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Schengen Visa Insurance: Requirements, Coverage, and Tips

If you are planning to travel to Europe, you may need to obtain a Schengen visa, which requires you to have proper travel insurance. Schengen visa insurance is mandatory for all visitors to the Schengen area, which comprises 27 European countries. We understand that obtaining Schengen visa insurance can be confusing, but our goal is to make the process easier for you.

At American Visitor Insurance, we have a Schengen insurance comparison tool to help you compare the best Schengen insurance plans based on prices and benefit details. In the Schengen insurance blog, we provide you with helpful and informative content to guide you through the process of getting Schengen visa insurance. We will cover the coverage requirements for Schengen visa insurance and how to choose the right plan for your needs.

We hope that our blog will be a valuable resource for all your Schengen visa insurance-related questions and concerns. We will also provide tips on how to save money on premiums and what to do if you need to file a claim while traveling in Europe. Our team of experts will keep you updated on the latest news and changes in the Schengen visa insurance requirements, as well as other important travel information.

What does Schengen visa travel insurance cover?

Satisfies Visa requirements

Schengen visa insurance satisfies consulate requirements.

Doctor visit

Schengen travel insurance covers Doctor visits in case of sudden injury or sickness.

Medical evacuation

Emergency medical evacuation expenses to nearest available facility if needed.

Health care expenses

Covers emergency medical expenses for accidental injury or illness.

Repat of remains

Offers coverage for repatriation of remains expenses to home country in case of death.

Pre-existing conditions

Travel insurance offers coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions.

Testimonials - From Our Customers

I had a no-problem trip but Seven corners was easy to deal with in the securing of the travel insurance and dealing with a few issues prior to departure.


I have always gotten a quick response with a live person. I placed a claim, we will see it their payment to me is as good as their customer service is.


Good policy options and pricing. Like to purchase high coverage for medical without covering full cost of trips - like the options Seven Corners provides.


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