American Travel insurance for visitors - An overview

When you are in the USA irrespective of the reason of your visit, it is important not to ignore American travel insurance coverage. International visitors in America are not entitled to buy domestic health insurance programs but they can buy visitor travel insurance. There are different types of coverage (fixed benefit vs comprehensive), plan restrictions, vital factors to consider under travel health insurance plans and it can be best understood by comparing quotes and benefits online. Given below are is an overview of visitor travel insurance plans to help travelers decide what coverage suits their requirements.

Premium cost for visitor travel insurance:

Visitor insurance plans are highly regulated and no agency can lower the rates or other incentives to buy a specific plan. However, an online compare engine can help travelers choose the best plan according to their individual insurance requirements. The fixed benefit plans are cheaper when compared to comprehensive plans but the coverage is more limited under fixed plans. The price of visitor insurance is directly related to the age of the travelers and maximum medical coverage selected. For example, if you are choosing $25,000 or less medical coverage then the price will be cheaper as opposed to if you choose 50,000 or $100,000 medical coverage. The higher the medical coverage and duration of stay, the costlier will be the premium cost of visitor insurance plans.

Fixed Vs Comprehensive benefit plans:

Some of the important differences between fixed and comprehensive benefit plans are:
  • Fixed benefit plans have specific limitations on the covered medical expenses whereas there will not be any limits on covered expenses under comprehensive benefit plans.
  • The benefits limits are not the same as plan medical maximum under fixed benefit whereas under comprehensive plans can go all the way up to the plan maximum.
  • More affordable and lower premium costs under fixed benefit plans while comprehensive plans have higher premium rates.
  • The coverage offered is limited under fixed benefit visitor insurance plans while under comprehensive plans the benefits is more and with wider coverage.

Travelers with pre-existing conditions:

Those who are looking for visitor insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions should know that there are only few plans offered by insurers. Some of the fixed and comprehensive benefit plans offered under visitor insurance are:

Compare visitor insurance plans:

Insurance customers at American Visitor Insurance can get free quotes and compare different plans online. Complete a simple online application to get quote and compare plans offered by prominent insurance companies. Travelers can compare deductibles, premium cost, medical benefits, coverage details... using the compare facility. There are a few plans which have a time limit before which customers should buy the plan after the arrival in the USA. Read the visitors insurance brochures to get complete information about a plan.

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