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Health insurance for Indian traveler and student visiting abroad

Tourists on Visitors visa
Indians needing Tourist Visa ( B2 visa) insurance

Tourists on holidays, parents and relatives visiting family.

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Indian Students ( F1 visa ) Insurance
Best university compliant US health insurance for Indian students and their dependents satisfying most of the requirements. Know more »
J1 visa Exchange
Indians needing J1 visa insurance
Medical insurance satisfying J1 visa requirements for exchange scholars from India. Know more »
H4 visa
Work Visa H1B and dependents H4 visa
Health insurance for temporary work visa for non-immigrants Indians in the US. Know more »
Business Visa /B1 visa
Health insurance for Indian businessmen and entrepreneurs in the USA. Know more »
US Immigrant insurance
Medical insurance for immigrants before they are eligible for domestic US health insurance. Know more »
Green card
Green card holders
Green card holders who do not have domestic US health insurance. Know more »
Travel insurance for spouses of Indian students (F2 visa)
Visitor medical insurance for spouses of Indian students in the US. Know more »
Visiting Canada
Travel insurance for Indians visiting Canada.
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Schengen visa
Insurance plans satisfying Schengen visa requirements. Know more »

Traveling overseas? Compare best insurance plans for your international travel with coverage for Covid 19

Traveling internationally in the current situation where many popular holiday spots have become coronavirus hotspots has made international travelers all around the globe vulnerable. Protection towards the risks involved while traveling overseas is of utmost importance. Travelers can get a wide range of plans by comparing visitor health insurance with covid coverage on our visitor insurance compare tool. This comparison tool provides clarity on the questions that you may regarding visitors insurance for covid 19. Additionally, our visitors insurance compare tool also has a specific “filter” option where you can view only plans with covid-19 coverage.

Does Indians travel insurance cover covid 19 illness?

There are some USA Covid travel insurance plans available for travel to Indians that cover covid 19 as a new illness. International travelers can compare best Covid travel insurance plans and buy it online. These US covid travel insurance plans are available for visitors from Indians to the US, US citizens and US residents traveling abroad as well as non US travelers traveling outside their home country.

Extending the US visitor visa for Indians stranded due to Coronavirus (Covid19) Pandemic

The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has stranded many Indian travelers in the US for lack of travel options. The international travel restrictions has forced many Indian travelers to cancel their return journey who are on temporary or short term US visas. These travelers will now have to extend or renew their visa status in order to stay for longer durations in the US. The following is the procedure to extend the US short term visa:
  • The Indian tourist should complete the I-539 form for extension of a Non-Immigrant Visa
  • The Indian tourist should submit a letter stating the reason with detailed explanation for extension.
  • The Indian tourist should submit a copy of form I-94 that that he/she received on entry into the US
  • The Indian tourist should provide documentary evidence that the extended stay is temporary along with the booked return tickets
  • The Indian tourist should provide proof that the stay is completely taken care and he/she are financially covered and will not be a public charge in the United States.
  • The Indian tourist should confirm that if the applicant has received any state benefits after 11-Feburary-2020; they need to be supported with proof of documents separately. The applicant should not have accessed any monetary state benefits or supplementary income from state post this period.

Pay the required renewal fees

Pay $370 filling fees +$85 for biometric fees depending on the petition at the USCIS.

Visa extension processing

The USCIS will issue a receipt with 13-digit case number on submission of the extension application.
The Indian tourist should provide this case number to check the status of the application and its processing times (customer service number helpline number is: 1-800-375-5283).

While you are in the US in an unplanned situation thanks to COVID-19, it is very important to buy best travel health insurance for Indians with Covid-19 coverage to secure yourself from unexpected illness. Indian Travelers can compare popular travel health insurance to buy good US visitor insurance with Covid-19 coverage.

Some statistics on Indian Immigrants

Indians started their migration to the United States as early as the 19th century in small communities in the West coast. As many new opportunities ascended during the middle of the 20th century the immigrants population grew larger. As of 2019 there were about 2.7 million Indian immigrants residents in the US. This is excluding the second generation of Indian-Americans born in the US.

