Impact of ObamaCare (Affordable Care Act - ACA) for Green Card holders

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Covid medical insurance for Green card holders, Coronavirus Green card insurance

There are so many Green card holders currently in the US either without proper health insurance, or having medical insurance that does not provide coverage for Coronavirus. At American Visitor Insurance, we are committed to getting you the best Covid19 health insurance for green card parents available in these uncertain times.

INF health insurance for permanent residents:

The INF travel insurance works well if you are currently uninsured or to complement an existing policy for Coronavirus coverage or if you are replacing an existing policy that does not provide adequate insurance coverage in light of the coronavirus pandemic.
US Green card holders can buy these INF insurance plans. INF offers two fixed benefit plans namely INF premier insurance and INF standard insurance and two comprehensive benefit plans namely INF Elite Network insurance and INF Traveler USA insurance with Covid19 coverage. These INF plans are quite affordable and many travelers and students are even buying this plan to complement their existing insurance option if they has limitations in coverage for COVID-19.

Seven Corners Covid health insurance:

Liaison Travel Plus Insurance offers best Seven Corners covid health insurance in the US. The Sevencorners coronavirus insurance treatment benefit is available for COVID-19 (the disease); SARS-Cov-2 (the virus); and any mutation or variation of SARS-CoV-2.
Please know we are here to help you make the best, informed decision to get Covid 19 green card parents health insurance! Let us know how we can assist you. Feel free to contact us by email or phone at any time.

Immigrant health insurance compulsory for US visa

The US government has proposed a new rule which expects applicants for new US Green cards to provide proof of having good US immigrant health insurance in the US. This new rule is slated to become effective from November 3rd 2019.
This proposed rule will impact Green card applicants who are family members of US citizens and are applying for US Green cards based on family ties. This new rule indicates that visas to enter the US can be denied if the applicant is unable to provide proof of proper US immigrant health insurance.
While details of the new immigrant insurance requirements are still to be announced, the Green card holder insurance plans that we offer work well as short term health insurance for Green card applicants which they can use till they are eligible for domestic US insurance plans or health insurance through an employer.

Obamacare (ACA) for Green Card holders, US permanent residents (resident aliens)

US Resident Aliens, popularly known as Green Card holders are legal permanent residents in the United States. Green card holders live permanently in the US as opposed to tourists visiting the United States for a sojourn. Green card holders qualify for insurance under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare program) through the insurance marketplace. Obamacare which was passed during the Barack Obama administration made it mandatory for green card holders and every legal US resident to have health insurance coverage.

The PPACA which is Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act requires all 'applicable individuals' including legal Permanent Residents to maintain 'minimum essential health care coverage' and the failure to do so will result in a penalty. This individual mandate has been repealed by the Trump administration from 2019. It is therefore not mandatory anymore to have ACA compliant health insurance for Green card holders.
obama care green card
However we often get queries are from Green Card holders (US resident aliens) who live outside the US and make short term visits to the US. Green Card holders are eligible to buy domestic US health insurance, however, they can also buy the short term visitors medical insurance offered on our website.

At American Visitor Insurance, we do not offer health insurance for green card holders that satisfy Obamacare (ACA). However you can find both short term visitor insurance as well as long term global insurance plans for US permanent residents living outside the US, or for those Green card holders who did not purchase an Obamacare plan during the enrolment period.

Can new immigrants get Obamacare?

The only way for a new immigrant to get an ACA-compliant or domestic plan is to get it through an institution as a student or through an employer.

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