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International Student Medical Evacuation and Repatriation

  • Annual plan that covers emergency medical evacuation and repatriation only
  • The applicant must have a major medical health plan to be eligible for this plan
  • Ideal for students, faculty, scholars and their dependents
  • Satisfies F1, J1 and other US visa medical insurance requirements

Trawick International Student Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Insurance plan summary

Insurance Provider
  • GBG Insurance Limited
  • AM Best Rating: “A+”

  • Students, faculty, scholars and their dependents engaged in international education/exchange in the US and/or outside their home country.
  • This plan is applicable on an inbound basis and meets USIA requirements for medical evacuation and repatriation.
  • This plan is available only to eligible participants of a participating institution.
Optional-coverage Optional Riders
  • Medically supervised repatriation
  • 24 hours nurse help-line
  • Medical monitoring

Optional-coverage Plan Coverage
The Following Medical/Travel Benefits will be paid up to the Maximum Combined Single Limit of $ 50,000 per event per Member:
  • Emergency Medical Transportation
  • Evacuation/Repatriation - Plan A up to $ 50,000 per event per member; Plan B up to $ 100,000 per event per member
  • Combined single limit of $ 2,500 for one economy fare, round-trip airline ticket and accommodations and meals not to exceed $150 per day subject to a maximum of 5 days for a family member to join hospitalized member
  • Return of Dependent Children - up to $ 2,500 per event per member
  • Return of Deceased Remains - up to $ 50,000 per event per member
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