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These global medical insurance plans are designed to provide worldwide coverage for both non-US citizens and US expatriates anywhere in the globe. These global health insurance plans offer best international health insurance for travel worldwide and will respond to global travelers medical needs.

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Typical global Health Insurance customers

  • United States Citizens living outside the US for at least 6 months during the year. The six month stay outside does not have to be contiguous.
  • Foreign nationals (non-US Citizen) living in their home country, but want quality US health insurance coverage. For example, Canadian or Mexican citizens who would like to access US health care.
  • Foreign nationals living outside their home country for extended period of time.
  • Foreign National living in the US, but who are not eligible for an US domestic carrier's plan.

Global medical insurance for expats

The plans offer comprehensive major medical coverage in all countries including the USA. Global plans are designed for the special needs of US expatriates outside USA, regular international travelers, United States H1B, H4 visa holders and Green Card holders,sailors and cruisers. The medical benefits offered under this coverage includes maternity, mental health, wellness (preventive check ups) and medical evacuation. Global comprehensive plans are renewable long term plans and have a very high limit on the maximum coverage. There are many insurers in the market who offer these plans. Customers can get quotes, compare benefits and buy the plan of their choice with ease on our website.
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Compare Best Global Medical Insurance
Compare benefits offered by popular global plans from International Medical Group and GeoBlue .

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