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Travel to Mexico, Vacation in Mexico and need for travel insurance

Street Corner in Condesa, Mexico City

Hello Fellow Travelers!,

International travel is slowly starting again as the world is unlocking itself for air travelers from around the globe. Due to the COVID19 pandemic the tourism revenue of Mexico has decreased by more than 50 percent when compared to the previous year.

Mexico is however now open for visitors by air, however the land borders between US and Mexico are closed until November 2021. The US has announced that effective November 8th 2021, the travel restrictions would be lifted for fully vaccinated visitors from land borders and ferry crossings with Mexico.

Travelers do not require a negative Covid19 test or quarantine upon arrival in Mexico. However US Citizens who travel to Mexico, on their return to the US should produce a negative result of Covid 19 test taken 72 hours before the arrival in the country. The CDC has issued a Level 3 warning advising all travelers to avoid nonessential travel to Mexico.

If there are any travelers then they should be fully vaccinated before traveling. There have been constant mutations of the virus and traveling during these times has become unpredictable. The Delta and Omicron variants variant of the SAR’s is considered more infectious than the previous variant that is affecting fully vaccinated individuals. The covid -19 coverage will continue to offer coverage for travelers regardless of the variant contracted.

To insure your trip in these uncertainties, you can buy travel insurance with the additional cover of 'cancel for any reason' (CFAR). In the event that a flight has been cancelled due to surge in the covid 19 variant you may get a refund for this as it is covered in the policy document if you have the CFAR coverage.

I just got back from a fantastic trip visiting beautiful Mexico! I went to Mexico City with my two youngest sons to show them some sites and visit family down there. As it happens, before we left, I purchased an annual plan for the whole family which will cover us, not only abroad, but also when we are 100 miles away from home.

This was important to me because our current domestic insurance, while good, does not offer international travel medical insurance coverage for US citizens travelling to Mexico very well. AND, since we travel out of state quite often (several times per month), I always had this bit of a worry in the back of my mind.

This Mexico travel health insurance is called Voyager Annual Insurance and is offered by Travel Insure Services. You can also compare and review other Trip cancellation insurance for travel to Mexico.

There are two levels (we picked the lower of the two) of the plan. The base plan is a set amount per year and the second level is based on the ages of the applicants. It is somewhat unique in offering coverage (if you have a primary health insurance plan) in

Mexico Travel Insurance
the US as well as abroad; many annual plans only cover you when you leave the country which is why I chose it.

We have a few trips coming up this summer where we will visit my parents (a day's drive away) as well as to see Yellowstone National Park, so that way we can go with a little more peace of mind. I also have a travel credit card which does not charge me for international/ non-US dollar purchases and has some travel benefits included on it as well. However, there is no health insurance,

it would give me a refund on travel costs I purchased using the card (plane tickets, hotel booking). Still, I decided I really didn't need any more coverage than that. Thankfully the whole trip was uneventful and very pleasant.

What does visitor travel insurance cover?

medical expensesHealth care expenses
Covers hospital expenses for sickness or accidents.
doctor visitDoctor visit
Insures Doctor visits for sudden injury or sickness.
pharmacy drugsPharmacy drugs
Doctor prescribed eligible pharmacy drugs expenses.
medical evacuation Medical evacuation
Medical evacuation expenses to nearest facility included.
repatriation of remains Repat of remains
Repatriation of remains to home country included.

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Covid19 travel health insurance in Mexico

International travel has come to a standstill with many countries totally stopping their airspace. At American Visitor Insurance, we are committed to getting Travelers to Mexico with the best Covid19 Mexican travel insurance coverage in these uncertain times. There are currently three US insurance providers namely Trawick International, Global Underwriters and INF insurance, offering International traveler medical insurance in Mexico coverage for coronavirus.

Travelers to Mexico can find the ideal travel insurance with Covid19 coverage plan by using the Covid19 Mexico travel insurance compare tool. The following US insurance companies are offering Mexico travel insurance with Covid coverage for US citizens:

Trawick International Coronavirus Insurance:

Trawick International offers international medical insurance for coronavirus (Covid19) with their Safe Travel insurance plans Safe Travel Outbound plans are available for up to 6 months and are for US residents traveling outside the US.

You can Coronavirus or covid19 is covered by Safe travel International for Non US citizens visiting Mexico.

Safe Travels Voyager insurance and Safe Travels Explorer insurance Travel insurance that covers COVID quarantine costs. Quarantine lodging insurance base benefit is $2000 (which is $150 per person per day), but you can choose $4000 ($300/day) or $7000 ($500 per day).

