 90 days. Several Australian visitors travel annually to the US to explore the country as well as visit family and friends living in the US. The summer months are ideal for visitors to the US to enjoy the country.

What does visitors medical insurance cover?

Health care expenses
Covers hospital expenses for sickness or accidents.

Doctor visit
Insures Doctor visits for sudden injury or sickness.

Pharmacy drugs
Doctor prescribed eligible pharmacy drugs expenses.

Pre-existing conditions
Some plans insure acute onset of pre-existing conditions.

Medical evacuation
Medical evacuation expenses to nearest facility included.

Repat of remains
Repatriation of remains to home country included.

International health insurance for Australian students in the United States and US students in Australia

With over 5000 students, the United States is the top destination for Australian students studying overseas. Australia on the other hand is the Eight most popular study destination for US students overseas with about 12000 US students choosing to study in Australia.

Given the costly healthcare system in the United States it is important for Australian students to buy adequate student medical insurance in the US. While many Universities offer student insurance, the University student insurance is expensive, so students often prefer outside student insurance if the university allows it.

The international student medical insurance that we offer are cheaper than University student medical insurance while having similar coverage. US students can also buy our student insurance plans for coverage overseas. International students can compare popular student insurance options and buy it online.

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Immigrants to Australia and travel health insurance for Australia

There are many international citizens becoming citizens of Australia. Following are the top countries whose people have become Australian citizens England is top country from which with approximately 633 thousand people have become Australian citizens. Indian is at the second position with approximately 219 thousand people of Indian origin becoming Australian citizens, following by the Chinese with a number of approximately 185 thousand people.

The next few countries are Vietnam with 167 thousand people, new Zealand with 159 thousand people, Philippines with 156 thousand people, Italy with 130,000 thousand people, south Africa with 119 thousand people, Greece with 87 thousand people, Scotland with 79 thousand people becoming Australian. It is advisable to buy travel health insurance Australia to cover medical expenses from sudden sickness and accidental injuries.

Motocross sports coverage

Based on our experience, many Australian travelers participate in motocross when they come to the US. Usually this coverage is available as a rider for an additional cost. Also, please be careful because while other policies can cover motorcycle riding, they will NOT cover motocross sports! If you have questions, please call us or email us!

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Best travel insurance for cruises

Going on a cruise vacation is truly exciting, however one must take suitable action to ensure that the cruise vacation is not a disappointment. Vacationers are likely to book for the cruise well in advance of the actual travel dates, and it is possible that one is not able to make the cruise as planned.

Best Cruise trip insurance ensures that vacationers can vacation investment should there be a disruption and one cannot make the cruise. Most cruises offers Cruise protection, but that is not the same as trip insurance for cruises.

A cruise protection usually gives vouchers for the traveler if they miss the cruise, but getting money back is not the norm, which is what trip insurance for cruises offer.

cruise ship
Vacationers can shield themselves best by purchasing the Cancel for any reason insurance benefit. This gives the flexibility of cancellation the cruise vacation for any reason, and the traveler can get reimbursed up to 75% of the non-refundable trip expenses. The cruise insurance protection offered by cruise lines provides very little benefits given their cost, this is particularly important for Seniors cruise vacationers who are most vulnerable and likely to need the benefits offered by the best cruise travel insurance plans.
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Australia - New Zealand cruise

How to use the Travel health insurance plan in case of an emergency?

  • The plan holder can call the toll free number mentioned on the plan document or brochure to start claim process.
  • The claims desk at the insurance company helps you choose type of claim and documentation.
  • Direct billing procedure is the case where the insurer pays the hospital directly after you pay the deductible.
  • If there is no direct billing facility then you pay the medical expenses and apply for reimbursement.
  • You get access to PPO network under direct billing and the co insurance will be less.
 Note: Refer the chosen plan's brochure to understand terms and conditions of the plan.

Travel insurance to USA from Australia limitations

The plans which have limitations for travelers or students located in Australia are:

LIMITATION: These plans are not available to individuals who are physically located in Australia at the time of purchase.

LIMITATION: This plan is not available to individuals who are physically located in Australia at the time of purchase.

LIMITATION: Seven corners offers these plans. However these plans do not accept an address in Australia. Customer may use overseas home country address.

What is the best travel insurance from Australia to USA?

International Medical Group(IMG), Trawick International and Travel Insure are the top US companies that offer travel insurance plans for international travelers. Some of the best US travel insurance from Australia to USA is listed here:

1.  Patriot America Plus Insurance is another best travel insurance for visiting the USA offers coverage up to $1,000,000. It offers comprehensive medical insurance for non US citizens traveling individually or in groups to the USA. This also offers optional riders provide additional coverage for a minimal charge. This also offers coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions up to 70 years.

