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France opens for vaccinated international travelers post Covid19 pandemic

France is now allowing US travelers who have been vaccinated. However in these uncertain times, it is recommended to buy travel insurance for visiting France. The following travel insurance options work well for US travelers to France.

  • Safe Travels Outbound insurance by Trawick International is available for US citizens traveling to France with Covid insurance coverage.
  • Travel Medical Plus insurance offered by Seven Corners has covid health insurance for visitors to France
  • Diplomat Long term Insurance by Global Underwriters. The Diplomat Long Term travel insurance offers coverage for covid-19 as a new sickness and is available for both US and Non US citizens. It must be bought for a minimum of 3 months and insures up to 1 Million Dollars.
  • Atlas International Insurance by WorldTrips offers good travel insurance for France and covers covid19 illness.

France visa travel insurance requirements

International travelers who needs a France visa for France will have to buy travel insurance which satisfies Schengen visa requirements

  • Travel insurance for France of Euro30,000 (about $50K USD)
  • Policy must have a $0 deductible with 100% Coverage
  • A repatriation benefit.
  • An emergency medical evacuation benefit.
  • The insurance provider must have an office in Europe.

Schengen visa insurance letter

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France visa travel documents

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Nationalities who need France visa

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Travel health insurance France, Travel insurance for visiting France

France flag

Visiting France

Travel medical insurance for US citizens visiting France

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Long term visa

Travel medical insurance for long term Europe visa

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Visiting USA

Travel insurance for France residents visiting USA

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Group Travel

France visa best group travel medical insurance quotes

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What does Schengen visa travel insurance cover?

Satisfies Visa requirements

Schengen visa insurance satisfies consulate requirements.

Doctor visit

Schengen travel insurance covers Doctor visits in case of sudden injury or sickness.

Medical evacuation

Emergency medical evacuation expenses to nearest available facility if needed.

Health care expenses

Covers emergency medical expenses for accidental injury or illness.

Repat of remains

Offers coverage for repatriation of remains expenses to home country in case of death.

Pre-existing conditions

Travel insurance offers coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions.

Testimonials - From Our Customers

I had a no-problem trip but Seven corners was easy to deal with in the securing of the travel insurance and dealing with a few issues prior to departure.


I have always gotten a quick response with a live person. I placed a claim, we will see it their payment to me is as good as their customer service is.


Good policy options and pricing. Like to purchase high coverage for medical without covering full cost of trips - like the options Seven Corners provides.


How much does France Visa travel insurance cost?

Europe Schengen travel insurance Cost

  • The policy maximum options available are $50k to $1M.
  • The deductible options available are $0 to $2.5k.
  • Coinsurance is available 100% up to the maximum limit.
  • IMG Patriot International Lite insurance for Schengen visa is very popular among travelers visiting European countries and applying for Schengen Visa.
  • Covers acute onset of pre-existing condition covers up to the period of coverage limit or $1M (whichever is lower)
Estimate Plan Cost
Price range $63 - $105
Coverage range $50K - $1M
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  • The policy provides the medical maximum options of $50K to $1M for emergency medical and hospitalization.
  • The deductible options on this plan are $0 to $5K.
  • Coverage period of the plan is from 5 days to 364 days and the plan is extendable.
  • Co-insurance percentage is 100% up to the policy maximum after the deductible is met.
  • Available for Non US Citizens and Non US Residents applying for Schengen visa.
  • Covers unexpected recurrence of a pre-existing medical condition.
Estimate Plan Cost
Price range $63 - $105
Coverage range $50K - $1M
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  • Available for Non US Citizens and Non US Residents applying for Schengen visa.
  • Safe Travels International offers primary comprehensive travel medical insurance coverage in Europe.
  • Covers unexpected recurrence of a pre-existing medical condition up to $20K of covered expenses up to age 65 or the first $10K for age 65 or over
  • The policy provides the medical maximum options of $50K to $1M for emergency medical and hospitalization.
  • The deductible options on this plan are $0 to $5K.
Estimate Plan Cost
Price range $70 - $104
Coverage range $50K - $1M
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  • The policy maximum options available with this plan are $50K to $2M for people up to the age of 65 For people in the age range of 65 to 79, the options are $50K and $100K and for people above 80 the only option is $10K.
  • The deductible options on this plan are $0 to $5K.
  • Plan pays Coinsurance 100% after the deductible up to the overall limit.
  • Atlas International Insurance satisfies Schengen visa requirements and offers comprehensive Europe medical insurance for travelers.
  • Covers acute onset of pre-existing condition covers up to overall maximum limit, under age 80.(excludes chronic and congenital conditions)
Estimate Plan Cost
Price range $65 - $103
Coverage range $50K - $2M
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  • The policy maximum is available up to $5M for people up to 79 years and reduces to $10K for people above 80 years.
  • The maximum lifetime of the plan is 365 days and is renewableThere is a co insurance factor applicable to this insurance which pays 100% for outside of the US.
  • Travel Medical Choice satisfies Schengen visa insurance requirements.
  • Acute onset of pre-existing conditions are covered up to $50K up to the age of 64 years and a coverage of $10K is available for people above the age 65 to 79 years.
Estimate Plan Cost
Price range $76 - $140
Coverage range $50K - $5M
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Advantages of buying Schengen visa insurance on American visitor insurance

