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For more than a decade now, iTravelInsured, Inc. has provided trip protection insurance to more than a million travelers worldwide. iTravelInsured®, Inc’s mission has been to help travelers protect their travel investment. Traveling is an exciting experience, however anything can happen while you are away from home. These custom designed travel insurance products along with world-class non-insurance services provide the coverage and confidence travelers need when traveling overseas.

iTravelInsured offers a range of travel insurance programs for every customer need. Whether you need coverage for a vacation, business trip, student group trip or stay at a hotel or resort, iTravelInsured has got the right plan. iTravelInsured's services also include:
  • Emergency travel assistance for even the smallest travel disruption.
  • Responsive medical management in the event of medical emergencies anywhere in the world
  • International, multilingual customer service centers
  • Claims specialists who process tens of thousands of claims each year from around the world
Rest assured that iTravelInsured is there with you, wherever your travels take you, bringing world-wide coverage, multilingual capabilities, international claims specialists and access to 24–hour emergency assistance service.

IMG Trip Cancellation Insurance for Coronavirus (Covid 19)

The ITravelinsured insurance have no exclusion for medical expenses for Covid19 virus. Any medical expenses incurred due to Coronavirus will be covered by Itravelinsured insurance. However cancellation of the trip due to Coronavirus is not covered unless you have purchased the 'Cancel for any reason insurance' benefit which is offered by the Travel LX insurance and you purchased this plan within 20 days of the initial trip deposit.

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