2.  Visitor Secure insurance is fixed benefits plan and an affordable scheduled benefit plan for visitors to USA. It offers coverage up to chosen plan maximum for acute onset of pre-existing conditions up to 70 years. This plan covers Inpatient and Outpatient treatment facilities and price varies between the types of plans.

3.  Safe Travels USA Comprehensive offers excellent medical coverage for Non-US Citizens and Non-US Residents while visiting the USA. This includes coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions, well doctor visit, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation and security evacuation benefits. This plan offers coverage up to $1,000,000.

4.  Safe Travels USA is a cheap travel medical insurance plan that covers Non-US Citizens and Non-US Residents while visiting the USA. It offers comprehensive US Covid19 insurance coverage for illness and accident and offer a Well Doctor Visit which pays up to $125.Coevrs Unexpected Recurrence of a pre-existing conditions. This plan offers coverage up to $1,000,000.

We are happy to serve many Australians as they travel around the globe! We offer US short term health plans which all tourists, students or working professionals can Compare travel insurance Australia and buy good comprehensive coverage.

We regularly receive many queries from Sydney, New South Wales, and Melbourne, Victoria for US travel insurance. Australian tourists are also interested in coverage for adventure sports. We have policies that also provide sports coverage apart from coverage for sickness and injury which works well for Australian travelers looking for hazardous sports coverage.

Best travel insurance Australia

The US is the third most popular international destination for Australian travelers, behind only Indonesia and New Zealand. The US attracts 7% of all Australian international travel and in 2018 the number of US trips from Australia was 1.4 million.

In 2018, 45% of Australian US travelers visited California, 27% visited Hawaii, 23% visited New York and 19% visited Nevada. The most popular cities visited by Australians are Los Angeles (31%), Honolulu (24%), New York City (22%), Las Vegas (18%) and San Francisco (17%).

The US government has made it compulsory from November 2019 for all new immigrant visa applicants to show proof of adequate health insurance in the United States. This new rule will directly impact new immigrants visa applications to the US of family members of current US citizens. The aim of this mandatory immigrant health insurance is to reduce the burden on the US health care system and therefore on US tax payers by uninsured new US immigrants.

While this rule is aimed at those applying for immigrant visas, we hear that travelers even on tourist visas are expected to have proper short term visitor insurance. The US short term health insurance plans offered here work ideally for prospective visitors to the US as well as for new US immigrants. After purchasing these visitor or immigrant insurance plans, customers will receive the insurance document by email. Customers can show this insurance document as proof of US health insurance while applying for the tourist visa or Immigrant visa. Given the high cost of US healthcare, it is in any event important for all tourists and new immigrants to buy adequate US health insurance.

US travel insurance for Australian tourists - FAQ

1. Why is travel insurance for USA so expensive?

There is no denying that travel insurance to USA is unfortunately very expensive. The main reason for this is simply because the cost of healthcare in the USA is very expensive and the travel insurance USA costs are directly related to the healthcare costs.

One more factor for some USA travel insurance plans to be very expensive is that there are specially designed travel insurance for USA plans available for older travelers, with higher medical coverage as well as some plans with coverage for pre-existing ailments.

2. How does find the best travel insurance for USA? How to find the best international travel health insurance?

There are different factors for buying best health insurance for USA visitors. Visitors should compare fixed benefits and comprehensive visitor insurance plans. Foreign visitors to USA travel insurance customers should understand the concepts of deductibles and co-insurance and Pre-existing conditions travel health insurance. A prudent and well informed traveler will make the correct choice while buying tourist insurance in USA for his or her unique needs.

There are many international US travel health insurance plans for coverage both in the USA as well as around the world. Given the several international travel insurance options, it can be confusing to find the best health insurance for international travel. What is very useful in making this decision is to compare US visitor travel insurance available on American Visitor Insurance.

The compare US travel insurance tool allows travelers compare prices as well as coverage benefits in an objective manner. The traveler can change relevant factors like the medical maximum coverage and the deductible and coverage for pre-existing ailments or hazardous sports. After finding the best travel insurance for your needs, travelers can buy it by completing an online application and paying using a credit card. One completing the purchase the travel insurance plan is emailed to the customer.

3. Why is travel insurance for USA so expensive?

There is no denying that travel insurance to USA is unfortunately very expensive. The main reason for this is simply because the cost of healthcare in the USA is very expensive and the travel insurance USA costs are directly related to the healthcare costs. One more factor for some USA travel insurance plans to be very expensive is that there are specially designed travel insurance for USA plans available for older travelers, with higher medical coverage as well as some plans with coverage for pre-existing ailments.