Satisfy Schengen visa requirements to apply for visa

Compare several plans to find what fits your needs best

Travel medical insurance protection for health emergency

Travel to Europe in peace with good insurance coverage

What are the types of Schengen visas?

1 Schengen visa Type A

Non Schengen country citizens who are transiting through or waiting from a connecting flight in the international terminal in a Schengen nation airport is issued an A visa. It is also commonly known as the airport transit visa

2 Schengen visa Type B

The Schengen type B visa is for trips of less than five days and is with the qualifier “transit”.

3 Schengen visa Type C

  • A single-entry visa which entitles the visa holder to a single entry into the Schengen region.
  • A double-entry visa entitles the visa holder to two entries to the Schengen region during the visa’s periods validity.
  • A multiple-entry visa entitles the visa holder to as many entries and exits from the Schengen region as desired.

4 Long Stay visa or Type D Schengen visa

The following are valid reasons for the Type D Schengen visa : vacations or personal visits, work-related travel, study related travel, to participate in a training program, to complete an internship

France travel insurance for covid19

France tourist insurance with Covid coverage

Steps to buy
France visa travel insurance online

 1: Finding all available France visa insurance plans

Complete the France visa insurance quote request form by providing details of the traveler and insurance requirements.

 2: Compare different visa health insurance options

Compare the price and the benefits of the different France visa insurance options to identify what fits your needs best.

 3: Buy the France visa insurance and review documents

Buy the plan that fits your requirements and budget best by using a credit card and completing the online application.

 4: Review France insurance & download visa letter

Review the insurance documents & download visa letter is required.

us visitors insurance online
  • Policy Maximum#1 
  • Deductible#2 
  • Schengen visa letter
    Sent immediately after purchase
  •  COVID19 coverage
  • Policy Maximum#1 
  • Deductible#2 
  • Schengen visa letter
    Available from client zone
  •  COVID19 coverage
  • Policy Maximum#1 
  • Deductible#2 
  • Europe visa letter
    Sent immediately after purchase
  •  COVID19 coverage
  • Policy Maximum#1 
  • Deductible#2 
  • Europe visa letter
    Sent immediately after purchase
  •  COVID19 coverage

#1  Policy Maximum is the maximum eligible medical expenses that the plan will cover.

#2  Deductible is the amount of expenses that must be paid out of pocket before an insurer will pay any expenses.

#3  Travel Medical Choice for Schengen visa are not available for residents of Maryland, Washington, New York, South Dakota, Colorado, Cuba, Islamic Republic of Iran, Syrian Arab Republic, United States Virgin Islands, Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea).
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Travel Insurance for US citizens traveling to France

France is among the most popular travel destinations for US citizens. France is popular for its Museums, Art, theatre, food, wine and has some of the most attractive scenery in the world. The country is known for its fairy-tale castles; world’s legendary museum Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the cathedral of Notre-Dame, the French Riviera and Disneyland makes the country a popular tourist destination.

There are thousands of Americans who visit France each year for a holiday and many to visit their family and friends. France has been receiving visitors from the US dating back to the 19th century who have been vacationers, students, expats and business men and it is no surprise that millions of US travelers come to France annually. US Citizens can enter France without a visa for up to 90 days for tourist and business purposes.US travelers need to show proof of a return ticket and sufficient funds to stay.

Traveling to France for vacation is a lot of fun! However US travelers must remember that any unforeseen risks while traveling outside the home country can lead to spending a lot for recovering from it whether it is sickness or injury. It is crucial to carry trip cancellation insurance which covers unexpected trip expenses, trip cancellation and interruption along with the medical expense coverage for unforeseen events.

Long term Europe Visa Insurance for US citizens

US citizens who want to stay in any of the 27 Schengen countries for more than 90 days in a 180 day period need a Long Stay Visa. One of the requirements for this visa is proof of medical insurance with medical expenses coverage up to €30,000 (or the equivalent in US dollars) which is valid during the whole stay in the Schengen countries.

