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Is United healthcare travel insurance available for visitors to USA?

Traveler's visiting the US shop for visitor travel insurance plans as health care is very expensive in the US. The insurance plans selected by many travelers participate in the United Health care Preferred Provider Organisation (PPO) network as it is well recognized all over the US. When travelers visit these providers within the United Healthcare PPO network, the PPO will charge the network fees to the travelers and bill the insurance company directly which saves both time and money.

Even though the United healthcare travel insurance is a domestic insurance provider, some of the insurance plans that we offer use the United Healthcare Network.

International Medical Group (IMG) United healthcare network

International Medical Group (IMG) is one of the top US travel insurance providers. IMG uses United Healthcare network as their preferred provider. If you purchase any travel insurance from IMG with a United Healtcare logo on your insurance card, please state the following when informing your healthcare provider about your IMG travel insurance - "My healthcare coverage uses the United Healthcare Network." Click here to read more »

WorldTrips United healthcare network

WorldTrips also uses the UnitedHealthcare (UHC) Network in their provider network effective 7/1/2019.
All WorldTrips eligible products and policyholders purchasing on 7/1/2019 or after will be on the UnitedHealthcare Network, Click here to read more »

Seven Corners United healthcare network

Seven Corners is one of the insurance providers whose visitor insurance plans we offer. Seven Corners uses different network of healthcare providers including United Healthcare.

If you purchase a SevenCorners insurance plan with a United Healtcare logo on your insurance card, when informing your healtcare provider about your SevenCorners insurance, please state -
"My healthcare coverage uses the United Healthcare Network and I found your name on the directory."

united healthcare travel insurance reviews

If your card has the UnitedHealthcare logo, Click here to read more »

INF United healthcare network

INF is one of the top providers for any international travelers visiting the United States, Mexico and Canada.INF uses United Healthcare PPO providers Direct Billing. If you purchase a INF insurance plan with a United Healthcare logo on your insurance card, when informing your healthcare provider about your INF insurance, please state - "My healthcare coverage uses the United Healthcare Network and I found your name on the directory."
Find United healthcare provider network »

When calling your medical provider or presenting your ID card, What should you say:

“My health care coverage uses the United Healthcare Network, and I found your name on the directory."


“I have Americanvisitor Insurance” or “I use Americanvisitorinsurance.com.” Providers WILL NOT recognize this language, and your coverage may not be accepted.

Compare visitor medical insurance

There are several other reputed insurance providers who provide short term visitor medical insurance ideal for visitors to the United States. You can compare the different visitor medical insurance plans of all the providers using our quote compare tool.

You can also identify the provider network in the compare tool. It is an easy to use compare tool where two or more chosen plans can be compared and the best plan satisfying your needs can be bought online without any paperwork. The insurance coverage can start as early as the following day, or at any later date when the travel begins.

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United Healthcare international insurance - FAQ's

01. Can a visitor get health insurance in USA?

Yes. Visitors, tourists, students, and others can all buy travel health insurance in the US. We recommend the travel insurance for visitors be purchased from the day they leave their home country until they return, however, most companies allow you to purchase it even after the traveler has already started their journey.

02. How does visitor insurance work?

Visitor or travel medical insurance is for unexpected medical expenses while on your trip. Many travel insurance for visitors plans also cover baggage loss/ delay, trip delays, and have other benefits to help travelers with unexpected problems (loss of documents, etc). Since they are meant to be used in an emergency, you can use any doctor/hospital. In a non-emergency situation, you should consult your documentation and try to stay in-network (if applicable) while in the US since this will likely help defray your out-of-pocket cost.

03. What is Visitor Insurance USA?

Visitor insurance USA is travel insurance that can be purchased for travel in the US and for travel outside one’s home country. Visitors Insurance provides coverage for unexpected health care expenses due to accident or sickness while traveling. Travelers can compare and buy the best US travel insurance plans at American Visitor Insurance.

04. Do tourists need travel insurance?

Often health insurance from a home country will not cover you while you are traveling in a different country. If you are in a country with high medical costs such as the US, Canada, or Japan, you should consider purchasing international travel insurance in case you should need any medical care. The travel insurance for tourists will help defray costs and also often has many travel benefits (trip delay, trip interruption, baggage loss) that will also assist a traveler in getting back on track with their trip.

05. Does United Healthcare cover international travel coverage?

United Healthcare primarily focuses on health insurance within the United States. However, some US insurance providers who focus on international travel insurance also work with United Healthcare for their PPO network while offering different types of travel insurance, including coverage for medical expenses, trip cancellation/interruption, baggage loss, travel delays, and more for international travel.

06. What are the exclusions and limitations of United Healthcare visitor travel insurance?

Like any health insurance policy, United Healthcare visitor travel insurance has some exclusions and limitations that apply to certain situations and conditions. For example, some of the common exclusions are pre-existing medical conditions, elective or cosmetic procedures, war or terrorism, and participation in extreme sports or activities.

