Belgium Visa Insurance

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It may appear unusual to buy travel medical insurance coverage when visiting Europe or any of the Schengen Countries from Travelers should note that the plans offered in this section of our website are designed by US insurers specially to satisfy Belgium visa requirements.

Procedure to get the Visa letter for Belgium(Schengen Visa) consulate

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Belgium Visa Requirements
  • A medical maximum of at least €30,000 (the equivalent being about $50,000 USD) with coverage for accidents, sudden illness for the entire length of stay.
  • A repatriation benefit.
  • An emergency medical evacuation benefit.
  • The insurance provider must have an office in Europe.
1. Traveler's age
2. Dates for coverage
Start Date:
End Date:  
months days
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  • Maximum coverage#1
  • Deductible#2
  • Not Available in#3
    Florida, Maryland, New York, Washington
  • Visa Letter
    In 30 minutes, available from client zone
  • $5 1 Month 0 Day BUY
  • Maximum coverage#1
  • Deductible#2
  • Not Available in#3
  • Visa Letter
    Sent immediately after purchase
  • $4 1 Month 0 Day BUY
  • Maximum coverage#1
  • Deductible#2
  • Not Available in#3
  • Visa Letter
    Sent immediately after purchase
  • $8 1 Month 0 Day BUY

#1  Maximum Coverage is the maximum eligible medical expenses that the plan will cover.

#2  Deductible is the amount of expenses that must be paid out of pocket before an insurer will pay any expenses.

#3  Click here for schengen visa insurance plans available for residents of Maryland, Florida, Newyork and Washington states.

Tourist information about Belgium

  • Schengen visa is required for international travelers visiting Belgium or any Schengen country irrespective of the reason for travel.
  • You have to apply for Belgium visa at the Belgium embassy or consulate in the country of your residence.
  • The short stay visa for Belgium will be valid up to 90 days. Visa cannot be extended and a new application has to be made.
  • Once the application is submitted it will take from 48 hours to 8 weeks to issue the visa.
  • Insurance Plans available at American Visitor Insurance are applicable for
    • Schengen Visa A (Airport Transit Visa)
    • Visa B (Transit Visa)
    • Visa C (Travel Visa)
    • Visa D (Long Stay Visa).
Documents required to apply for visa
  • One completed application form
  • Recent Passport Size Photos
  • Any entry or enrollment certificate
  • a certificate issued by either an international organization or a national authority,
  • A medical certificate issued by the doctor and approved by the embassy
  • Proof of travel medical insurance plan
When to visit
The best time to visit Belgium is from early May to September.
Vacation Spots
Brussels, Bruges, Antwerp, Liege, Oostende, Namur, Tournai, Mons, Dinant, Leper, Gent..
Stoemp: potato, Salade Liegeoise / Luikse salade: a salad with green beans, pieces of bacon, onions and vinegar, Vlaamse stoofkarbonaden: a Flemish beef stew, Waterzooi: a rich stew/soup of chicken (or sometimes fish), Boterhammen/Tartines: Slices of rustic bread and an uncovered spread, Tomate-crevette / tomaat-garnaal: a snack or starter...
Dutch, French, German,Luxembourgeois, Picard, Walloon...

List of Schengen countries

Austria  |   Belgium  |   Czech Republic  |   Denmark  |   Estonia  |   Finland  |   France  |   Germany  |   Greece  |   Hungary  |   Iceland  |   Italy  |   Latvia  |   Liechtenstein  |   Lithuania  |   Luxembourg  |   Malta  |   Netherlands  |   Norway  |   Poland  |   Portugal  |   Slovakia  |   Slovenia  |   Spain  |   Sweden  |   Switzerland

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Schengen Visa Insurance

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