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Travel insurance with trip protection coverage - Highlights

Trip cancellation

Reimbursement for loss of pre-paid, non-refundable payments.

Medical evacuation

Transportation to or between hospitals as needed.

Trip delay

Reimbursement of food and lodging expenses due to delay in travel.

Lost baggage

Pays sum for lost or delayed luggage by airline.

Medical expenses

Covers cost of treatment for sickness or injury during your vacation.

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Travel medical insurance with no trip protection - Highlights

Health care expenses

Covers medical costs for sickness or accidents during travel.

Doctor visit

Covers cost of clinic or doctor visit.

Pharmacy drugs

Expenses from doctor prescribed eligible medications.

Medical evacuation

Transportation to or between hospitals as needed.

Repat of remains

Return of moral remains to home country or local burial.

International travel insurance for seniors with Medicare Coverage

US Seniors now have the opportunity to travel around the world after having been forced to stay within safe bubble environments during Covid.

However international travel insurance for Medicare recipients is important and US senior citizens must be well informed about the international travel insurance coverage limitations of Medicare while outside the US.

As Medicare is an US federal health insurance program for senior citizens over 65 years, it will not offer medical coverage outside the US except when they are on cruise with the waters connecting the US states.

This is offered by the Medicare Part B (medical insurance) plan.

Travel Insurance for visiting USA

In case you are in a foreign country and need coverage for inpatient hospital expenses, doctor visits, ambulance services, or dialysis, Medicare may pay for the expenses under these conditions.

  • If you get admitted to a foreign hospital which is closer than a US hospital that can treat your emergency medical condition.
  • If you get admitted to a Canadian hospital which can treat your medical emergency while travelling between Alaska and any other state and you are crossing Canada.
  • If you get admitted to a hospital nearest to where you are staying which can treat you under emergency medical condition.

Travel insurance for senior citizens with Medicare

Medicare, which is the US government funded health insurance program for eligible senior US citizens and permanent residents aged 65 and older, generally does not cover healthcare expenses outside of the United States. US seniors who rely on Medicare and travel internationally should buy supplemental travel medical insurance. Here are some options and factors to consider for international travel medicare insurance:

Travel Medical Insurance: Given the very limited coverage by Medicare and the emergency coverage by the Medigap and Medicare Advantage plans, US senior travelers should purchase international travel medical insurance or travel health insurance. Overseas travel health insurance policies are designed to cover medical emergencies while abroad, including doctor visits, hospitalization, prescription medications, and medical evacuation. They are a cost-effective way to supplement Medicare coverage during international trips.

Medigap Plans: Medigap (Medicare Supplement) plans are private US insurance policies that can fill gaps in Medicare coverage. Some Medigap plans offer limited coverage for foreign travel emergencies, but they typically have a deductible and only cover up to 80% of eligible foreign healthcare expenses.

Medicare Advantage Plans: Some Medicare Advantage plans (Part C) may offer coverage for emergency care while traveling abroad. However, the coverage is often limited to emergencies, and there may be cost-sharing requirements.

Medicare Part D Coverage: If you rely on Medicare Part D for prescription drug coverage, be aware of how your prescription medication needs will be addressed while traveling internationally.

Pre-existing Conditions: Be aware that coverage for pre-existing conditions varies among international travel health insurance plans. Some plans may offer coverage for pre-existing conditions, while others may have exclusions or waiting periods.

Provider Networks: Check if the international travel insurance plan has a network of healthcare providers or if it provides reimbursement for out-of-network services.

Policy Limits: Review the travel insurance policy limits, including maximum coverage amounts.

Duration of Coverage: Ensure that the international travel insurance plan provides coverage for the entire duration of your trip or stay abroad.

Travel insurance for US senior citizens

Trip Cancellation Insurance

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Cost of travel insurance factors

Factors to consider while buying travel insurance.

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Travel insurance cost calculator

Travel Insurance cost calculator, Trip cost calculator

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International travel insurance for US citizens enrolled in Medicare

When you are on a ship and need coverage, Medicare will not pay for health care services when the ship is more than 6 hours away from the US port. The Medicare prescription drugs plan don't offer coverage for the drugs purchased outside the United States. All the 50 US states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, and American Samoa are considered part of the U.S and accept US Medicare. As Medicare offers limited coverage for travel outside the US, It is advisable to buy adequate international travel health insurance to get proper medical coverage while outside the US borders.

International travel insurance for older US travelers

All of the popular international travel destinations for US citizens like Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean islands, Latin and South American nations, Europe, Australia and Asia are not covered by regular Medicare coverage.

