Travel health insurance for Canadians visiting the US

Covid19 Travel medical insurance for Canadians in the USA

Greetings to all our neighbors up North! The COVID-19 pandemic has really changed the shape of travel for the time being. I have recently gotten many calls from Canadians who have told me their insurance coverage from Canada is now voided since the Canadian government has now asked all Canadians to stay in Canada and avoid “non-essential” travel. Many of our Canadian friends were already out of the country and enjoying warmer climes in the US and/ or have altered their travel plans.
If you have any doubts as to your coverage, we urge to to check on your benefits with your insurance provider and know that we have alternatives should you need coverage now (even though you are already in the US) either due to cancellation or expiration of the policy.

Can Canadians purchase Covid19 American travel insurance that will cover them for coronavirus expenses for a trip into the US?

Covid19 travel insurance for Canadians to USA
Yes. There are some Covid insurance for Canadians visiting USA that cover COVID-19 like any other illness. Canadians can use our search engine to compare USA travel insurance with covid coverage for Canadians. They cannot be sick before the start of the policy for coverage to be valid (otherwise it will be considered pre-existing).

Note that some companies cannot sell policies to Canadian citizens or to people with Canadian addresses. However, Global Underwriters, IMG and Trawick International, and INF are companies that can provide policies.
There are currently three US insurance providers namely Trawick International,Seven Corners, INF insurance and Global Underwriters who offer US Visitors insurance coverage for coronavirus.

Trawick International Insurance:

Trawick International offers visitor medical insurance for coronavirus (covid-19) with their Safe Travels USA Visitor Insurance. The Safe Travels USA Comprehensive visitor insurance for Covid19 is ideal for travelers with pre-existing medical conditions even for travelers older than 70 years. You can compare all Safe Travels USA Insurance plans for Covid19 and buy it online to get coverage as early as the following day.

Seven Corners Covid visitors insurance:

Liaison Travel Plus Insurance offers best Seven Corners covid health insurance for visitors to USA. The Sevencorners coronavirus visitor insurance treatment benefit is available for COVID-19 (the disease); SARS-Cov-2 (the virus); and any mutation or variation of SARS-CoV-2.

INF travel insurance:

INF Insurance offers Canadian visitors health insurance for coronavirus in the US, Canada and Mexico. INF US visitors insurance for Canadians covers covid-19 as any other illness. One of their plans (Elite) has excellent coverage of pre-existing medical conditions beyond the usual coverage for "acute onset" of pre-existing conditions which is a unique offering. You can compare their plans using this link and purchase the one you are interested in by choosing the "buy now" button for the appropriate plan: Please note that the Elite Network insurance for Covid19 and Premier Insurance for Covid19 are cheaper per month if you purchase at least 90 days the first time you buy them. You can compare all available INF US visitor insurance for Coronavirus.

International Medical Group (IMG) Covid19 travel insurance

International Medical Group (IMG) Coronavirus insurance offers covid19 US travel insurance for Canadians travelling to USA. IMG's Patriot America Plus and Patriot Platinum insurance plans cover COVID-19 like any other illness. The Patriot America Plus Covid Insurance and Patriot America Platinum coronavirus insurance include COVID coverage for Canadian snowbird travelers up to the policy maximum.

Global Underwriters:

Diplomat America Insurance by Global Underwriters offers coverage for covid-19 as a new sickness. Diplomat America Covid19 travel insurance is available for Canadians travelling to the US. Pre-existing ailments are however excluded, which means that travelers infected before the plan effective date, will be considered as an pre-existing medica condition and will not provide coverage for that ailment.
As ever, we wish you safe and happy travels. Do call us with questions or concerns you may have.