Sources: U.S. Census Bureau 2010 and 2019 American Community Surveys (ACS), "Historical Census Statistics on the Foreign-born Population of the United States: 1850-2000" by Campbell Gibson and Kay Jung (Working Paper no. 81, U.S. Census Bureau, Washington, DC, February 2006), available online.
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This table will give you data on the increase in the number of Indian immigrants to the US. Indians immigrant

Health insurance for Indians in the USA

International travel insurance for Indians

The size of the Indian diaspora worldwide, coupled with the growing middle class within India makes Indians among the fastest growing group of international travelers. The large highly educated Indian communities in the US and the UK often travel back to India. This community also frequently have parents and other family members from India visiting them where they live. International travel has become a way of life in the 21st century, however one must not overlook the risks that accompany traveling overseas to different climatic conditions in particular for older travelers. In this context, it is important to understand the need for overseas travel insurance and the fine print while buying international travel insurance. Here we have provided resourceful overseas travel insurance information for the different groups of Indian overseas travelers.

travel insurance for indians visiting US or Europe

Covid19 travel medical insurance for Indians in the US

These are certainly scary times for all particularly for Indian travelers stranded in the US. It is heartrending to be aware of so many stranded Indians in the US unable to travel back to India either due to travel restrictions or due to risks of travel. We cannot predict how long this situation will last, but we are getting calls from very many stranded Indian travelers asking for travel medical insurance in the US. Currently there are a few options for travel health insurance for travelers already in the US irrespective of how long they have been here, however, we cannot guarantee how much longer these plans are available. We have seen US travel insurance providers reduce or even discontinue coverage for COVID-19 due to the global pandemic. If you are an international traveler and do not have travel health insurance or if it will run out soon, do consider buying an alternative overseas travel insurance plan while options are available.
At American Visitor Insurance we are committed to getting you the most appropriate policy you need even under these difficult circumstances.
Stay safe and may you have safe travels.
Travel Insurance with covid coverage for visiting USA
US health insurance for new immigrants

Please can you let me know what insurance would cover me under Trumps proclamation that new immigrants need health insurance.

questionDear Peter,

There are no specific requirements for the insurance. Therefore, you can purchase ANY visitor plan that we offer to meet these criteria. Of course, we would suggest a plan which covers COVID and is a comprehensive plan, but this is only a recommendation.

You can search best US new immigrant insurance. Note that you will enter your foreign address as your "residence" address and most companies will NOT allow you to renew after you have your green card IN HAND. Until then, you can use any visitor plan we offer.

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+1 (877) 340 7910

Joe Biden's proposed immigration policy changes to help Indians

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States on January 20th, 2021 after the tumultuous Donald Trump presidency. President Joseph Biden with Kamala Harris as his vice-president who is of Indian origin has proposed many immigration policy changes, many of which is excellent news for Indians in the US. President Biden has proposed immigration policy changes that will ease the Green Card process and time to citizenship by applicants. Biden has also proposed to reverse the revocation of work authorization for spouses of H1-B visa holders who are on the H4 visa. Indians are going to benefit hugely from these immigration policy changes. In 2020 the Green card backlog for employment-based immigration which consisted of 68% Indians crossed 1.2 million mark {Data from United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)}. The proposed US Immigration Bill will also bring other changes to the existing format. Indian professionals who have received their PhD in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) will be exempt from visa caps. Some of the changes might be delayed in implementation because they need a change in the laws.

Travel insurance for travelers and new immigrants from India visiting USA

There is a large community of Indian residents in the United States. Many Indian citizens have taken US citizenship. In 2017 alone around 60 thousand Indian citizens became naturalized US citizens. This vibrant community of US residents of Indian origin is a strong bridge between the US and the India, which retains strong ties with family members in both countries. As a consequence, there are is a lot of regular travel between the two countries. Given the very high cost of health care in the United States, it is very important for visitors to the US to have good travel health insurance while visiting the US.

US medical insurance coverage for Indians with Pre-existing medical ailment

Majority of the Indian travelers mainly parents and older travelers look for coverage for pre-existing ailments or diseases. Most of the insurance providers have designed travel health insurance plans that offer coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions which means that sudden or unexpected emergency arising from an existing ailment would be covered. Compare pre-existing conditions insurance coverage offered by top rated insurance providers.

Schengen visa insurance for Indians

Travel Insurance is mandatory while applying for the Schengen visa which allows you to travel to 26 countries in Europe. The Schengen state consulates have guidelines for the insurance which satisfy visa requirements. Coverage for emergency cases, hospital stays, evacuation is a minimum requirement that can put your mind at ease when you are in a foreign country with many unknown factors related to medical affairs of that country.
We have several plans for people all over the world visiting European countries which satisfy Schengen visa requirements.
  • Medical coverage of at least 30,000 Euros (about $50,000 USD)
  • A repatriation benefit.
  • An emergency medical evacuation benefit.
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