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Trip cancellation insurance plans provide insurance protection for the non-refundable cost of the trip as well as the health of the traveler. The non-refundable expenses typically include the cost of hotel bookings, air, rail and cruise ticket expenses ... Trip protection insurance can also include coverage for sports equipment like Golf or Ski equipment and car rental, however these are sometime add on coverage and not part of the basic plan. Depending on the type of trip protection insurance, coverage can provide protection from unexpected expenses such as damaged, stolen, lost or delayed baggage. While some trip protection plans require that the trip is cancelled for an approved reason other plans are available with 'cancel for any reason' benefit. However you must buy the 'cancel for any reason' add on option. US citizens find the Trip cancellation insurance very useful for expensive vacations, especially if it involves international travel. This is logical given the high cost of the vacation and the fact that domestic health insurance plans provide no coverage for trip expenses, and very little coverage for the health of the traveler when they are outside US borders. Compare and buy trip cancellation coverge.

What is the difference between travel insurance and health insurance?

Most travel insurance has an element of health insurance with it. However, travel insurance also has a number of travel benefits one may not need ordinarily, such as baggage loss, trip interruption, indemnity per day in hospital, emergency reunion, trip delay, missed connection, coverage for loss of personal effects, and political evacuation. Many of us have reduced medical benefits when out of network or out of our home state, so some of these may offer some complimentary coverage to fill gaps our plans may leave.

Compare Trip cancellation insurance vs Travel medical Insurance

  Travel Insurance Trip Insurance
Trip Cancellation Covers the loss of pre-paid, non-refundable and unused payments, when the covered trip is cancelled due to illness, injury or death of family member; bankruptcy; jury duty; auto accident; terrorist incident etc.
One way cost of the Insured\'s ticket to return home, if the Trip is interrupted due to the death of a family member or destrucion of the insured\'s home or other eligible cause.
One way cost of the Insured\'s ticket to return home, if the Trip is interrupted due to the death of a family member or destrucion of the insured\'s home or other eligible cause.
Coverage for Emergency Medical Evacuations to the nearest qualified medical facility.
Coverage for the loss of life or limbs in an accident.
Medical ailments for which you have already received or are receiving treatment for. Pregnancy, AIDS, high-blood pressure and stroke are all forms of pre-existing conditions. Different insurance carriers have their own policies for pre-existing conditions.
Pregnancy and Maternity
Mental health and drug abuse
Routine care for pre-existing conditions
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Why buy Trip Cancellation Insurance ? Is Trip insurance worth it?

Travelers can justified in asking if it is worth buying trip insurance plans. Given the cost of a trip which is often an annual vacation, or sometimes a once in a lifetime travel experience, trips especially if it involves traveling overseas can be quite expensive. A planned vacation can involve expensive airline tickets, hotel reservations and cruise bookings, much of these done well in advance of the actual vacation. Given the hectic nature of our work and lifestyles, one cannot be absolutely certain that none of our planned travel plans will not need last minute changes. A serious medical situation of an immediate family member or even work related pressures can force a change in travel plans. It is here that Trip protection or trip cancellation insurance can make all the difference. Even if the trip starts on schedule, there can be unplanned adverse situations such as lost baggage, delay in flights resulting in missed hotel or cruise bookings or even a medical ailment during the trip. Again, in these situations trip insurance can be invaluable. There are different types of trip insurance plans available, some which cover cancellation for clearly defined specific reasons, some others which provide trip protection insurance for cancellation for any reason. At American Visitor Insurance, we work with different insurance providers who specialize in Trip insurance. Compare trip insurance plans of different providers to find the best trip cancellation insurance for your specific needs.
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