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There are many cheap international travel insurance plans also known as visitor insurance plans available in the insurance market today. These plans are broadly classified as Fixed or Limit benefit plans and Comprehensive plans. Review and Compare between fixed benefit and comprehensive insurance plans.

Fixed benefit insurance plans for international visitors are cheaper and economical compared to the comprehensive plans. However, these plans might work for minor medical issues and are not mostly recommended due to their limited benefits. But there are specific situations where customers may be advised to buy a good fixed plan. This can be true for people who are older than 89.

Let us see how we can cut down the premium costs by tweaking the other factors involved while purchasing the insurance policy, other than going a fixed benefit plan option.

Medical maximum coverage
Travelers can vary the medical maximum coverage. The medical maximum coverage options start as low as $25,000 onwards (it goes as low as $10,000 for older travelers). The lower the medical maximum coverage chosen, the lower will be the premium cost. Travelers should be aware of any minimum coverage requirements and buy their travel insurance plan accordingly. One example is the required minimum of Euro 30,000 while applying for the Schengen visa to travel to Europe.

Selecting a high deductible is one of the ways where the cost of the premium can be cut down. Comprehensive international travel medical insurance which are the most recommended and desirable plans are usually policy period plans, where the deductible is applicable only once during the certificate period of the plan and after that the customer is not required to satisfy the deductible value.
Sometimes paying high deductible is useful if the plan needs you to pay only the co pay and waive the deductible.

Cancellation and refund policy
In case you change your travel plans and do not travel, you can save money by cancelling a plan before the effective date of the plan and get a full refund with a small cancellation fee. Travel insurance plan can also be cancelled after the effective date, but a pro rated refund or unused portion of the premium will be refunded.

Renewal of the international travel insurance plan
It is important to remember the expiration of the international travel health insurance policy that has been purchased. Normally, insurance companies send a renewal reminder email to the customer's email ID when the expiration date of the plan is getting close. Look for a renewable plan while purchasing the insurance.

If the customer is not sure of the duration that the plan is needed, the purchase can always be done for a short duration and the plan can be renewed/extended later if needed. There will be a $5 renewal fee. Sometimes some of the plans may not charge anything if the renewal is done for a month or more.

A plan can be renewed regardless of any claim status during the previous certificate period. It is important to make sure that the plan to purchase has this provision. The advantage of renewing vs repurchasing is any previous claims for any sickness/injury will not be treated as a pre-existing condition when the plan is renewed. With buying the plan again, it will be treated as a pre-existing condition. Any new changes to the plan will also apply when the plan is newly purchased which is not true with renewing.

An international travel insurance plan is bought for unexpected incidents like sickness/injuries. This decision has to be made with complete understanding of the plan that is being purchased and knowing the coverage available with the plan to suit the customer's requirements. Reviewing the plan details on American Visitor Insurance and in the travel insurance plan brochure and talking to a licensed insurance producer if needed to get clarity either over phone or email before purchasing the plan is a very important to get sufficient coverage and choose the right plan at an affordable price.

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The price of cheap international travel insurance is contingent on the following
  • The traveler(s) age
  • Type of travel insurance (fixed vs comprehensive insurance)
  • Travel insurance policy medical maximum coverage
  • Deductible and Co-insurance of travel insurance
  • Length of travel insurance plan.

Pre-existing conditions international travel insurance

Older international travelers and travellers with existing medical ailments should be aware of their international travel insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions. Not all international travel insurance options cover pre-existing conditions, and it is important to be well informed about the coverage for existing medical ailments. International travellers can compare international travel insurance for pre-existing conditions based on pre-existing condition coverage as well as on their prices.
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There are several travel insurance options available. The biggest factor determining the cost of travel insurance is whether the plan is a fixed benefits plan or a comprehensive travel insurance plan. Fixed benefits travel insurance have very clearly defined coverages with specific limits for different medical conditions. The best cheap travel insurance plan will be a fixed benefits plan. Beyond buying a fixed benefits plan, you can get the cheapest price by increasing the deductible and lowering the medical maximum coverage. However travelers should note that buying a cheap travel insurance comes with corresponding constraints on the coverage.

Travelers can get cheap travel insurance by comparing different travel insurance plans using the Compare travel insurance tool on American Visitor Insurance. The comparison tool displays the available US travel insurance plans with their price and coverage benefits making it easy for the traveler to find the cheapest travel insurance plan option.

It is ideal to buy travel insurance once your travel dates are confirmed. Buying the travel insurance before you start the journey will help in ensuring that your travel will also to be covered by the insurance. However, it is also possible to buy travel insurance after your journey has started, but some companies have limitations on how long after the travel start date one can buy the travel insurance.

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