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Business travel – An overview

In today’s hectic lifestyle, it is common to see people travel a lot as part of their regular work. Continuous regular travel can be disruptive and very stressful. Here are some resourceful suggestions for frequent business travellers to help them make the best of their work related travel.

Packing for the trip

IGiven that you are likely to travel regularly, it is helpful to have a document with a checklist of necessary items for your travel. This makes your regular packing efficient and less time consuming. You can prioritize your list based on their importance ranging from absolutely essential to nice to have.

Do read about the weather in your destination and pack your clothes appropriately. It helps to have a good toilet kit to ensure that your toiletries are easily accessible and neatly packed without any chance of any liquids spilling.

Do remember that any travel is most comfortable when you have less baggage to carry around, so try to pack light.

Air travel and scheduling your work

It also helps if you are part of any loyalty or frequent flier programs which provide access to airport lounges. This helps to reduce stress during the travel. It is important to schedule your work so that you can be well rested, have a good sense of orientation in the new environment and have overcome any jetlag as you start work.

Choose the right Hotel

It is very important to select a good hotel to stay where you can rest and relax before you start work. Make sure that the hotel has good Wi-Fi connection, easily accessible to your workplace as well as restaurants and shopping areas if you need it. It is useful to have a hotel with a good business center where you can have access to a printer if needed.

Orient yourself in your new setting

It helps to talk to locals and to read about your destination to familiarize yourself with the issues or any nuances of your location. You should equip your phone with apps such as a translation tool if needed. Orient yourself using Google maps, identify key landmarks, restaurants … to familiarize yourself with the area. Remember to charge your phone and any electronic equipment the previous night so that this is not an issue as you start work.

Make the most of your work travel, learn to enjoy it

While regular travel can be stressful, many people would love to be in your shoes and travel to new locations. Travel with an open mind, understand the local culture, talk to the locals, be adventurous, try some local cuisine. Immersing yourself in the place and the people will make the experience more enjoyable and help in your business interactions.

Difference between travel medical Insurance and annual travel insurance
questionDear Admin,

As I mentioned by call, my question is what's the difference between travel medical plan and annual plan? I selected from 9/9/2020 to 8/2021 in the travel medical plan but it showed me a similar price as I chose the annual plan.
Thank you so much.

Best Regards,

questionDear Kamyar,

Thanks for your inquiry!.The difference between the travel medical insurance and the annual travel Insurance plans are:

Annual travel insurance are available for the entire 12 month period (365 days) from the day you start the policy. During this period, you can make multiple international trips to your destination country. However, there will be either a 30 day or 45 day time period limit for each trip (depending on the plan that you choose).
These plans are suitable for corporate travelers and ideal for frequent work related overseas travel.
On the contrary, in a travel medical insurance plan, you can buy the plan for your desired time period like a few days, one month, 3 months, 4 months... and you will have to make payment only for that coverage duration. Your plan is effective only for that time period. If you want, you can extend/renew the plan later before the plan expires. Usually they will have a maximum plan lifetime of one year until which you can renew them if need be.

Please let us know if you have any questions

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Annual multi-trip insurance for corporate travelers

Given the high cost of healthcare, it is very important to have reliable travel health insurance while traveling overseas. Corporate travelers who travel overseas frequently should consider buying the multi-trip travel insurance plans which will insure them whenever they travel overseas throughout the year. Corporate travellers can use our annual-multi trip comparison tool to understand the coverage details of these plans as well as compare quotes from different insurance companies to buy the corporate travel insurance policy that best fits your needs.

Insurance providers

Patriot Multitrip


Wander Frequent


Atlas Multitrip

Tokio Marine HCC

Trekker Essential

Travel Insure Services

Voyager Annual


How much does corporate travel health insurance cost?

Travel insurance costs depend on the age of the traveller, the medical coverage required, the deductible chosen and in the case of annual-multiple trip insurance, it also depends on the trip length. The trip length refers to the duration of each trip overseas. Typically the annual multi-trip plans offer the trip length as either 30 or 45 days. The 45 day trip length plan will be more expensive than the 30 day trip length plan.

HealthCare cost for visitor in USA
type of insurance

Types of backpacker travel insurance plans

Insurance policies are broadly classified as Fixed visitor insurance and Comprehensive visitor insurance. Compare fixed benefit and comprehensive insurance in detail.

benefit period

Benefit period

The longer the benefit period the better the coverage. Some plans limit the time duration that the plan will pay.


Deductible and Coinsurance

Deductible is the amount that customer pays for the incurred expense before insurer pays. Co insurance is a fraction of the total amount that customer pays. Know more about deductible and coinsurance.

What does travel insurance cover on a business trip?

medical expenses

Medical expenses

Covers medical treatment for a sickness or injury which occurs during your trip.
medical evacuation

Medical evacuation

Coverage for Emergency Medical Evacuations to the nearest qualified medical facility.

Lost baggage

Reimbursement for loss of checked in baggage

Trip delay

Reimbursement of additional expenses due to trip delay

Baggage delay

Delay in arrival of checked in baggage while overseas.

Trip cancellation

Covers the loss of pre-paid, non-refundable and unused payments.

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