Annual travel insurance for corporate travelers , yearly travel insurance between USA and Canada

Since the US and Canadian economies are very closely inter connected, there are several US corporate employees who travel regularly between the US and Canada. This is especially true for residents of states close to the Canadian border in New York, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Montana and Washington as well as in many of the US cities with multinational corporations. For regular travelers, buying the Annual multi-trip travel insurance works very well. The annual multi-trip insurance insures the traveler for innumerable trip throughout the whole year as long as each trip is limited a fixed duration (usually 30, 45 or 60 days) depending on the multi-trip insurance plan. Please note that the Annual multi-trip travel insurance plans expect you to maintain continuous medical coverage in your home country.

Covid annual travel insurance for Coronavirus coverage, Coronavirus yearly travel insurance for Covid 19

Seven Corners Covid visitors insurance:

Seven Corners has designed the Wander Frequent Traveler Plus insurance product for frequent international travelers which provides annual travel insurance with coronavirus coverage. Frequent travelers can customise their coverage by selecting the trip length, choosing from 30, 45, and 60 day trip lengths. Wander Frequent Traveler Plus covers up to $100,000 (Travelers in ages between 65 to 74 years old are limited to $50,000) in medical expenses for COVID-19 (the disease), SARS-Cov-2 and any mutation or variation of SARS-CoV-2. Wander Frequent Traveler Plus also has an additional $1 million for emergency medical evacuation and repatriation. If medically necessary, the coverage will transport you to a facility with appropriate care. Please note that the Wander Frequent Traveler Plus requires you to maintain continuous medical coverage in your home country.

Trawick International Covid visitors insurance:

Safe Travels Annual Basic, Safe Travels Annual Deluxe, Safe Travels Annual Executive insurance offers Covid19 coverage for US residents and US citizens taking frequent trips worldwide. It provides annual comprehensive travel medical coverage for COVID 19 as long as the plan is effective before the individual gets sick. Trawick International requires pre certification in case of requirement of coverage for COVID 19. That is, the insured needs to call the insurance company and let them know the need for COVID 19 coverage. If there is a chance of cancelling the plan, then it is important to check the terms and conditions of cancellation for that particular plan.

Canadian Immigrants and some statistics in the USA

Given the geographical proximity between the US and Canada, the long land border, and the many excellent economic opportunities that the US offers, it is attractive and easy for Canadians to move south of their border to the United States. It was in the year 1867 that many Eastern Canadians migrated to the United States and started working in the flourishing manufacturing industry. The U.S Census had recorded 747,000 English-speaking and 440,000 French-speaking Canadian immigrants in 1900. These migrators settled in the borders of the US which allowed them to easily travel between the two countries. During 1990 to 1930 the French Canadian migration increased due to the poor economic conditions in Quebec. Los Angeles had the fourth major Canadian population in North America in 1980s.
canadian immigrant in usa
In the late 20th Century after the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1994 Canadian migration expanded significantly. During this the Canadian communities who migrated included highly educated academics, technology professionals, students along with Canadians who wanted retire in warmer areas in the US or to reunify with their family and other retirees. There are about 783,0000 Canadians who lived in the United States according to the 2016 U.S census data. Nearly 2% of the 44 million U.S. immigrants. 47% Canadians became naturalized citizens in 2016 from the total foreign-born population in the US. Migrating to the US in search for better living and economic status is often very challenging and involves many risks. While planning to relocate one should reflect on all the unforeseen situations that may occur due to difference in weather conditions, food, culture and most importantly healthcare systems. The US while offering excellent opportunities also has a very expensive healthcare system and sudden changes often results in increased chances for illness. Unlike the government supported Canadian health system, the US health care system is private and very expensive. In the US it is very necessary to have good immigrant medical insurance, especially given the current Covid pandemic situation. Good short term US immigrant insurance plan will provide coverage for medical expenses incurred in case of any injury or illness till one is eligible for domestic US health insurance. At American Visitor Insurance, Canadian immigrants can buy reasonable US immigrant medical insurance according to their requirements.

