Travel insurance for Antarctica, Antarctica travel insurance

Antarctica, a land with the most uncertain weather condition and southern most part of the world is surely a place to explore. The best time when the travelers explore Antarctica is in the months from November to March when the weather isn’t too harsh. Travelers and vacationers visiting Antarctica mostly through cruises from Argentina, South Africa, New Zealand are advisable to buy travel medical insurance. Buying travel insurance will the following coverage is important:
Medical care expenses,Emergency Evacuation,Trip cancellation and trip interruption,Baggage loss,Adventure activities

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Antarctica Travel Insurance

Best travel insurance Antarctica, Trip protection insurance for Antarctica

We suggest two different travel insurance plans for your travels to Antarctica!

For travel health insurance without trip cancellation coverage, you could consider the Atlas International Insurance with up to $1 million in medical coverage. It offers coverage for COVID-19 like any other illness. It includes up to $1 million for emergency medical evacuation. The base policy includes AD&D coverage for up to $25,000 (depending on age) and also personal liability up to $25,000 (you can purchase additional $75k coverage with an optional rider). There is also a crisis response coverage of $10,000 (hostage, personal belongings, crisis response). If you want higher coverage for the non-medical portion of the policy, you can consider the Atlas Premium policy which has higher AD&D coverage, $100,000 for personal liability, and $100,000 for crisis response. You can compare Atlas travel insurance for Antarctica.

On the other hand, if you want to insure your investment in the trip and want a trip cancellation policy, you can look at the iTravel LX insurance offered by IMG. It offers medical benefits up to $500,000 (lower for some states), $1 million for emergency medical evacuation, $10,000 for search and rescue, and $50,000 for non-emergency medical evacuation. The policy offers standard trip benefits such as baggage loss and delay, trip interruption, trip delay and, of course trip cancellation for up to $100,000 total trip cost. Pre-existing conditions exclusion can be waived if the plan is purchased within 24 hours of making the final trip payment. You can add a "Cancel For Any Reason" rider to the policy as long as you purchase the policy within 20 days of your initial trip deposit. You can use this rider up to 24 hours before the start of your trip and you will get 75% of your non-reimbursable expenses of your trip.

Either of these plans would allow you to enjoy your trip to Antarctica with little concern about your medical coverage while traveling.

Traveling overseas? Get the best plan by comparing all Covid 19 travel insurance plans for your international travel

Traveling internationally in the current situation where many popular holiday spots have become coronavirus hotspots has made international travelers all around the globe vulnerable. Protection towards the risks involved while traveling overseas is of utmost importance. Travelers can get a wide range of plans by comparing visitor health insurance with covid coverage on our visitor insurance compare tool. This comparison tool provides clarity on the questions that you may regarding visitors insurance for covid 19. Additionally, our visitors insurance compare tool also has a specific “filter” option where you can view only plans with covid-19 coverage.

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Trip Cancellation insurance for Cruise travel or vacation to Antarctica

Trip cancellation insurance not only offers coverage for trip investment expenses, but also covers medical expenses while on a cruise trip. In case a traveler missed a cruise because a flight was delayed, or had to cancel a cruise vacation because he/she fell sick or for any other reason, the Trip Cancellation insurance will cover non-refundable trip investment expenses. It will also cover medical expenses while the traveler is on the cruise, such as falling sick and needing medical assistance. Some cruises have medical treatment facilities to treat minor injuries, however if the injury or sickness is severe the traveler may be asked to get off the ship at the nearest port to get immediate medical care. If adequate healthcare treatment is not available at the place you got off the cruise, then you may have to get transported or evacuated to the nearest hospital, the trip protection insurance would cover these expenses.

Following are some trip insurance plans that are ideal for cruise travel

Seven corners Round trip Insurance for cruises

Cruise insurance coverage highlights:
  • Covers medical expenses up to $250,000
  • Medical evacuation up to $1 million
  • Covers pre-existing conditions
  • Missed connection up to $1,500. Pays additional transportation costs to join your cruise or tour if you miss your connection due to a delay of 3 or more hours. Also covers accommodations, meals, and non-refundable trip payments for the unused portion of the cruise or tour.

Seven corners iTravelInsured Trip insurance for Cruises

Trip Cancellation Cruise insurance coverage highlights:
  • Covers medical expenses up to $100,000
  • Medical evacuation up to $1 million
  • Search and rescue up to $10,000
  • Missed connection up to $500

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