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Can I buy Patriot America plan after arriving in the US?
Yes, but it has a time restriction for purchase of 30 days within which after arriving in the US. This is for travellers above age 65. For travelers below age 65, there is a 6 month time period after arriving in the US to buy the plan

Which is an ideal plan to buy for Schengen visa?
Patriot International insurance satisfies the Schengen visa requirements and also offers the visa letter as required by the consulates.

Which plan offers comprehensive coverage with the highest medical coverage?
Patriot Platinum Insurance offers coverage for travelers who want maximum coverage up to $8 million.

Which short term plan offers coverage pre-existing conditions for travelers visiting USA?
Patriot America Plus plan offers coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Which are the ideal plans for older travelers?
Above 60 years:
Patriot America Plus offers coverage for pre-existing conditions up to the age of 70 years
Patriot America is available but doesn’t offer coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Above 70 years:
Patriot Platinum and Visitors Care coverage offers limited coverage.

Above 80 years:
Patriot Platinum as it offers coverage $20,000 for travelers over 80 years
Other plans - Visitors Care offer coverage of $10,000

Which are ideal plans offering pre-existing conditions cover for senior citizens
Sudden and Unexpected Recurrence of a Pre-existing Condition coverage offered by these plans
Patriot Platinum: $2,500 lifetime maximum.

Visitors CareThis plan offers acute on set of pre-existing coverage up to the plan maximum under 70 years.

Which is the most affordable plan offered by International medical group?
Visitors Care is a fixed benefit plans and most affordable plan. This plan has specific benefit limits for different covered medical expenses. These benefit limits are not the same as the plan medical maximum.

Which plan offers coverage for frequent travelers?
Patriot Multi-trip insurance plan offers coverage for travelers taking multiple trips annually. It is ideal for frequent travelers, employers, business travellers.
Each trip duration however cannot exceed either 30 days or 45 days. With this plan travelers can travel multiple times in a year.

Which are some of the ideal plans for group of travelers?
Patriot America Plus Group - offers exclusive pre-existing conditions cover for group of travelers whose destination includes US and its territories
Patriot Group Travel - offers travel medical insurance cover for group of travelers outside their home country
Patriot Multi-trip Group - Annual multi trip plan for group of travelers taking multiple trips in a year
Patriot Group Exchange - international health insurance plan ideal for group of students or exchange scholars
GlobeHopper Senior Multi-Trip – Available for group of US permanent residents and US citizens aged above 65 years travelling outside US

Which is an ideal temporary medical insurance plan for US citizens travelling outside US?
Patriot International offering coverage up to 1 million Patriot platinum international offering coverage up to 8 million GlobeHopper – for US permanent residents and US citizens aged above 65 years

Do these travel insurance plans cover trip costs, trip cancellation and interruption?
Most of the travel insurance plans might provide coverage for 'trip interruption' but these are not meant for insuring the entire trip expenses itself. Please look at the 'IMG trip insurance plans' which are exclusively meant to cover trip costs, trip cancellation and other expenses related to the trip

How does the premium get affected if I renew the plan that I have, rather than buying the plan again in order to extend coverage?
The premium remains the same regardless of any change whether you renew the plan or when you buy a new same plan for the same time period.

Which are the ideal plans for students?

Which student plan offers coverage for maternity?
Student Health Advantage Platinum with the following coverage:
Maternity coverage inside US/Canada: Covers 80% eligible expenses up to policy maximum inside PPO and 60% eligible expenses up to policy maximum policy maximum outside PPO.
Maternity coverage outside US/Canada: Covers 100% up to policy maximum.
Covers routine care of newborns up to $750 maximum per period of coverage.

Which plan is ideal for expats and global citizens living and working outside their home country for a long period of time?
Global Medical insurance is an ideal plan for global travelers and expats living and working outside their home country for more than a year.

Which plan offer coverage for trip cancellation, interruption, travel delays, baggage loss?
The iTravelInsured plans namely Travel Lite vs Travel SE vs Travel LX offer trip protection cover for travel expenses from trip cancellation, trip interruption, trip delay, baggage loss.

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