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Peak District National Park - An overview

Peak District National Park

The Peak District National Park is located in central England. This area has some beautiful steep limestone valleys like Dovedale with its renowned stepping stones, and Lathkill Dale which is at the park’s southern area, and is known as White Peak.


Visiting Peak District National Park

This is an area of great diversity, which is split into the Dark Peak, which is mostly moorland and has the geology of gritstone, and the limestone area of the White Peak.
Layout of Peak District National Park :-The Peak District is at the southern end of the Pennines and much of the area is upland above 1,000 feet (300 meters). Its high point is at Kinder Scout at 2,087 feet (636 meters). Despite its name, the landscape generally lacks sharp peaks, and is characterised mostly by rounded hills, plateaus, valleys, limestone gorges and gritstone escarpments.

What to see in Peak District National Park

Monsal Trail

The Monsal Trail is a motor traffic free route for walkers, cyclists, horse riders and wheelchair users through some of the Peak District's most spectacular limestone dales.

Kinder Scout

Kinder Scout is a moorland plateau and National Nature Reserve in the Dark Peak of the Derbyshire Peak District.


Dovedale is a valley in the Peak District and is owned by the National Trust. It is very popular and attracts over a million visitors annually.

Stanage Edge

Stanage Edge, or simply Stanage is a gritstone escarpment in the Peak District, and is famous as a location for climbing.

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