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Travel insurance with trip protection coverage - Highlights

Trip cancellation

Reimbursement for loss of pre-paid, non-refundable payments.

Medical evacuation

Transportation to or between hospitals as needed.

Trip delay

Reimbursement of food and lodging expenses due to delay in travel.

Lost baggage

Pays sum for lost or delayed luggage by airline.

Medical expenses

Covers cost of treatment for sickness or injury during your vacation.

Age & Citizenship
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Travel medical insurance with no trip protection - Highlights

Health care expenses

Covers medical costs for sickness or accidents during travel.

Doctor visit

Covers cost of clinic or doctor visit.

Pharmacy drugs

Expenses from doctor prescribed eligible medications.

Medical evacuation

Transportation to or between hospitals as needed.

Repat of remains

Return of moral remains to home country or local burial.

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US Air travel resources

US citizens and Canadian citizens can streamline their entry by using the Mobile Passport Control App. Using this app the travelers can submit their passport and declaration information before inspection at airports. The travelers can also enroll in the TSA PreCheck to have a smooth security check at different airports.

Travelers can use the GlobalEntry for seamless entry and enjoy expedited entry to USA. This helps travelers to conveniently complete their interview process at the time of entry to USA. This can waive the appointment process thereby speeding the process of entering the US.

Non US citizens can use for a hassle free travel.

US travel insurance

Traveling to the US far away from home always needs good planning and often an organized itinerary. Detailed planning has been made even more important given the Covid19 pandemic which can result in specific vaccination, Covid19 testing requirements and forced quarantines. While travelling is fun and adventurous, it also requires travelers to be more responsible to be able to be safe and enjoy themselves during the trip. Travelers who are corporate employees or businessmen who travel often, international students or vacationers, all need to buy good travel insurance. Accidents and illness can occur any time to anyone irrespective of the age or country.

Traveling offers personal growth and a break from the daily routine. It’s a step out from the comfort zone to a different environment and allows travelers a sense of independence and responsibility. Travelling whether on work or vacation involves planning for accommodation, flight booking, passport, visa’s ... Travel insurance is one of the more important components for travelers especially for overseas travel.

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Fixed Benefit travel insurance

A fixed benefit travel insurance plan is the cheapest travel insurance plan option. Fixed benefit travel insurance is cheap because it has a fixed limit of coverage for different medical benefits.
Fixed benefit travel insurance plans work well in case of small ailments but can be inadequate in the event of a serious medical ailment or hospitalisation.

Comprehensive travel insurance

Comprehensive travel insurance plans provide exhaustive coverage for health expenses up to the policy medical maximum amount. In contrast to fixed benefit plans there are no limits for each benefit. Comprehensive insurance is more expensive when compared to fixed benefit plans but provides significantly better coverage in case of a medical emergency or hospitalisation.

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