Globe Hopper Senior Travel Insurance for US citizens and residents

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While we have looked at many visitor insurance plans for seniors visiting the US, let us look at this option of international travel insurance ideal for US permanent residents and citizens. Traveling outside the country is a big deal in itself to worry about and it medical uncertainty is definitely not to be ignored. Older US citizens have been among the earliest to receive the Covid19 vaccination. This has enabled older US citizens the opportunity to travel in 2021 after being forced to stay within bubble environments for all of 2020. However, given the Covid pandemic, it is very important to buy good travel medical insurance which also covers Covid19 while traveling outside the US.
Globe Hopper Seniors travel insurance plan is ideal for seniors leaving the US to travel outside. This plan provides affordable market leading coverage which gives protection for medical related matters while traveling outside the US.

  • US citizens and US permanent residents of age 65 and older.
  • People Qualified for Medicare, actively enrolled in Medicare parts A and B, enrolled in Medicap Plan or Medicare Advantage Plan are eligible to buy this plan.
  • This plan provides coverage only outside the US.
  • This plan will be the secondary plan to Medicare, Medicap and/or Medicare Advantage plan.
Single Trip and Multi Trip plan options

The Globe Hopper plan is available as a single trip or multi trip plan.
  • The single trip provides coverage for travelers and can be renewed up to 12 months provided there is no break in the coverage. The extension can be done in daily or monthly increments and can be done online or by using paper application.
  • The Globe Hopper senior multi trip plan provides a flexible coverage for frequent travelers who need annual plan and wish to make multiple trips during that 12 month period outside the US, with each trip covered up to a maximum of 30 days.
  • The policy maximum limits for this plan start from $50,000 and goes as high as $1,000,000.
  • Both the single trip and the multi trip plans provide the entire choices of policy maximum from 65 to 79.
  • People of age 80 and 80+ get a policy maximum option of $100,000 only with the both the kinds of trips.
  • The deductible options in a single trip plan is of wider range starting from $0 and goes up to $2500. The single trip provides a $0 deductible option only with the plan that has a policy maximum of $50,000 and $100,000.
  • The multi trip plan has $250 deductible option only.

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Other important coverage information

Both the trip plans have no co-insurance. Emergency medical evacuation for pre-existing condition is available for $25,000 maximum with both the plans. The plans provide coverage for trip interruption and lost luggage. There is emergency dental coverage available with these plans. Emergency medical evacuation of $250,000 lifetime maximum ids available with both the plans. Non emergency medical evacuation coverage for a maximum of $25,000 is available only with the single trip plan. Return of mortal remains is covered up to $50,000 maximum with both of these plans.

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