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Visitor medical insurance is an important requirement for travelers going overseas. In the US public healthcare is not available for international visitors and they have to pay for any medical treatment while in the USA. At American Visitor Insurance we offer several visitor health insurance plans for all ages and visa holders. Please use our quote facility to review and compare different plan options.

Visitor Insurance quotes and benefit comparison

1. Traveler's age
2. Dependents(< 18 years)

3. Coverage limit
4. Deductible amount

5. Dates for coverage
Start Date:
End Date:          months days
6. Citizenship

7. Coverage Region
8. Mailing & permanent address

Compare and buy insurance plan

  • Our plans offered from reputed, well known US insurance companies and underwritten by well known US or multinational companies.
  • The cost of an insurance plan depends on age, policy maximum, deductible, and the duration of the plan.
  • We have plans for wide range of visitors such as tourists, students with F1 visas, scholars with J1 visas, Green Card holders, and US citizens visiting US or traveling outside US.
  • Call our customer service at 877-340-7910 or contact us if you have any questions about your options.
  • When you purchase a plan online, you will receive a confirmation email from the insurance company almost immediately. In most cases, you can also request for a hard copy, if you need one.
  • The confirmation email has the health insurance policy details and ID Card attached which are all considered official even if you print them out yourself.

Visitor Insurance

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