Patriot Travel medical insurance by International medical group (IMG) – Comparison of plan features

Covid-19 travel insurance for international travelers

While travelling in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic, one must ensure that they have the right travel health insurance with proper Covid-19 coverage. At America visitor insurance travelers can get visitors insurance for Covid -19 illness. We offer a range of options for visitors where they can compare using our Visitors insurance for Covid19 comparison tool based on the factors like the travelers age, duration of travel, the maximum coverage required, deductible and the need for pre-existing conditions or for covid coverage. Travelers can narrow down their search further by applying the “filter” option for Covid19 available in the tool. Please know we are here to help you make the best, informed decision to get coverage even for COVID-19! Let us know how we can assist you. Feel free to contact us by email or phone at any time.

International Medical Group (IMG) Coronavirus insurance offers covid19 travel insurance for USA. IMG's Patriot America Plus and Patriot Platinum insurance plans cover COVID-19 like any other illness. The Patriot America Plus Covid Insurance and Patriot America Platinum coronavirus insurance include COVID coverage up to the policy maximum.

IMG Patriot travel health insurance plans

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International Medical Group (IMG) is one of the renowned and popular US health insurance companies focusing on short term visitor medical insurance. Being an established player in the visitor health insurance industry, they provide unique travel medical insurance plans for visitors traveling outside their home country. Amongst their top visitor insurance plans are the Patriot comprehensive plans. These plans are classified based on the eligibility status and benefits provided.

These plans are available for a minimum of 10 days up to a maximum of 2 years. Let's look at each plan in detail to understand who is eligible to buy it and what the plan provides:

Patriot America: This plan is available for Non US citizens traveling to the US and its territories. For people above age 65, the plan has to be effective within 30 days of arrival in the US. This plan provides a policy maximum of up to $1,000,000. It is reasonable affordable comprehensive plan option. There is one drawback in this plan, where the plan does not cover pre-existing conditions at all.

Patriot International: is for travelers outside their home country whose destination excludes US and its territories. It offers plan maximum option up to $2 million. Patriot International offers coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions for travellers aged up to 70 years. It is one of the popular plans among travelers visiting Schengen countries as it satisfies Schengen visa requirements and provides Schengen visa letter immediately after purchase.

Patriot America Plus : This plan has all the benefits that are provided in the Patriot America plan. This is an extended version of the Patriot America plan as the plan covers acute onset of pre-existing condition for people up to the age of 70 for a lifetime maximum of $50,000. The coverage if available up to the medical maximum limit. This plan provides policy maximum of as high as $500,000. There is a coverage of $25,000 available for emergency medical evacuation for pre-existing condition. After IMG introduced this plan, this has become much popular than Patriot America for this one important benefit.

Patriot Platinum plan: This plan is unique and is the best comprehensive options among the other Patriot plans as it can provide a policy maximum limit of as high as $8,000,000. The only policy maximum options for this plan are $1,000,000, $5,000,000, $8,000,000. The maximum lifetime of this plan is 3 years. This plan can be renewed up to 3 years. This plan is unique where it provides a policy maximum of $1,000,000 for people above age 70 unlike the other Patriot plans. This plan also offers optional riders for sports, evacuation and AD&D.

You can compare Patriot Travel insurance plans to review the plans benefits.

What are factors to consider while comparing Patriot America insurance and Patriot Platinum insurance?

Following are some of the insurance aspects that an international tourist needs to focus on while comparing among Patriot America insurance and Patriot Platinum insurance:
  • Compare visitor medical insurance maximum coverage between Patriot America insurance and Patriot Platinum insurance:
    This the maximum coverage that the plan would offer for the medical expenses. Patriot America insurance offers maximum coverage up to 1 million and Patriot Platinum insurance offers coverage up to 8 million. The coverage may vary for older travelers with reduced plan maximum.
  • Compare visitors health insurance deductible options between Patriot America insurance and Patriot Platinum insurance:
    This is the initial amount the traveler needs to pay before the insurance actually start paying. Remember higher deductible have less premium than a plan with lower deductible.Patriot America insurance has deductible options from $0 up to $2,500 and Patriot Platinum Insurance has a range of deductible option from $0 up to $25,000.
  • Compare travel medical insurance provider network for Patriot America insurance and Patriot Platinum insurance:
    It is a network of health care providers. Insurance companies form these in order to control the costs of health care. An insurance plan would pay 100% of the eligible expenses if the insured is admitted to hospital or health care center within the provider network.
  • Compare travel insurance coinsurance options for Patriot America insurance and Patriot Platinum insurance:
    This is a percentage of the bill that the travel has to pay. Patriot America Insurance has certain restrictions for coverage out of the provider network which is the plan pays 80% up to $5,000, then 100% and it pays 100% within provider network. Patriot Platinum insurance pays no coinsurance within provider network and out of the provider network which is the plan pays 90% up to $5,000, then 100%.
  • Contrast the travel health Insurance renewability options for Patriot America insurance and Patriot Platinum insurance:
    Sometime the travel plans may change and a US visitor may be required to extend their period of stay. Patriot America Insurance can be renewed up to 2 years while Patriot Platinum insurance can be renewed up to a total of 364 days.
  • Compare eligibility options of US visitors travel insurance for Patriot America insurance and Patriot Platinum insurance:
    Both these US visitor insurance plans offer comprehensive medical coverage to Non US citizens visiting US for a short period. Patriot America has time restrictions that it has to be bought within 30 days of arrival in the US.
  • Compare visitors insurance Pre-existing conditions coverage for Patriot America insurance and Patriot Platinum insurance:
    Patriot America Plus Insurance offers coverage up to the age of 70 years for acute onset of pre-existing conditions while Patriot Platinum insurance offers coverage under 70 years of age, with varying limits by age up to $1,000,000. $25,000 maximum limit for medical evacuation.
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