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Find the Correct Claim Form by first locating the name of your plan. Please review the claim form for other documents which may be required for your claim. Complete the claim form and send to the address as listed on the form.
Claims forms

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If you need further assistance in finding or submitting a claim form please contact a Trawick International team member at 888-301-9289 or
For claim status please feel free to contact using phone number listed on the back of your ID card or to escalate a claim issue please contact Trawick.

Trawick International Travel Insurance Claims - Common Question

How do I receive covid travel medical coverage from Trawick International Travel Insurance?

Trawick International travel insurance policy will cover COVID-19, but the insurance company ask you to pre-certify coverage (that is, call the insurance company before seeking testing or treatment).

Useful information from the ID card:
Phone numbers for insurance company (on back of ID card):
Pre-certification/Benefits/Eligibility/Claim Status: 866-696-0409 (hospital
can call to get status of benefits on policy) Electronic Claims
(EDI) should be sent to Payor ID: 14829

24-hr emergency assistance: 888-699-1401

This is the form you can use for your dental expenses and the prescription
medication (but file separate forms). For the claims form, you can use this
link (it has instructions, addresses, etc on it): imForm_Crum_2020.pdf

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