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Going on an international trip and visiting a foreign nation is very exciting, however it is important to be aware of the risks involved while traveling outside the country and the need for the best US international travel insurance. Medical mishaps or adverse situations can occur at any time. Unexpected accidents and sickness cannot be ignored and US travelers need to be insured with good international travel insurance while outside the USA. Some of the reasons why the best international travel health insurance for US citizens is important while traveling overseas are:
  • The domestic healthcare coverage and Medicare: The domestic healthcare coverage available in the US for US citizens does not provide any coverage outside of the US borders. For older US citizens, at the age of 65 and above have the Medicare coverage available. It is important to contact the Medicare supplement providers to see if they cover anything outside of the US. Medicare and medicare supplements are known to limit the coverage for emergencies or serious accidents and injuries. The best international travel insurance for US citizens offer coverage for medical expense incurred while outside US territories and it will act as their primary healthcare in a foreign country.
  • Emergency coverage: Visiting countries in Europe may not require a visa for US citizens, but they definitely need the best travel health insurance that will relieve them by providing coverage for medical expenses that they might incur during their trip. International travel health insurance plans provide coverage for emergency evacuation and repatriation
  • Coverage for acute onset of pre existing conditions: This is very attractive especially for senior citizens who have the higher chances of having pre existing conditions that are maintained with medications.
  • Insurance plans in the foreign country: Insurance plans abroad will not have the comprehensive benefits available with the insurance plans in the US. The travel insurance plans by US insurance companies have been designed keeping in mind to provide the best quality product that serves the purpose. Understanding the foreign healthcare procedures while on a short trip can be very frustrating and will spoil the very spirit of the trip.
  • Theft, loss of luggage, trip interruption: Another important requirement for a US citizen traveling abroad, is to protect his money and luggage as they are the most sought out things from an international traveler traveling abroad. As a stranger to the new country, US citizens are vulnerable for such incidents.
  • Natural Disaster or medical emergency: US international travel health insurance plans come with medical evacuation and repatriation coverage which will cover the costs in case the person needs to be evacuated to their home country.
Apart from the above mentioned benefits, international travel health insurance for US citizens travelling outside USA have coverage for sports and much more. In order to choose the plan that meets the requirements, taking a detail look at the benefit coverage of the plan is important. American Visitor Insurance presents the excellent comprehensive international travel insurance for US citizens which provide flexible coverage with great options of policy maximum up to $1,000,000. Atlas International, Patriot International, Liaison Travel Plans, Safe Travels Outbound are some of the comprehensive plans that are very popular among the international travelers. Globe Hopper is a plan that is popular among the senior citizens of over 65 years of age for international traveling. Plans are available online for viewing details and getting quote and purchase.

International Travel health insurance-FAQ's

How much is international travel health insurance?

For those who are looking for long term Global medical insurance coverage, or International health insurance (as opposed to short term travel medical insurance), these must be purchased annually but can be paid for monthly, semi-annually, biannually or annually. The annual option will be the most cost-effective. An annual plan which includes coverage in the US for a person aged 35 can cost from $942 per year for a fixed plan with a $1 million maximum to $1700 for a comprehensive plan with a $5 million maximum and both with a $1000 deductible. A person who does not need coverage in the US, can pay either $706 or $1274 for those same plans. Coverage which would include maternity costs would be as low as $2100 for outside the US or $3087. Remember that the application process for these plans does require an extensive questionnaire about medical history and is not guaranteed like other short term plans available

The answer to that question is: Do you really have coverage when you are traveling domestically? The ugly truth of today’s world is that our domestic insurance plans seem to cover less and less and are more and more expensive. I can only speak for myself, but in my case, me and my family are covered well only in-state. If we travel out of state, the coverage drops to 70% which, to my mind, is crazy un-safe (but that’s just me). So, I have purchased a secondary plan which covers me while I am 100 miles or more away from home. This, thankfully, includes most nearby and frequents out-of-state destinations. Now I feel the family can go skiing out-of-state worry free.

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