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Coronavirus travel health insurance in the US

These are certainly scary times for everyone particularly for travelers currently stranded in the US. It is heartrending to know of so many stranded travelers in the US who are unable to travel back to their home country. We do not know how long this situation will last, but are getting calls from many stranded travelers asking for travel health insurance in the US. Currently there are a few travel medical insurance options for people already in the US, however we cannot guarantee how much longer these plans are available. We have seen US travel insurance providers either reduce or even discontinue coverage for COVID-19 due to the global pandemic. If you are an international traveler in the US and do not have travel health insurance or if it will run out soon, do consider buying an alternative international travel insurance plan right away while options are available. At American Visitor Insurance we are committed to getting you the most appropriate policy you need even under these difficult circumstances.
Stay safe and may you have safe travels

Asian Tourist Insurance

Tourists from Asian countries like China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, India and UAE who are traveling to the US or Canada can purchase short term plans to insure them in the US. Since the health care costs in the USA are very high, international travelers must protect themselves from any medical emergencies. These plans will cover them in case of an accident or illness. The coverage provided includes medical expenses for doctor's visits, hospital fees, diagnostic tests and medicines. We work with the best insurers to offer the best medical insurance options for overseas visitors. Use our online compare facility to identify and buy the plan best suited for your needs.
All plans offered on our website are underwritten by reputed insurers with A.M. rating of A+. On purchasing the insurance, you will be provided with all details that includes a toll free contact number. To use the insurance, you should call the toll free number and you will be guided on the insurance claims procedure.

International travel insurance for Asia

International travelers to Asia need to buy good travel health insurance as their domestic health will not cover them outside their home country. International health insurance is essential as it offers coverage for hospitalization expenses due to unexpected sickness or injury while travelling. As most of the incurred medical and non-medical expenses are covered, the traveler can have a trouble free trip without worrying about any serious financial crisis while in Asia. The plans are available for all travelers, be it individuals or solo travelers, couples, families, parents, senior citizens, expatriates, or corporate travelers making multiple trips annually. The plans offered here are from popular US insurance providers. You get free quotes, compare among the different insurance plans and buy online using our custom friendly tool.

Visitor travel insurance plans online

  • Travelers can save time, effort and money by buying travel insurance online.
  • We have developed an insurance quotes and benefits comparison tool where you can review several plans in one screen.
  • All you have to do is provide relevant information to see the available plan comparison.
  • The results display relevant information such as the premium (cost), the medical coverage details, and the underwriter.
  • You can buy the insurance plan that you like by clicking on the 'BUY' button.
  • You will need to complete an online application form, and may pay using a credit card.
  • On completing the transaction, you will receive an email confirmation with all insurance details and a virtual insurance card.

Factors to consider while buying travel insurance plans

The premium or cost for the insurance depends on the following factors:
The age of the traveler
The older the traveler, the more expensive the plan cost
The maximum medical coverage selected
The options range from $25,000, up to $1,000,000, the higher the coverage amount, the higher the premium.
The selected deductible
A 'deductible' is the amount of the medical costs the customer pays before the insurance plan provides any coverage. Most plans provide several options ranging form $0 to $2500 (travelers over age 60 years may not have the $0 deductible option). The lower the deductible, the higher the premium
The co-insurance on the plan
'Co-insurance' is the percentage on medical expenses borne by the customer AFTER the deductible is paid off. This is relevant to comprehensive plans and is typically the 80/20 or 90/10.
The Insurance underwriter
There are different underwriters such as AIG, Lloyds, Nationwide, etc. The premium will vary for different underwriters.
Type of travel insurance
  • Fixed benefits or scheduled benefits - These plans have a list of medical benefits, over and above which the plan will not pay. While these plans tend to have lower premiums, the out of pocket costs (the cost borne by the customer that are over and above the fixed benefit) may be quite high.
  • Comprehensive Plans - These plans are more flexible than fixed plans and do not have fixed ceilings for various medical benefits. Because they provide more extensive coverage they also cost more. Click here for more information.
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