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Mercury International, UK, the sole, authorized agent for handling claims for New India Assurance, has REFUSED to process any claims from New India Assurance for non-payment of dues. Therefore, all those who have bought or plan to buy a policy from New India Assurance could in in big trouble, like I am.

Best regards,
Assistance Department, UK.
I am trying desperately to seek help from New India Assurance who refuse to do anything.

Shashank Chatterjee
Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Visitor medical insurance claims

Visitors medical insurance claims procedures are subject to the terms and conditions of the insurance provider. The claims settlement in visitors insurance vary depending on the nature of the emergency and will be completely handled by the insurance company based on the fairness of the claim made. Insurance customers should thoroughly review the details of a visitors insurance policy and only then make a decision to purchase. In case of an emergency, visitors or the insured should immediately report to the insurance company either by calling the toll free number or sending an email.

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