07. What types of international travel insurance plans are available with United Healthcare as the PPO network?

United Healthcare PPO network is offered for the following types of international travel insurance plans : International Travel Medical insurance and Travel Protection or trip cancellation insurance plans. The first type covers health care costs, including evacuation, while traveling internationally. The second type covers trip cancellation, interruption, and delay costs while traveling overseas or within the US.

08. What is the advantage of having the United Healthcare PPO in visitors insurance offered by INF?

The INF plans use the United Healthcare Preferred Provider Organisation (PPO). This means that even if the pre-existing coverage limit is low, customers will still be able to access the full PPO discounts via United Health Care (UHC).

For example : A customer has to go to the Emergency Room (ER) for blood pressure and get a bill of $10,000 and the customer has the INF HOP UltraPlus plan. Although the UltraPlus covers $700 for pre-existing, the customer will get the PPO discount on the bill since it is covered. This in itself can translate to very significant savings such as an 80% discount + $700 paid out. This means your total coverage was $8,700 and out of pocket expense is only $1,300.

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How does travel insurance work?

Claims process for expenses due to injury or sickness
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How to buy travel insurance?

Guide to buying the best international travel health insurance
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Travel insurance glossary

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Steps to buy
Visitors travel insurance online

 1: Finding the available US visa health insurance plans

Complete the US visa insurance quote request form by providing details of the traveler and insurance requirements.

 2: Compare the different travel insurance options

Compare the price and the benefits of the different travel insurance options to identify what fits your needs best.

 3: Buy the US visa insurance that you like best

Purchase the plan that fits your requirements and budget best by using a credit card and completing the online application.

 4: Review the US Visa insurance plan documents received by email

Review the US visa insurance policy documents received by email closely for coverage details and relevant contact numbers.

us visitors insurance online

Pre-existing conditions visitors insurance

Tips for travelers with pre-existing conditions

Here are some travel insurance tips for travelers with pre-existing conditions

  1. Choose a travel medical insurance with pre-existing conditions coverage.
  2. Read the policy carefully to understand what is covered and what is not.
  3. Be aware of look back period for coverage of pre-existing conditions.
  4. Consider buying an US travel health insurance plan with higher medical coverage.
  5. Keep a copy of your medical records and list of medications when you travel.
  6. Take your Doctor's prescription and medications during your trip.
  7. Learn how to access healthcare at your destination.
  8. Contact your US traveler insurance provider immediately in case of a medical emergency.
  9. Disclose all pre-existing conditions when purchasing visitor health insurance.
  10. Follow all procedures while submiting a claim.

What is visitors insurance for pre-existing conditions?

There are many health insurance for us visitors options for international travel. However, many usa travel insurance for visitors plans exclude pre-existing conditions. Hence the traveler insurance will not cover the costs of treating a pre-existing medical condition. However at American Visitor Insurance, we offer some travel medical insurance plans that have coverage for pre-existing conditions and the policy clearly states what is covered for a pre-existing conditions, as well as specifying a limit to this coverage.

Some travel health insurance plans like Atlas America, Patriot America Plus offer coverage for an acute onset of a pre-existing conditions, ie, when there is a sudden medical emergency without any prior symptom that needs to be treated immediately. This typically includes emergency medical treatment, hospitalization and evacuation expenses related to the acute onset of the pre-existing condition. INF insurance however has the INF Elite insurance which covers pre-existing conditions going beyond the acute onset coverage. It is important to compare visitors insurance for pre-existing conditions on American Visitor Insurance both for the price as well as pre-existing conditions coverage before making a decision.

How does travel insurance for pre-existing conditions work?

The travel health insurance plans which cover pre-existing conditions have clear definitions of what is a pre-existing condition, the look back period for pre-existing condition, whether the travel insurance coverage is limited to acute onset of pre-existing conditions, and if it provides full coverage for pre-existing conditions the coverage limit within the policy for pre-existing conditons. Any travel health insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions will depend on all these.

Factors to consider while purchasing visitors health insurance for pre existing conditions?

The following are important factors for buying travel insurance for pre-existing conditions

  1. The definition of pre-existing conditions and the look back period under the policy.
  2. The eligibility age limit for pre-existing conditions coverage.
  3. Whether pre-existing condition coverage is limited to acute onset of pre-existing conditions.
  4. The coverage limit for pre-existing conditions which is different from the policy medical maximum.
  5. The deductible and out of pocket expenses for pre-existing conditions coverage.

Why is health insurance for travel to USA with pre-existing conditions coverage important?

