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We have provided group travel insurance for different traveling groups for many years now. We have several years of experience in identifying the most appropriate group travel insurance plan for different student sporting team. Sports groups insurance is customized group travel insurance for sporting teams and can include add on coverage for athletic activities.

This is ideal for sporting teams traveling overseas as a group to participate in competitions or for training. Our typical sports teams are high school team, amateur sporting groups, intramural clubs, college teams for intercollegiate athletic events.

The sporting teams insured include field hockey teams, ice hockey teams, tennis team, swimming teams, basketball teams, soccer team, volleyball teams, American football teams and athletics teams.

Group travel insurance for sports team

We have also worked with dance and music groups. Buying sports group travel insurance is required given that one’s domestic health insurance does not cover travel outside ones state or US borders, and has very limited coverage for sporting activities. Any medical crisis outside the country can be extremely expensive, and good travel insurance is a necessity. High school students and college teams quite often travel overseas for trips from a few days to a few weeks. Canada and Europe common travel destinations. International student sport team group travel insurance is cheaper than buying individual travel insurance. Setting up a group insurance plan can be time consuming, however at American Visitor Insurance, we will do all the hard work for you.

We can set up the group plan such that on completing a single credit card transaction, all the insurance cards can be issued to a single address. All you need to do is to provide the relevant information about the different group members. We can custom design the group travel insurance plan to satisfy specific requirements of your group be in for consulate requirements or for athletic event or university requirements.


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At American Visitor Insurance we have experts with many years of experience designing the best group insurance plan for different groups of travelers. Are you required to satisfy specific university or different consulate requirements? Do not worry, we will design a plan that satisfies your specific needs.Setting up a group insurance plan is time consuming, however we will do all the hard work. Once we receive all the required information, we will set up the group plan such you have to complete a single credit card transaction to be issued the plans for all travelers

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Students when they travel outside their home country to study along with the university academic experience also get an opportunity to experience a new culture and to see different parts of the world and meet new people with varied backgrounds. We work with several US insurance providers that offer excellent student F1 health insurance.

We have developed an excellent compare F1 visa student travel insurance tool and have article and FAQ's with information for the best travel insurance for f1 students studying abroad. Our international student insurance plan comparison facilities lists the student travel insurance that satisfies the student requirements.

Students can find the cheapest health insurance for international students in USA as well as outside the USA. Other than the cost, we also display relevant coverage details of health insurance for international students on F1 visa studying in the USA.

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Following are the list of popular countries where international students and US students visit to pursue their studies.

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