The insurance company should provide a visa letter stating coverage amounts for medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation while in Europe (or 'unlimited' if there is no limit of coverage).

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France travel insurance for older US travelers with Medicare coverage

US senior citizens who have Medicare coverage should buy international travel health insurance while traveling outside the United States. Good travel health insurance is required since Medicare offers very limited coverage outside the US. International travel always involves risks.

This is especially true for older travelers and given that the costs of medical evacuation and health care outside the United States is expensive, buying good Medicare Supplemental international Travel insurance coverage is prudent.

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Europe Travel Insurance for Senior citizens

Insurance for older travelers for visiting the Schengen countries

Travel medical insurance France, France travel insurance - FAQ's

01. Does France travel insurance cover Covid19?

Most France travel insurance plans available on American Visitor Insurance now cover Covid as a new illness. International travelers can compare best Covid France travel insurance compare and buy the best France travel insurance plans on American Visitor Insurance. These plans also offer France visa letter which can also be translated to different languages as requested.

02. Is travel insurance necessary for France?

If you need a visa for traveling to France (Schengen visa), then - Yes, France travel insurance is necessary for applying for the Schengen visa. The France visa travel insurance requirement is a minimum coverage of 30,000 Euros.

If you a citizen of a country which does not need a visa for traveling to France , then buying travel insurance for France is not mandatory for visits of less than 90 days. However given the cost of healthcare in France , and that domestic health insurance offers little health insurance outside your home country, it is strongly recommended to buy travel insurance for France .

03. How can I get travel medical insurance for France?

Travelers to France who need the Schengen visa can buy France visa travel insurance on our website. Our Schengen visa travel insurance quote facility displays the travel insurance that satisfy France visa consulate requirements. Once you complete buying the France visa travel insurance online, you can download the required France visa letter which you can submit while applying for the Schengen visa.

04. How much is travel insurance for France visa?

The cost for the France visa travel insurance varies depending on the age of the traveler and the duration of coverage required. The older the traveler the higher is the cost. The longer the duration of France travel insurance required, the greater will be the cost. Our France visa insurance application quote facility lists the travel insurance that satisfy France visa consulate requirements.

05. What is the procedure to get a visa letter for France?

France visa medical insurance can be purchased online quickly and easily.
The traveler has to provide relevant information (age, travel dates, total amount of coverage desired) in a simple travel insurance for France visa form and click the 'get quote' button.

A list of affordable travel insurance plans with the premium (cost), medical coverage details, and the name of the underwriter will be displayed. The applicant can then buy the best France visa insurance plan they like by clicking on the corresponding 'BUY' button. Complete the simple application online and pay using a credit card.

On purchasing the Europe travel insurance for France , a traveler will be provided with the insurance details that include a toll free number, a virtual ID card, and a France visa letter that may be presented to the consulate as proof of coverage.

06. Who must buy travel medical insurance for France visa?

A traveler from any of the Schengen visa required countries visiting France for less than 90 days is required to buy short term travel medical insurance to apply for France visa. It may be individuals, business travelers, family members. For travelers from Schengen visa exempted countries, planning to stay in France for more than 90 days need to buy long term travel medical insurance for Long stay Europe visa.

07. Who offers Schengen visa Insurance for France?

We work with many popular and top rated US insurance providers. These insurance companies offer best travel medical insurance coverage for Schengen visa. These Schengen visa insurance plans satisfy requirements as mandated by the consulate and offer comprehensive travel medical insurance coverage. The top insurance providers that offer popular Schengen visa insurance for France are International Medical Group, Seven Corners, WorldTrips and Trawick International.

08. What is covered under France visa travel insurance?

Best travel medical insurance for France visa covers the cost incurred from
  • Hospitalization expenses dues of sickness of injuries
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Repatriation of remains
  • Trip cancellation or interruption
  • Flight delay
  • Baggage delay or loss
  • Acute onset of pre-existing conditions
  • Maternity in first 26 weeks

09. How do I get cheap Schengen visa travel insurance for France?

This is surely dependent of the travelers’ requirements. The travel will have to do a research online based on his or her requirements. It is advisable to compare France visa insurance products before buying the cheap travel medical insurance for France visa.

10. Which are the EU countries that are not part of the Schengen region?

The following European countries are not part of the Schengen zone : Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Georgia, Ireland, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, The United Kingdom and the Vatican.

11. What is the difference between European Union (EU) and the Schengen states?

The Schengen region is a travel zone of several European countries where citizens can travel freely within this region without a visa, while the European Union is an economic and political union of several European countries.