4. What are the factors to consider for travel health insurance to USA?

The best travel insurance for USA depends these factors:

  • The coverage for accident and sickness related medical expenses
  • The coverage for medical and evacuation expenses
  • The coverage for pre-existing conditions
  • The deductible and co-payment options
  • The network of hospitals and providers
  • The customer service and claim process

Steps to buy
US visitor travel insurance online

 1: Finding the best health insurance for foreigners

Complete the travel insurance quote request form by providing details of the traveller and insurance requirements.

 2: Compare the different travel insurance options

Compare the price and the benefits of the different travel insurance options to identify what fits your needs best.

 3: Buy the US travel health insurance that you like best

Purchase the plan that fits your needs and budget best by using a credit card and completing the online application.

 4: Review insurance plan documents received by email

Review the international travel health insurance policy for coverage details and relevant contact numbers

us visitors insurance online

Factors to buy best travel medical insurance USA

Age of the traveler

The cost of medical insurance for travelers is directly proportional to the age of the traveler. The older the traveler and greater will be the cost of the visitors health insurance.

Type of US travel health insurance

Comprehensive insurance provides exhaustive coverage but is more expensive than fixed benefit insurance which has a specified limit for each treatment.

Medical maximum coverage

The price of visitors insurance is directly dependent on the maximum medical coverage and inversely proportional to the deductible of the plan chosen.

Region of coverage

Travel insurance depends on the coverage region. The cost for visitor insurance for the United States is most expensive when compared to Europe or Asia.

Duration of travel insurance

The cost of trip insurance directly depends on the length of travel. The longer the duration of visitor medical insurance required, the higher will be the cost.

Any add on benefits

Additional add-on benefits to the basic insurance for tourist plan like adventure sports coverage, coverage for pre-existing conditions… will add to the overall cost.

Things to consider while purchasing the best travel insurance for USA


Contact our customer service team, we are here to help you!

USA visa health insurance, Visitor visa health insurance USA

Travel insurance for acute onset of pre-existing conditions

Fixed Benefit travel insurance

A fixed benefit or scheduled benefits travel insurance plan is the cheapest US travel insurance plan, however this is because the Fixed benefit travel insurance have a fixed limit of coverage for different medical benefits. Fixed benefit visitor insurance works well for small ailments but can be inadequate for more serious medical conditions involving hospitalisation.

Comprehensive travel insurance

Comprehensive travel insurance provide full coverage for medical expenses up to the policy medical maximum limit. As opposed to fixed benefit visitor insurance there are no coverage limits for each benefit. It is much more expensive when compared to fixed benefit plans but also provides significantly superior coverage especially in case of a serious medical emergency or hospitalisation.

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Travel health insurance for foreigners in USA

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Affordable travel insurance Online

Fixed benefit or scheduled benefit plans are the most affordable international travel insurance plans.

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Best international travel insurance

International travel insurance plans covering pre-existing conditions which many older travelers look for.

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Compare quotes online for best travel insurance online, Fixed vs comprehensive travel insurance USA.

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Compare and buy the best travel medical insurance plans online.

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There are many cheap international insurance plans also known as visitor insurance plans.

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How does travel insurance work?

Coinsurance & Deductible - How visitor travel insurance works.

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Travel insurance to USA from Australia links

Travel Insurance for Australians FAQ

FAQs about travel insurance for Australians.

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Australians Travel Insurance Blog

Blog about travel health insurance Australians.

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Traveler Insurance to USA Forum

Customer Queries for Australia travelers to USA.

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Australian residents traveling to the Philippines requirements

Australian residents traveling to the Philippines should be aware of the following requirements:

  1. Visa-Free Entry: Australian passport holders can enter the Philippines without a visa for stays of up to 30 days. This period can be extended for a fee at the Bureau of Immigration in the Philippines.
  2. Passport Validity: Your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond your intended stay in the Philippines.
  3. Return or Onward Ticket: You must have a return or onward ticket to another destination.
  4. Travel Insurance: While not always mandatory, it is highly recommended to have insurance for travel to Philippines that covers medical expenses.
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Travel medical insurance for Antarctica

Top international destinations among Australian Tourists

Travel insurance from Australia to Europe

Schengen visa insurance for Australia residents visiting Europe

The European consulates that are part of the Schengen treaty (Spain, France, Italy, Germany, ....) insist on adequate travel medical insurance for Canadians nationals who are visiting any of the Schengen countries. Nationalities who require Schengen visa.
We offer several travel insurance plans that satisfy Schengen visa consulate requirements:

Schengen visa insurance requirements

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