Crew Select International Insurance

Crew Select International covid travel insurance coverage for Coronavirus, IMG covid insurance Travel insurance for Coronavirus Covid

The Crew Select International insurance includes COVID19 coverage up to the policy maximum for new purchasers after September 1st 2020. Customers who are renewing existing plans purchased before September 1st 2020 and want the new Covid19 coverage benefits should let their existing plan expire and then purchase a new plan. Extending or renewing their existing plan will not provide the additional benefits listed above.
  • Crew Select International Insurance is a comprehensive and portable international medical insurance plan designed specifically for professional marine crew.
  • There are two sub plans Standard and Elite.
  • Standard plan offers benefits which the Crew member demands.
  • Elite plan offers enhanced benefits like dental Care, Normal Pregnancy and Delivery, and vision benefits.

Crew Select International Insurance

Crew Select International
Crew Select International Insurance is is offered to the persons less than 75 years of age.
Policy maximum?
Crew Select International Insurance plan offers policy maximums of US$8,000,000.
Deductible options?
$250 per each injury or sickness

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Crew Select International Summary

Pre-Existing Condition Coverage
  • For Individuals: Conditions that are fully disclosed on the application and have not been excluded or restricted by the rider, will be covered after coverage has been in effect for 24 continuous months.
  • For Groups: Pre-exsisting conditions that are not excluded or restricted by the rider, will be covered after six months of continous coverage, if treatment free, or twelve months of continous coverage, regardless of treatment.

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