12. If my Schengen visa is denied, can I cancel my travel insurance plan?

Yes, you can cancel your travel insurance plan if your Schengen visa is denied. There should be full reimbursement if you cancel before the travel dates.

However, if you cancel after the start date, the premium may be refunded on a prorated basis with a cancellation fee, but only if no claims have been submitted.

It is important to carefully review the terms and conditions of the policy while buying it, and to contact the insurance provider if you have any questions or concerns. If you need to cancel your policy due to a visa denial, you may need to provide proof of your visa denial to the insurance provider.

13. Can I cancel my Schengen travel insurance?

Yes, you can cancel your Schengen travel insurance, but the terms and conditions and refund policy will vary depending on the insurance provider and the specific policy you purchased. If you ask for cancellation after the insurance start date, you may only receive a partial refund depending on how long you have had the policy and if you've already made any claims.

If you need to cancel your Schengen travel insurance, you should contact your insurance provider directly to inquire about the cancellation process and refund policy.

Popular tourist destinations in France

Palace of Versailles

Palace of Versailles

The palace became Louis XIV's symbol of absolute power and set the standard for princely courts in Europe.

Cannes Beaches

Cannes Beaches

During the summer months, colorful parasols line the sandy beaches of Cannes, and beach lovers soak up the sun in classic French Riviera style.

Antibes Beaches

Antibes Beaches

The beach scene on Antibes is legendary, and sun-worshipping tourists have many choices, from large public beaches to private beaches with seaside restaurants.

Val d'Isere

Val d'Isere

Val d’Isère is a popular ski resort in southeastern France close to the border with Italy. It was used in the 1992 Winter Olympics and regularly hosts World Cup races.

France Flag

  France - General Information


Euro, CFP franc


Around 65 million

Western Europe

Best time to visit
Apr to June, Oct to Nov

Vacation spots
Paris, Versailles, Nice, French Riviera, Chamonix, Lyon, Cannes, Marseille.

Traveling to France overseas

Travel Insurance from France to the USA

The US with its diverse advanced economy and its abundant opportunities has had a huge impact on culture and economic opportunities around the globe. The United States attracts millions of tourists and immigrants annually for improved economic opportunities and a great standard of living.

The US has a long tradition of absorbing individuals from all backgrounds and diverse cultures, this combined with the world famous monuments and natural wonders make it among the most desired tourist destinations. There are about 10.4 million residents in the country with French ancestry. The French have left a remarkable mark in the US with their culture, cuisine, fashion, art, and literature. In the year 2020 despite the Covid pandemic the US received about 298 thousand travelers from France.

Schengen travel insurance for a French traveler

question To whom it may concern,

I am a 47 year old Australian citizen with no pre existing health conditions, travelling from Australia to France on 18 August 2021. I am applying for a French 1 year visa which requires travel insurance for the entire duration of stay;

Could you please assist me with the following questions.
  1. Does your travel insurance offer COVID insurance?
  2. What are the various options and costs for travel insurance based on my requirements - could you please forward
  3. Does your insurance cover for the full 364 days?
  4. I will travelling in the Schengen area so I will require travel insurance for this area during the 364 days
  5. Is your insurance approved by French Visa office? If insurance is refused can I get a refund.
I look forward to your reply.
Kind Regards,

question Dear Luisa,

Thank you for contacting us for your insurance needs.

To answer your questions specifically.
  1. These plans cover Covid -19
  2. To see the cost of the plan, you can go to the BUY links that we have provided in the email and get quote
  3. These plans cover for 364 days.
  4. These cover the Schengen countries.
  5. These plans are eligible for travel to France and can be shown in French office.
  6. If you wish to cancel the plan, then you will get full refund if you cancel before the effective date and if cancelled after the plan becomes effective, you will get unused portion of the premium.
For your trip France, you can purchase the Safe Travels Schengen Visa by Trawick International. This plan meets Schengen Visa requirements for Non US Citizens traveling from their home country to Schengen countries but not to USA. This policy can be cancelled before or after the starting date.

Your Visa letter has the Covid19 coverage written to satisfy your requirements.

Here is the link of the plan in our website:
Safe Travels International Insurance from here you can get price quote, read the details and brochure of the plan, and buy the plan.

Let us know if we can help you any further.
Customer care
(877) 340 7910

Popular tourist destination cities in France

Tourist information about France

How do I get visa for France?

