Visitor Travel insurance coverage details

Visitor Travel insurance coverage
When you are traveling to the USA for the first time or when you have your parents coming to stay with you, the immediate requirement is the tourist visa and after that an adequate travel medical insurance coverage for the entire period of stay. US visa permits for travel and short term temporary work are issued at the nearest US embassy office in the home country of the traveler. Apply for the visa well in advance of your travel dates to give ample time for the visa authorities to review your application and process it for issuing the visa after due diligence.

Travelers should know the different types of insurance coverage they need while staying in the USA. Visitor medical insurance plans are an appropriate for travelers staying in America for a short period. There are cheaper fixed benefit plans and with less coverage options and typically these plans would not cover for pre-existing conditions. There are slightly costlier plans with better coverage and wider PPO network called as comprehensive visitor insurance plans with few of them also covering for pre-existing conditions of the insured.

Senior citizen travelers or parents who would be looking for specific insurance coverage for their age group can buy senior citizen travel insurance plans designed by insurers for those who are above 70.

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We have categorised the visitor medical insurance plans based on different age groups as: seniors above 60 years, seniors above 70 years, seniors above 80 years. Under senior citizen visitor travel insurance plans those who are between 70 to 79 years can get maximum sum of $100,000 coverage with comprehensive benefits. Elderly travelers who are entering their 80's will get coverage with $20,000 maximum medical benefits. Parents or grandparents coming to the USA can review these plans and buy online as per their individual age and coverage requirements.

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