Medicare Supplemental Travel health insurance plans for older US travelers

Globehopper insurance offered by International Medical Group (IMG) is a travel health insurance is avaiable for US citizens and US permanent residents 65 years and older Qualified for Medicare, actively enrolled in Medicare Parts A & B and enrolled in a Medigap Plan or Medicare Advantage Plan, This plan is secondary to Medicare, a Medigap and/or a Medicare Advantage Plan and provides coverage for medical expenses outside the U.S. only..

The GlobeHopper Senior plan is available either as the GlobeHopper Single-Trip plan for single trips with coverage from 5 days to 365 days, or as the GlobeHopper Multi-trip plan which covers a period of 12 months with a maximum of 30 days for each overseas trip.

Globehopper Insurance Logo
The GlobeHopper Senior plan is very popular as it provides coverage up to $1 million for travelers less than 79 years and $100,000 for travelers more than 80 years old. The plan includes $2,500 cover for sudden unexpected recurrence of an existing medical ailment and $25,000 for emergency medical evacuation.

Intermedical Insurance from Travel Insure is an affordable international travel health insurance for US citizens. It offers coverage for medical and evacuation expenses for short trips. It is available up to 12 months.

Worldmed Insurance from Travel Insure is an renewable long term international travel health insurance for US citizens. It offers coverage for medical and evacuation expenses. It is renewable up to 3 years.

Europe Long stay travel insurance for over 65 years

US citizens do not need Schengen Visa for visiting Europe for up to 90 days. However if they wish to live, work, study or do business in Europe for a long duration then they need to apply for resident visa or national visa of that European country. One of the necessary documents that they need while applying for long term Europe residence permit is long stay Europe travel insurance with a minimum of 30,000 Euros medical coverage, evacuation and repatriation coverage which must be valid though out the entire duration of stay in Europe.

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International travel insurance USA - FAQ's

01. Which is the best international travel insurance?

There is not one single international travel insurance plan that can be considered the best plan for all travelers. International travelers need to understand the different coverage benefits as well as the factors on which international travel insurance are based by using the different resources offered on American Visitor Insurance. We work with top rated US insurance providers to offer a wide range of US international travel insurance plans. Compare international health insurance for travel plans to find the best international travel insurance for your specific needs.

02. Why Is International travel Insurance required for vacation travel?

Given the cost of healthcare, and that one’s domestic health insurance provides little to no cover outside one’s national borders, it is very important to have good travel insurance to take care of medical expenses for unforeseen situations for the traveler while on a vacation.

03. What is covered in International Trip cancellation insurance?

Under trip cancellation cover travelers can get coverage for non-refundable loss due to cancelling a planned trip for unforeseen reasons. It reimburses the non-refundable trip expenses like flight tickets, planned tour tickets if any, hotel accommodations due to cancelled trip.

04. While I am away from the US, if I contract coronavirus and need to extend my stay can I extend my travel insurance cover?

At American visitor insurance you can find travel insurance plans that will allow you to extend the travel insurance coverage if you require to stay longer than you estimated due to covid19.

05. What is Trip Insurance?

Trip Insurance is cover in a travel insurance that provides protection towards travel and trip related events. It provides coverage for travel delays, trip cancellation, trip interruption, missed flight, loss or damage of baggage and lost passport. Under trip insurance travelers can choose trip cancellation, trip interruption cover for covered reasons. Travelers can include an extra rider in the travel insurance policy or cancel for any reason. Cancel for any reason coverage allows the traveler to cancel the planned trip for reasons that may not be covered otherwise.

06. Can trip insurance be brought after I start my trip?

No, trip insurance should be brought 24 hours before the trip departure date.

Cruise travel medical insurance for senior citizens

US Travel insurance with quarantine coverage

The pandemic had disrupted international travel across the globe with different countries shielding their nations by enforcing strict safety measures for international travelers. However even in 2024, some countries are still insisting on travel insurance with quarantine coverage. At American Visitor Insurance, we offered international travelers different options to compare and buy the best Quarantine travel insurance.

  • Quarantine Benefit Coverage for accommodations due to a covered Trip Delay $3,000/$250 per person per day (6 hours or more) is included in the basic coverage.
  • Optional Quarantine Benefit Upgrade at additional price Trip Delay Max Upgrade - including Accommodations (6 Hours or more) $4000 ($300/day) or $7000 ($500 per day).
  • Quarantine Benefit Coverage for accommodations due to a covered Trip Delay $1,000/$150 per person per day (12 hours or more).
  • Travel insurance plan only available to U.S. Citizens and U.S. Residents.
  • Quarantine Benefit Coverage for accommodations due to a covered Trip Delay. Maximum - $2,000 ($200 /day )(6 hours).
  • Travel insurance for US Citizens and US Residents traveling outside US.

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