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Finding the best package !

Spend some time to make sure that you find the best cruise package for your specific needs. Cruise lines offer several different packages catering to different needs based on traveling styles and demographics. The cabins sizes vary based on needs of single travellers, couple and families. One of the most common mistakes is booking a cruise package is to select a package based solely on the price. Do your research, find out more about cruise travel guides, make sure you understand what is included and what is excluded in the fare. Identify what appeals to your tastes and select the cruise package appropriately.

Health related issues !

Irrespective of your cruise travel schedule it is very important to be on track with your vaccinations for diseases like mumps/ measles/rubella, varicella, and the flu. Fellow cruise traveller and cruise members travel from different countries where certain diseases are common and often without vaccinations and you are not exposed to. It is therefore important that you are properly vaccinated.

It is no too uncommon in Cruises to have outbreaks of flu, vomiting and Diarrhea. To stay safe during your travels it is important to frequently wash your hands with soap and sanitizer. Washing hands before eating and after using the toilets, changing diapers is always recommended.
Catching a common cold or other respiratory diseases are also common on cruises. Regular handwashing can keep you safe from getting sic. Using a tissue to cough or sneeze helps in preventing the spread of germs.

Another health tip is to maintain moderate eating and drinking habits. Quite often food is included in your fare, and given the myriad choices of food, it is very tempting to go overboard with your eating. Not only is overeating unhealthy, it is sad if you end up with an upset tummy and are unable to enjoy the cruise. It is also a good idea to pack your gym clothes. Given all the fitness equipment available in most Gyms in cruises, it is an ideal occasion to spend some time in the gym and try out something new with your fitness regimen. Another useful tip is to take stairs between decks. It is a good exercise and a great to meet more people as well as see more of the cruise ship.

Packing for the Cruise !

It is always most comfortable to not have to carry very heavy baggage. Packing lightly but appropriately makes your travel easy and fun. It is very useful to have a small day bag or a backpack which you have for essentials such as medications, documentation, sunscreen, dark glasses, a cap or hat … It is also useful to have some small snacks and a drink which you carry around. This is very useful especially if you leave the cruise ship and go out to explore the port of call.

Exploring and enjoying the Cruise !

Going on a cruise is an amazing experience. You can also make it is wonderful exploration experience by exploring the different ports that you visit. It makes the experience more interesting if you have done some research and read a little about the places that you are visiting. It also helps to know the local language or at least a few key phrases, this makes the visit more enjoyable. It also helps to have access to a language translation tool if you are visiting a place where English is not spoken.

Remember to have good insurance coverage !

Going on a cruise is often an expensive experience. You want to ensure that you enjoy the experience and that the money spent is not wasted. To ensure that you make the best of your cruise, make sure you that you have good insurance coverage that will cover both your cruise and travel expenses as well as your health. Your domestic travel health insurance will not cover you when you are outside your home country, it is therefore important to have good travel medical insurance.

type of insurance

Medical Maximum coverage

When selecting a cruise insurance plan you should decide on the medical maximum coverage that you think is appropriate for your needs. While the healthcare expenses are very high in the United States, it is usually lower in other countries. However, healthcare in Europe is also quite expensive and travelers going to European countries who need the Schengen visa, they should buy at least 30,000 Euros medical coverage to be issued the Schengen visa (this is also true for US citizens for visits greater than 90 days).

benefit period

Cancellation for any Reason

Trip cancellation policies have the option of buying insurance with coverage for cancellation for any reasons. Given the uncertain nature of our work and lifestyles, sometimes travellers would want to cancel their trip for reasons beyond the "allowed" reasons for most policies. This 'cancellation for any reason' option will cost you more, but consider the importance to your peace of mind and the protection of your investment before you decide against it.
For example, most policies will allow you to cancel if there has been a terror attack in your destination, but not if the terrorist act was near your travel destination. This is true also for natural disasters. This option will provide greater flexibility in your vacation plans.


Other Coverage

Some of the other coverage options include luggage loss and delay amounts, rental car coverage, coverage for sporting/ski equipment and electronics/cameras …. While some of these are available as riders to the basic policy others are set specifically for each policy.
The coverage amounts offered will vary by company and by insurance plan, so be sure you check the details that are relevant for your needs.

What does travel insurance cover on a Cruise?

medical expenses
Medical expenses for accident or sickness
This benefit insures the expenses for medical treatment for any sickness or injury that occurs during your trip.
medical evacuation
Medical evacuation coverage
This benefit covers the expense for Emergency Medical Evacuations to the nearest qualified medical facility.
Lost baggage coverage
This provides reimbursement for loss of checked in baggage.
Trip delay cover
This provides expenses reimbursement for any additional expenses due to a delay in the trip.
Baggage delay coverage
This provides coverage for expenses incurred due to any delay in arrival of checked in baggage while traveling.
Trip cancellation coverage
This benefit insures the loss of any pre-paid, non-refundable and unused expenses.
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