Traveling anywhere outside worldwide is supposed to be an eye opening, special and a relaxed trip experience. Traveling with a health condition brings in more challenges in order to get covered for the unexpected medical expense in case of odd surprises during the trip. This calls out for an insurance plan that covers the pre-existing conditions that will relieve the unnecessary stress of taking extra care of yourself during your most memorable travel experience.

The plans also will be expensive considering the risks involved to cover pre-existing conditions. Many of the travel insurance plans exclude pre-existing conditions. At American Visitor Insurance we offer plans that cover acute onset of pre-existing conditions as well as some cover full pre-existing conditions.

Pre-existing conditions coverage - FAQ's

01. How do I know if my pre-existing condition is covered by travel insurance?

Unfortunately, this simple question has a fairly complicated answer. The answer is: it depends. Firstly, it depends on whether you are a US resident traveling outside the US or a visitor to the US. US residents can purchase trip cancellation insurance that can cover pre-existing conditions and even plans that are travel medical only without cancellation often are more generous in their coverage of pre-existing conditions. These plans may have specific requirements in order to waive the usual exclusion of coverage for pre-existing conditions (like purchase them within a certain number of days of your initial trip deposit or that you have a primary domestic insurance plan in the US), so you should check these details carefully if this is important to you.

Non-US residents or US residents traveling into the US have much more limited options to insure their pre-existing conditions are covered. Some plans offer coverage for "acute onset" of pre-existing conditions. However, this is misleading, since a careful look at their definition excludes chronic or congenital disorders from such coverage. Chronic illnesses are those that worsen over time and congenital disorders are issues one is born with. They exclude emergencies due to chronic illness because they will say that is not "acute" it is simply a worsening of your condition. There are only two policies we know of that offer coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. They are INF Premier and INF Elite plans.

Firstly, they define pre-existing conditions in the following way: A pre-existing condition is a condition for which the insured received treatment or took medication for in the previous 12 months before the start of the policy. If the medication dosage has not changed and is taken as a maintenance medication, this would NOT count as a flare up or treatment of the condition. In that case, very stable conditions that have no flare ups in the past 12 months are not even excluded as pre-existing conditions. Conditions that have had flare ups or doctor recommended treatment or change in medication, are still covered by the plans but with a higher deductible and a lower maximum.

INF Elite (also INF Elite 90) are comprehensive plans offering fairly complete coverage. INF Premier is a fixed plan. Find details on these plans here.

The above plans must be purchased for at least 90 days and can be quite pricey for seniors, but they offer the only real coverage for chronic conditions.

The other option, of course, is to take a plans with little ($1K) or no coverage for pre-existing conditions and take a risk that that condition will not flare up during the trip.

02. What does full coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions mean?

INF plans boast they offer "full" coverage for pre-existing conditions. This can be a little misleading. Firstly, any regular treatment or medication that is required by the condition is never covered. The main advantage to the INF Elite and INF Premier is that they cover sudden illness/injury regardless of whether it is pre-existing or not. The only difference is that a pre-existing condition will be covered with a higher deductible at at a lower maximum than any other "new" illness or injury. However, coverage is not limited to an emergency or life-threatening situation.

03. What does "acute onset of pre-existing conditions" mean?

The "Acute Onset of a Pre-Existing Condition" is a sudden and unexpected outbreak or recurrence of a pre-existing medical condition which occurs without any advance warning either in the form of physician recommendations or symptoms and requires immediate care (within 24 hours of first symptoms). A Pre-Existing Condition that is a chronic or congenital condition or that gradually becomes worse over time will not be considered acute onset.

The acute onset coverage benefit does not include coverage for known, scheduled, required, or expected medical care, drugs or treatment existent or necessary prior to the effective date of coverage. An example of this might be someone who has a food allergy or bee allergy and is unknowingly exposed to their allergen and requires immediate medical attention.

04. What is the difference between Full Pre-Existing & Acute Onset Insurance?

Acute onset of a pre-existing condition can be defined as the sudden & unexpected occurrence of a pre-existing condition which requires in-patient, emergency hospitalization within 24 hours of exhibiting first symptoms. The main difference between acute onset & full pre-existing is that with Full Pre-Existing coverage, is that one is covered for all pre-existing conditions and associated medical costs and this includes follow up visits, hospitalizations and doctor’s visits, etc. The acute onset coverage will only cover the in-patient hospitalization expense.

05. What are the limits of Full Pre-Existing plans under INF travel insurance?

Full Pre-existing means we will cover any issue regarding a pre-existing condition, however, if one is traveling to the United States solely for medical treatment, that will not be covered. INF plans do not cover any medical tourism related claims. Pre-existing conditions under the INF plans are covered with a higher deductible and a lower maximum than other illnesses or injuries. These are chosen or specified when you purchase you plan.

