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International Medical Group Insurance

WorldTrips health insurance quickly became a recognized leader in the field of international travel health insurance, offering a complete portfolio of travel, health and life insurance products to customers in over 130 countries.

Atlas Premium Insurance plans that covers Covid Quarantine

  • Covid Quarantine Benefit: Atlas Premium Insurance offers $50 per day for each day that travelers are quarantined abroad for a maximum of 10 days.
  • Quarantine must be due to you testing positive for COVID-19/SARS-CoV2.
quarantine coverage

WorldTrips Travel Insurance Plans

WorldTrips Covid19 Annual Travel insurance for Coronavirus by Atlas Multi trip Insurance offers coverage for unexpected medical expenses, including eligible expenses related to Covid19.

It is designed for people traveling outside their home country at least twice in a year.
Purpose: WorldTrips multitrip insurance plans offers coverage for corporate executives and other professionals.

Annual Multitrip Plans

It is designed for Study abroad students seeking supplemental evacuation coverage to meet school or visa requirements.

Purpose: WorldTrips MedEvac can be purchased on its own or to supplement existing international coverage.

Medical Evacuation Plans

Different types of US Visitors insurance

Fixed Benefit travel insurance

A fixed benefit travel insurance plan is the cheapest travel insurance plan option. Fixed benefit travel insurance is cheap because it has a fixed limit of coverage for different medical benefits.
Fixed benefit travel insurance plans work well in case of small ailments but can be inadequate in the event of a serious medical ailment or hospitalisation.

Comprehensive travel insurance

Comprehensive travel insurance plans provide exhaustive coverage for health expenses up to the policy medical maximum amount. In contrast to fixed benefit plans there are no limits for each benefit. Comprehensive insurance is more expensive when compared to fixed benefit plans but provides significantly better coverage in case of a medical emergency or hospitalisation.

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Travel insurance for covid19, Student covid19 insurance Travel insurance for Coronavirus Covid

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WorldTrips covid travel insurance

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WorldTrips covid student insurance

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Schengen Visa Letter
You can obtain the visa letter as required by the consulates after purchasing the insurance policy. Click on the button to obtain the letter.
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Claims Department: WorldTrips-Claims Department, Box. No. 2005, Farmington Hills, MI 48333-2005, U.S.A.
Toll Free Number: 1-800-605-2282, For Outside U.S : (317)262-2132

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