Ideal USA travel insurance for Canadians

Visitor immigrant insurance being made mandatory for the US

The US government has recently made a proclamation making it compulsory from November 3rd 2019 for all new immigrant visa applicants to have adequate US health insurance while in the United States. This rule will impact new US immigrant visa applications, such as family members of the US citizens. The aim of this compulsory US immigrant health insurance is to reduce the burden on US tax payers by uninsured new US immigrants.
The proclamation will not allow immigrants from entering the US if they do not have at least one of following approved health insurance. The listed approved health insurance options are
  • an employer-sponsored plan, including a retiree plan, association health plan, and coverage provided by the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985;
  • an unsubsidized health plan offered in the individual market within a State;
  • a short-term limited duration health policy effective for a minimum of 364 days — or until the beginning of planned, extended travel outside the United States;
  • a catastrophic plan;
  • a family member’s plan;
  • a medical plan under chapter 55 of title 10, United States Code, including coverage under the TRICARE program;
  • a visitor health insurance plan that provides adequate coverage for medical care for a minimum of 364 days — or until the beginning of planned, extended travel outside the United States;
  • a medical plan under the Medicare program;
  • any other health plan that provides adequate coverage for medical care as determined by the Secretary of Health and Human Services or his designee.
While this rule is focused on those applying for US immigrant visas, we are getting customer feedback that even travelers on tourist visas are expected to have proper short term visitor insurance. The visitor and immigrant insurance plans offered at American Visitor Insurance satisfy the definition of visitor health insurance plans as well as catastrophic plans in the United States as listed above. After purchasing these US visitor insurance plan, customers will immediately receive the insurance document by email. Customers can use this visitor insurance document as proof of health insurance in the US while applying for the US visa. Irrespective of this proclamation, given the high cost of US healthcare, it is strongly recommended for all prospective immigrants and tourists to buy adequate US immigrant health insurance.

Health Care in the US

Naturally, the first thing one thinks about when planning a trip is not how much a trip in that country’s ER will cost you. However, we do suggest you consider the high costs of health care in the US and arrange to have yourself and your loved ones covered in case something does happen. Emergency room expenses and hospital stays are extremely expensive and regularly impoverish under-uninsured and uninsured people in the US. It is not a great state of affairs, but at the moment, this is a reality. You must be very careful and bring any prescription medication as well as a prescription or copy of such so that you can show that you have good reason to have medications with you. There are lower cost “Urgent Care” centers that can be used for sudden, non-life threatening situations that will be cheaper and quicker than trying to visit a hospital emergency room. They can assess the situation and often treat the situation quickly and efficiently. They also are open beyond “normal” doctor hours (why do these things seem to always happen on Sunday afternoons?) which can be helpful to be aware of.
insurance for Canadians visiting USA
Here at American Visitor Insurance, we have many USA travel insurance for Canadians from reputable US insurance companies who help travelers from Canada receive the care they need! Let us help you find the right medical travel insurance for Canadians visiting the United States.

Annual multi-trip travel insurance for Canadian corporate travelers

Given the interconnected nature of the Canadian and the US economies, there are many Canadian business people and Corporate employees who make several trips annually to the US for work. This is especially true for residents of cities close to the US border such as Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal as well as Calgary and Winnipeg. For regular travelers, buying the Annual multi-trip travel insurance works very well. The annual multi-trip insurance insures the traveler for innumerable trip throughout the whole year as long as each trip is limited a fixed duration (usually 30 or 45 days) depending on the multi-trip insurance plan.

Snowbird Travel medical insurance for Canadians

Snowbird travel insurance for Canadians traveling outside Canada and other Southern US states in winter.
Popular Snowbirds travel destinations
Snowbirds travel insurance for canadian travelers
Canada travel insurance

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Canadian Covid 19 travel insurance

We also offer Canadian Covid 19 travel insurance... Know more

Travel insurance for Canadians traveling to USA

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Travel insurance for US citizens traveling to Canada

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Canadian seniors travel insurance

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INF travel insurance for Canadian citizens to United States