  • Schengen visa is required for you to travel to France or any Schengen country irrespective of the reason for travel.
  • You can apply for the French visa in the country of your residence by visiting the French embassy or consulate.
  • Insurance Plans available at American Visitor Insurance are applicable for
    • Schengen Visa A (Airport Transit Visa)
    • Visa B (Transit Visa)
    • Visa C (Travel Visa)
    • Visa D (Long Stay Visa)

What are the documents required for France Visa?

  • Valid passport (at least 3 months exceeding after the visa period requested)
  • Completed and signed visa application
  • Maximum of 3 passport sized photos
  • Proof of purpose of stay
  • Travel and repatriation insurance
  • France Travel medical insurance of EUR 30,000 maximum benefits.
  • French visa insurance letter

What is the best time to visit France?

June and September are the good time to visit France.

What are the famous vacation spots in France?

Paris, Saint Tropez, Marseille, Bordeaux, Aix-en-Provence, Biarittz, Nice, Wine tasting, French Rivera, Angers, Nimes, Lyon, Caen, Orleans, Annecy..

What are the popular Cuisines in France?

Steak frites (steak and fries), Poulet frites (chicken and fries), Cassoulet (Duck with different sausages served with white beans), Blanquette de veau (blanquette of veal), Chicory / Endives (Belgian endive), Pot au feu (beef stew with mixed vegetables), Foie gras (fatty duck or goose liver), Andouillette (chitterling sausage)...

Which are the popular Languages spoken in France ?

French, Basque, Breton, Catalan-Valencian-Balear, Corsican, Dutch, German, Swiss, Greek, Italian...

Schengen travel insurance with Covid coverage

There are pandemic related travel restrictions in any of the Schengen countries. However, irrespective of Schengen consulate visa requirements it is very important to have the best travel insurance for Europe given the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, the Israel-Hamas war as well as extreme weather related travel disruptions, all of which can impact international travel adversely.

Trawick International, WorldTrips, International Medical Group, GeoBlue and Seven Corners are the top US based Schengen visa travel insurance providers offering Europe travel insurance with Covid coverage. Trawick International offers Safe Travels International Insurance and Safe Travels Outbound Insurance. The Safe Travels International Insurance are available for Non US citizens and Non US residents while the Safe Travels Outbound Insurance is available for available for US citizens and US residents.

WorldTrips offer Atlas Travel insurance while International Medical Group (IMG) offers Patriot International Lite insurance. Seven Corners offers Travel Medical Choice Insurance.These plans also provide a Schengen visa letter which can be used while applying for the Schengen visa. The visa letter can also be translated to different languages as requested.

List of Popular Schengen countries

Schengen Travel insurance with 30,000 Euro coverage

Cheapest Schengen health insurance for travel FAQs

Cheap travel medical insurance for Schengen Visa FAQs.

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Best Schengen travel insurance blogs

Best insurance for schengen visa blogs and articles

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Best schengen travel insurance forum

Travel insurance for Schengen visa, Schengen insurance forum.

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Europe travel medical insurance

Schengen Visa insurance blogs and articles

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Traveling to Schengen states

Tourism and travel insurance information for visiting Schengen countries

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US citizens traveling to Europe

Vacation and travel insurance information for US citizens visiting Europe

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Long term Europe visa medical insurance

Insurance Information for Long term Europe Visa

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Best travel insurance for Schengen visa

Tools to find the best Schengen visa travel insurance

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What does France Schengen Visa insurance usually not cover?

France Visa insurance usually provides coverage for injury, sickness and unplanned medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, and repatriation of remains in case of death. However, there are certain situations and items that are not covered by France Schengen Visa insurance. These include:

1. Pre-existing medical conditions: Schengen Visa for France insurance usually excludes or provides limited coverage for any medical conditions that existed prior to the start of the policy. This means that if you have a pre-existing medical condition, any medical treatment related to that condition may not be covered.

2. Treatment for chronic illnesses: Most France Visa medical insurance plans do not cover ongoing treatment for chronic illnesses, such as diabetes or heart disease. These conditions are generally excluded from coverage, so if you require ongoing treatment for a chronic illness, you may need to look for a specialized insurance policy.

3. Non-emergency medical treatment: France travel insurance is designed to cover medical emergencies and unexpected illnesses. It typically does not cover preventive care such as routine medical check-ups, vaccinations, or elective treatments.

4. Extreme sports and adventure activities: Many France Visa health insurance policies exclude coverage for extreme sports and adventure activities, such as bungee jumping, skydiving, or scuba diving. If you plan to participate in these activities during your trip, you may need to buy additional coverage.

5. Mental health conditions: France visa insurance generally do not cover mental health conditions, such as depression or anxiety. If you require treatment for a mental health condition during your trip, you may need to seek out specialized coverage.

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