06. Do INF travel insurance plans really cover all pre-existing conditions?

Yes, the INF policies will cover any pre-existing issue that the traveler may have during their stay in the United States. This includes blood pressure, diabetes, kidney related issues and arthritis, all of which are covered by the INF Premier, INF Premier Plus, INF Elite, INF Elite Plus and INF Elite 90 Plans.

07. Why are Full Pre-Existing plans more expensive than other visitor medical insurance usa plans?

The insurance company takes on an enormous risk by insuring individuals and including coverage for pre-existing conditions without any prior medical examination. Under the INF plans, you are paying more, but you are getting the full value for the money you pay given the very high cost of US healthcare. With the INF Premier, INF Premier Plus, INF Elite, INF Elite Plus and INF Elite 90 Plans, even though it is expensive, you can have the comfort of knowing that you are covered for any emergency or contingency. This peace of mind given the expensive US healthcare expense is what makes INF plans worth it despite being expensive.

08. What services are covered under best travel insurance for usa visitors with full pre-existing coverage?

The list of covered services under Visitors insurance full pre-existing conditions coverage can be found on the American Visitor Insurance website of the INF Premier, INF Premier Plus, INF Elite, INF Elite Plus and INF Elite 90 Plan pages. INF plans are open to green card holders


Contact our customer service team, we are here to help you!

What is the best US visitors insurance with pre-existing conditions coverage?

The best US visitors insurance with pre-existing conditions coverage is listed here:

1.  The INF Elite Insurance plans are designed for travelers who need coverage for full pre-existing medical conditions up to age 99 years. INF Elite plans are comprehensive plans available for people traveling to the US and provide flexible coverage. Minimum Purchase of 90 days is required on the plans.

2.  Safe Travels USA Comprehensive Insurance offers coverage for acute on set of pre-existing conditions up to 89 years. For persons under 70 covers medical treatment to policy maximum (cardiac-related treatment up to $25,000). For persons above 70 Acute Onset benefits is reduced to a maximum of $35,000 (cardiac-related treatment up to $15,000).

3.  Atlas America Insurance is a comprehensive visitor insurance for acute on set of pre-existing conditions that covers Non-US citizens and Non-US residents while visiting the US up to age 79 years.
The plan provides acute onset of non-chronic pre-existing conditions coverage..

4.  Patriot America plus Insurance is Comprehensive travel insurance covers acute on set of pre-existing conditions up to chosen maximum limit aged up to 70 years. This plan is available for Non US citizens travelling to the USA and US citizens and Non US citizens living abroad can buy this plan for visiting the US for short while. Plan is suitable for Green Card holders as long as they reside outside the US.

5.  Visitors Protect Insurance is Comprehensive visitor medical insurance offers pre-existing conditions up to age 99 years. Minimum Purchase of 90 days is required on the plan. It is an affordable plan for visitors visiting the US.

6.  Safe Travels USA Insurance is a cheap travel medical insurance plan that covers sudden, unexpected recurrence of a Pre-existing Condition for Non-US Citizens and Non-US Residents while visiting the USA up to 89 years.

Cost of best US travel insurance plans

Best US travel insurance coverage Plans

  • Covers acute onset of pre-existing conditions up to chosen maximum limit (aged up to 70 years).
  • Patriot America Plus Covid insurance offers coverage for coronavirus illness.
  • Available for US citizens visiting USA
Estimate Plan Cost
Price range $90 - $170
Coverage range $50K - $1M
Buy now
  • Covers acute onset of pre-existing conditions up to chosen maximum limit aged up to 79 years (excludes chronic and congenital conditions).
  • Atlas America Covid insurance offers coverage for coronavirus illness.
Estimate Plan Cost
Price range $110 - $230
Coverage range $50K - $2M
Buy now
  • Travel Medical Plus Covid insurance offers coverage for coronavirus.
  • Including USA: Acute onset of pre-existing conditions are covered up to $50K for age under 69 years and a coverage of $5K for age of 70-79.
  • Excluding USA: Acute onset of pre-existing conditions are covered up to $50K for age under 64 years and a coverage of $10K for age of 65-74.
Estimate Plan Cost
Price range $110 - $230
Coverage range $50K - $2M
Buy now
  • The policy maximum for this comprehensive insurance starts from $50,000 and provides up to $5,000,000. For people above age 80 years, they get a policy maximum of $10,000
  • Including USA: Acute onset of pre-existing conditions are covered up to $25,000 for age under 69 years and a coverage of $2,500 for age of 70-79.
  • Excluding USA: Acute onset of pre-existing conditions are covered up to $25,000 for age under 64 years and a coverage of $5,000 for age of 65-79.
Estimate Plan Cost
Price range $110 - $180
Coverage range $50K - $1M
Buy now

Best US travel insurance coverage Plans

  • It offers coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions up to 70 years.
  • Plan can be renewed up to 364 days.
Estimate Plan Cost
Price range $40 - $80
Coverage range $50K - $130K
Buy now

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