INF travel insuranceINF offers visitors from Canada excellent travel medical insurance in the United States which includes adequate coverage for dental, loss of checked luggage, medical emergencies and accidents incurred while traveling. This works ideally for Canadian Snowbirds during their travel to the USA. Following are the best US travel insurance for Canadian Snowbirds.
List of Canadian health insurance for travelling to USA:
Premier Plan Elite Network
Compare INF Canadian travel insurance to USA
Compare INF visitor insurance Compare pre-existing coverage

Long Term and Flexible travel insurance for Canadians to the US

Here at American Visitor Insurance, we have talked with thousands of our Canadian neighbors getting insurance for their US stays for many number of reasons. Some of our Canadian clients have wanted to extend their trips beyond the coverage they purchased from Canada before leaving. It seems that to continue with a Canadian plan, you must return to Canada to make your purchase. However, with our health insurance for Canadians traveling in the United States, you can start coverage the day your other coverage ends and not have the expense or bother of a return trip. Also, in some cases, particularly for clients with pre-existing medical conditions, they are not able to get their Canadian insurance for their trip due to some constraint or another. While, of course, we would never suggest traveling against advice of doctors; some of our plans cover “acute onset” of pre-existing medical conditions. To be clear, the conditions must be stable and they will not cover required treatment or medication for such a condition, but they will kick in if there is some unexpected recurrence due to the pre-existing condition. o, check our rates and compare medical travel insurance for Canadians visiting the United States to what you are offered from your home country or keep us in mind if your travel plans change along the way!
Travel insurance for Canadians
Pre-existing Coverage Insurance
Pre-existing Coverage Insurance
Coverage for Pre-existing diseases.
Trip Insurance
Trip Insurance
Trip protection insurance to cover travel investment expenses
group travel insurance
Traveling in groups?
Group of 5 or more travelers visiting overseas on the same schedule.

Popular tourist destinations in the United States

Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore depicts the faces of four former American presidents, each of which is carved and blasted from the side of a rock face.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

The water from Lake Erie flows into Lake Ontario over these massive waterfalls along the US and Canadian border.

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is America's most familiar icon. It is the largest statue in the world with 152 ft in the New York city Harbor.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

It is home to a huge ancient volcano which has resulted in a dramatic landscape and awesome natural phenomena. It is also home to some amazing wildlife.

travel insurance for visiting USA

USA - General information

USA Flag
map  Location

North America

house  Capital

Washington D.C.

language  Language


currency  Currency

US Dollar

population  Population

Around 327 million

calendar  Best time to visit

Throughout the year.

map  Vacation spots

New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Chicago, Grand Canyon, Orlando, Washington D.C.

Canadian citizens visiting the US

Given that nearly 90% of Canada's population lives within 100 miles of the US border, it is really no surprise that Canadians are the top source of tourists to the United States. In 2018 alone, the US had over 21 million overnight trips from Canada with almost half of these arrivals by air and the other half by crossing the land border.
US has a very varied topography and shares land borders with Canada to the North and Mexico to the south. The United States attracts tourists for many places like New York, Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Orlando, Disneyland, Grand Canyon, amazing Niagara Waterfall, many natural parks like Yellowstone National Park, Yosemite National Park, Grand Teton National Park etc.
Canada's population has a relatively large number of baby boomers and this older generation prefers traveling nearby to the US. Many Canadian baby boomers spend a lot of time and money escaping the cold during Canada's long winters. Also known as Canadian Snowbirds, they are attracted to the southern warmer states of the US, mainly Florida, Arizona and Texas.
canada travel insurance
Canadians traveling Worldwide
Travel health insurance for Canadians traveling worldwide.
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Travel health insurance for Canadians visiting USA

Canadians travel across the southern border to the US on a regular basis. The reasons for travel can vary, be it for warmer weather for the snowbirds, or simply a short vacation, or travel for work, business and corporate meetings. Whatever the reason for travel, it is important to buy proper health insurance with adequate coverage in the United States. The "Canadian government authorities advise Canadians to buy travel insurance" while traveling overseas from Canada. Given the high cost of healthcare in the US, it is not worth the risk of being uninsured while visiting the United States.
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