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About Seven Corners

Seven Corners, Inc established in 1993, has been offering 20 retails plans focusing on domestic and international health insurance programs. It is self-owned company employing 165 people and has 25 years of excellent experience in international and benefit management. There are 9 department managers each having 11 years of insurance industry experience. Approximately 800 ID cards are issued per day and 4000 transactions happen per week at Seven Corners, Inc.

Seven Corners insurance protects the well being of the international travelers worldwide by providing services namely Travel Medical Assistance Services, Trip Management Assistance Services, Travel Intelligence Services, 24 Hour Customer Assist Services, Multilingual Team - 11 Languages, Worldwide Provider Network Access, Wellabroad Access to all Insured, Myplan Access to all Major Medical and Group Members.

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Ideal for:  For any U.S. citizen traveling overseas or foreign nationals visiting the United States.
Purpose:  These plans offer coverage for dental, loss of checked luggage, medical emergencies and accidents incurred while traveling.

Travel Insurance by Seven Corners
Inbound USA Basic Inbound USA Choice Inbound USA Elite Inbound USA Insurance Inbound Guest Insurance Inbound Immigrant Insurance Inbound Choice Insurance Liaison Economy Insurance Liaison Elite Insurance Liaison Choice Insurance

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Ideal for:   Student who travel outside their home country.
Purpose:  Seven Corners visitors insurance plans offer coverage for medical expenses, sports coverage,emergency medical evacuation and alcohol and drug abuse.

Student plans
Liaison Student Economy Liaison Student Elite Liaison Student Choice

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Ideal for:  US residents irrespective of their citizenship travelling inside US or to other countries. Offers standard trip cancellation coverage.
Purpose:  These plans offer coverage for medical expenses, financial losses, trip cancellation, trip interruption and others incurred while traveling.

Trip plans for US residents
Round Trip Choice Round Trip Economy Round Trip Elite

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Trip plans for non-US residents
Round Trip International

Annual Multi Trip plan
Wander Frequent Traveller

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Ideal for:  Group of 5 or more members traveling outside their home country.
Purpose:  A group travel plan can help with many types of travel difficulties and unexpected situations.

Group plan
Liaison Express Insurance

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Ideal for:   Travellers taking part in outdoor sports trips and other extreme sports activities worldwide
Purpose:  Extreme sports insurance coverage and specialized protection for travellers

RoundTrip Outdoor
To download the visa letter for liaison travel insurance, please refer the payment confirmation email that provides you a link "View Coverage Letter" under Summary of Benefits. Click on "View Coverage Letter" under Summary of Benefits. and you can view the visa letter.
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