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For over 30 years, INF has provided award winning visitors insurance options to millions of travelers to the United States. We’re committed to providing innovative insurance products, quality customer care, and being there for our members when they need us the most. INF offers coverage for Pre-Existing Visitor Accident & Sickness Insurance on the market- providing the coverage necessary for many travelers visiting their families in the United States or Canada. You can travel with confidence when you have the coverage you want, and the peace of mind you need.

INF travel insurance coverage for Coronavirus (Covid 19)

As the world-wide outbreak of the coronavirus (Covid 19) continues to grow with no end in sight - it is important let travelers know that they need to have medical coverage which can cover the cost of treatment. Treatment costs of the coronavirus have been known to reach tens-of-thousands of dollars for in-patient hospitalizations, lab tests, and other needed medical facilities to treat the disease. Although there is no vaccine for the coronavirus, the travelers can still find medical coverage for visitors which will help with the treatment of the virus. Our claims show that individuals who are above 70 years are very susceptible to new illness and sickness such as the flu and pneumonia. In fact, the majority of claims paid out for those above the age of 70 years will be for these types of new sickness - not pre-existing conditions.

The cost hospitalization for a visitor who is aged 70-79 years with a case of pneumonia can range anywhere from $22,564 to upward for $56,323.67! This should be the expectation if one of the travelers suddenly becomes ill with the coronavirus. Often times, many patients will need extra care for these conditions- and this is only exacerbated by their age and that fact that there is still no vaccine for coronavirus.

INF travel insurance coverage for Coronavirus is straightforward. The coronavirus will be covered as per any new sickness in the policy since it is not explicitly excluded. Note that these plans only offer coverage in the US and Canada.

INF Elite Network Covers Coronavirus

  • Treats Coronavirus as a new sickness & covered by the plan.
  • Covers Pre-Existing Conditions.
  • Comprehensive FULL Pre-Existing insurance for visitors.
  • Works with the First Health Provider Network or Multiplan PPO - $0 Copay for Urgent Care when using MeMD.
  • Dental & Vision Discount Coverage Included.
  • Covers from Age 0 through Age 99.

INF Advantage Plan Covers Coronavirus

INF Advantage Covers Coronavirus for Visitors Already in USA INF provides insurance coverage for any COVID-19 infection and it will be covered fully by INF Advantage as a new sickness. INF Advantage is available to visitors who are already in the United States and does not have any restriction on the length of time the visitor has been in the US. INF Advantage will cover COVID-19 infections for major in-patient hospitalization, need for oxygen cylinders, and medication or other miscellaneous expenses required to treat the Coronavirus.
The following groups of travelers can buy the INF Advantage insurance plan.
  1. Travelers to the US or Canada who do not currently have any insurance coverage - These are international travelers looking to mitigate the risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus by purchasing a quality health insurance plan that will pay claims.
  2. Travelers already enrolled in a visitor travel insurance policy but looking to switch insurers to ensure COVID-19 coverage - These Travelers are looking to switch to another program for a reason. They realize that their current visitor insurance plan will not cover COVID-19 or somehow claim it was a pre-existing condition. These travelers to the US are looking for a quality US visitor insurance coverage like the INF Advantage Plan.
    These Travelers are looking for a quality coverage like the INF Advantage Plan.
  3. Travelers who are extending their stay in the US and need to renew their visitors insurance US travelers can choose INF for their extended stay in the US since their existing travel insurance might exclude coverage for Coronavirus. There are travelers who need to extend their visitor's visa by filing an I-539.
    As part of the I-539 the petitioner is asked to provide
    1. The reason for the extension
    2. Reason why your extended stay would be temporary, including arrangements you have made to depart from USA
    3. Any effect on their foreign residency or employment
The USCIS is now requiring any visa extension application to include proof of visitor medical insurance from a US-based company with an US-based underwriter. INF insurance is underwritten only by US-based companies and fully covers COVID-19.

Travel medical insurance for travelers stranded in the USA, Canada or Mexico because of Coronavirus

It is heartbreaking to hear of so many people stranded due to COVID-19. So many borders are closing and travel plans have had to be altered. At American Visitor Insurance, we are committed to getting you the best insurance coverage we can in these uncertain times. Of particular note, the company INF insurance which offers travel insurance plans with coverage in the USA, Canada and Mexica. These plans usually have a restriction on coverage of pre-existing medical conditions for their two plans: INF Elite Network Insurance and INF Advantage Insurance unless it is purchased BEFORE the traveler leaves their home country. In light of the coronavirus epidemic, INF is lifting this restriction on pre-existing condition coverage even if purchased after coming to the US.

While many other insurers are NOT covering COVID-19 and even voiding policies due to the pandemic, INF insurance is a REAL option for travelers stuck in the US and needing insurance coverage. The INF travel insurance policy is good if you are replacing an existing travel policy that has expired or maybe you didn't have an insurance policy to begin with. International students in the US, Snowbirds from Canada or the UK, tourists from European nations, even US green card holders can purchase these plans. Note that the INF Traveler USA visitors insurance and INF Advantage US visitors insurance plan ONLY offers coverage in the US, while the INF Elite Network Insurance can be used in the US, Canada, and Mexico (even by US citizens who ordinarily reside outside the US). The INF Traveler USA and INF Advantage plan is quite affordable and many travelers and students are even buying this plan to complement their existing insurance option if it has limitations in coverage for COVID-19. Please know we are here to help you make the best, informed decision to get coverage even for COVID-19! Let us know how we can assist you. Feel free to contact us by email or phone at any time.

INF plans

Ideal for:  For any foreign nationals visiting the United States and US Citizen Expatriates visiting the United States.
Purpose:  These plans offer coverage for dental, loss of checked luggage, medical emergencies and accidents incurred while traveling.

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