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Travel Lite insurance

The Travel Lite Travel Insurance Plan is ideal for the budget conscious travelers who is looking for inexpensive trip protection coverage for the invested trip cost against trip cancellation and trip interruption. iTravelInsured Travel Lite Insurance also offers coverage for travel and luggage delay along with emergency travel assistance services.


International Medical Group’s Travel Lite Insurance plan summary

  • US Residents on domestic and worldwide trips
  • Inexpensive coverage for trip cancellation & interruption
  • Maximum trip duration: 90 days
  • Maximum age insured: 99 years
  • Pre-Existing Condition Exclusion Waiver: Not Available
  • Pre-existing condition review period: 60 days
  • Premium refund: if cancelled within 10 days from the plan effective date, as long as your trip departure date has not occurred and you have not filed a claim.
  • Minimum trip cost to be insured: $200
  • Coverage type: Secondary
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Plan benefits of Travel Lite insurance

Benefits Coverage
Trip Cancellation Up to $25,000 of the trip cost
Trip Interruption 125% of trip cost
Travel Delay $500 ($125 per day after an inital delay of 12 hours)
Baggage Delay $150 (after an inital delay of 24 hours)
Baggage and Personal Effects $750
Accident and Sickness Medical Expenses $100,000
Emergency Medical Evacuation $250,000
Coverage Type Secondary

Covid 19 IMG Trip Cancellation Insurance for Coronavirus

For new policies starting after March 11, 2020, there is no coverage for COVID-19 disease. The World Health Organization (WHO) in announcing coronavirus as a pandemic has designated the entire world a “level 3” travel zone. Since the coronavirus and COVID-19 is now a known threat (not an unknown possibility), it will no longer be covered by IMG policies. However, if your IMG policy had already started prior to the March 11th announcement and it was NOT to travel into a level 3 travel area (at the time of travel), you will be covered for COVID-19 and that coverage will continue on renewals to that policy.

The ITravelinsured insurance have no exclusion for medical expenses for Covid19 virus. Any medical expenses incurred due to CoronaVirus will be covered by Itravelinsured insurance. However cancellation of the trip due to Coronavirus is not covered unless you have purchased the 'Cancel for any reason insurance' benefit which is offered by the Travel LX insurance and you purchased this plan within 20 days of the initial trip deposit.

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