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While travelling in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic, one must ensure that they have the right travel health insurance with proper Covid-19 coverage. At America visitor insurance travelers can find the cheapest travel insurance with covid coverage. We offer a range of options for travelers where they can compare cheap travel insurance to America using our compare cheap covid travel insurance tool based on the factors like the travelers age, duration of travel, the maximum coverage required, deductible and the need for pre-existing conditions or for covid coverage. Please know we are here to help you make the best, informed decision to get coverage even for COVID-19! Let us know how we can assist you. Feel free to contact us by email or phone at any time.
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INF Covid19 travel insurance with coronavirus coverage will cover eligible medical expenses resulting from COVID-19 . INF Premier insurance and INF Elite insurance covers COVID 19 as any new sickness only if the person did not have the sickness before purchasing the insurance.

According to INF insurance, the top Eight visitor medical insurance claims for older travelers visiting the US are :

Ailment and average cost of treatment
  • Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus with Hyperglycemia
    Patients admitted to the hospital Emergency Room(ER) and discharged within 1-2 days. The average bill across the US for a hypoglycemic event is around $25,000.
  • Cerebral Infarction, also known as stroke
    This can involve a 4-5 day stay in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) coupled with at least 2 MRI scans and follow up treatments with a Neurologist. The average cost of a cerebral infraction is nearly $100,000.
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  • Septicemia, blood poisoning caused by bacteria often due to Urinary Tract infection. The average cost of septicemia in 2018 was over $50,000
  • Cerebral Artery Occlusion
    Ischemic stroke- the occlusion of a cerebral artery that causes damage to the brain tissue dependent on blood supply for the affected blood vessel. Treatment for this kind of stoke will definitely need ICU care for 8-10 days, many brain scans from MRI and PET machines, and skilled follow up care. The average cost of cerebral artery occlusion in 2018 was nearly $120,000.
  • Non-ST-elevation myocardial infarction, commonly known as heart attack
    Typical medical bills will include ambulance, hospital emergency room, ICU, EKG and MRI heart scans and continuing care from cardiologists. The average cost for Non-ST-elevation myocardial infarction in 2018 was close to $20,000.
  • Persistent atrial fibrillation which results in irregular or rapid heartbeat
    Common symptoms experienced by older travelers due to extreme weather conditions can include dizziness, nausea and heart palpitations. According to INF claims data, the average cost of an atrial fibrillation in 2018 was almost $12,500.
  • Hypertensive emergency
    A Hypertensive emergency is high blood pressure with a systolic blood pressure of over 180 mmHg or having a diastolic blood pressure over 110mmHh. This level of high blood pressure can permanently damage organs such as the brain, kidney, eyes, or heart. INF claims data found that the average treatment of hypertensive emergencies was over $85,000 in 2018.
  • Acute Kidney Failure
    Acute Kidney Failure is a complication caused by different pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure, urinary tract infections or diabetes. The average treatment cost of acute kidney failure in the USA was over $22,000 in 2018.
INF Travel insurance has designed a few US visitor insurance with extremely good coverage for older travelers especially for the pre existing conditions. These plans cover all pre existing conditions including blood test, doctor appointments, specialist care...for US and NON US citizens coming to the US, which most of the other visitor insurance plans. There fixed and comprehensive plan options available. However, comprehensive plans are the most recommended due to their flexibility in benefit coverage.

Visitors to US can compare popular visitors medical insurance for pre-existing conditions and buy the best plan satisfying their needs.

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