Some travelers to remote islands and to inclusive resorts choose higher options to match where they are staying to accommodate the possibility of a 10 to 14 day quarantine.

mexico quarantine coverage

Global Underwriters Coronavirus insurance:

Diplomat Long Term Insurance must be bought for a minimum of 3 months and has a plan maximum options of $500,000 and $1,000,000 for medical expenses.

Pre-existing ailments are however excluded, which means that travelers infected before the plan effective date, will be considered as an pre-existing medical condition and will not provide coverage for that ailment.

International Medical Group (IMG) Coronavirus insurance:

International Medical Group (IMG) Covid travel insurance offers coronavirus insurance for USA. IMG's Patriot America Plus and Patriot Platinum insurance plans cover COVID19 like any other illness. The Patriot America Plus Covid Insurance and Patriot America Platinum coronavirus insurance include COVID coverage up to the policy maximum.

INF Coronavirus travel insurance:

INF travel insurance offers travel health insurance for international travelers visiting Mexico. The Elite Network insurance and Premier Insurance offer international travel insurance with Coronavirus coverage.

One of their plans (Elite) has excellent coverage of pre-existing medical conditions beyond the usual coverage for "acute onset" of pre-existing conditions which is a unique offering.

The INF travel medical insurance plans are cheaper per month if you purchase for at least 90 days when you initially buy them. You can compare all available INF US visitor insurance and buy them online.

Seven corners Coronavirus travel insurance:

Seven corners Liaison Travel Plus coronavirus travel insurance offers coverage for overseas medical expenses arising from Covid19 infection while the travellers are outside their home country. Liaison Student Plus coronavirus insurance offers covid 19 medical coverage for international students in the US or outside their home country. It covers student medical expenses arising from Covid19 illness.

Seven Corners Wander Frequent Traveler Plus offers annual medical coverage for business travelers, corporate travelers, employees, employers or anyone taking multiple trips frequently.

It covers international medical expenses arising from Covid19 infection.The Covid19 treatment benefit is available for COVID19 (the disease); SARS-Cov-2 (the virus); and Any mutation or variation of SARS-CoV-2.

WorldTrips Covid travel insurance:

Atlas travel insurance with coronavirus coverage will cover eligible medical expenses resulting from COVID19/SARS-CoV-2. Eligible medical expenses are medically necessary expenses that are not subject to another plan exclusion. Note that Atlas plans purchased on or after July 15, 2020 do NOT exclude COVID19 medical charges.

As ever, we wish you safe and happy travels. Do call us with questions or concerns you may have.

Popular tourist destinations in Mexico

mummies of guanajuato

Mummies of Guanajuato

It has proven to be one of the city's most popular attractions and remain an important cultural phenomena relating to local customs and traditions.

expiatory temple

Expiatory Temple

Built in neo-Gothic style, the church is famous for its richly embellished exterior and many European-made components.

guadalajara zoo

Guadalajara Zoo

It consists of many rare species such as white lions, Bengal tigers, and black panthers, plus a large primate contingent featuring gorillas and orangutans.

mayan world museum of merida

Mayan World Museum of Merida

It include ancient engravings and sculptures, historic documents, and textiles dating from pre-Spanish period, as well as fascinating displays covering colonial period.

It was a very nice time of year for travelers visiting Mexico. We went in mid April when they are currently in their 'dry' season, so although we went prepared with raincoats, we never unpacked them. Here are a few things we did, which I would highly recommend.

We took the "Turibus" which is a double decker tourist bus you can catch in many parts of the city which takes you on a round trip of an area with guided audio included (you can pick up a headset in several languages if needed; the voice you can hear on the bus is in Spanish).

We took the "Downtown" route which circles through some of the main avenues of the city and includes stops at the Zocalo, which is the main plaza of Mexico City home to several government buildings, the Cathedral, and the excavated Templo Mayor (a temple that was uncovered when some construction was started near the Cathedral).

Unfortunately, it was a Monday and all museums are closed on Monday (file that away to plan your stay), so all we could do was walk around the outside of the excavation. You can take any of the routes you want and get on and off as many times as you like. S There were routes to get to the Basilica and other places, but we kept it simple.

zocalo mexico city


museum of fine arts, mexico city

Museum of Fine Arts

angel of independence on reforma avenue, mexico city

Angel of Independence on Reforma Avenue

One day, my cousin drove us out to Teotihuacan which is a pre-Aztec city with three major temples in it: the Temple of the Moon, the Temple of the Sun, and the Temple to Quetzalcoatl all linked by the Avenue of the Dead. There is a museum there as well as new excavation and discoveries all the time which makes this a great place to visit each time you are in the area.

There are many tour companies that come out which may include food as well as a guided tour. I highly recommend eating at "La Gruta" which is in a cave very near the park. They have a very diverse menu and the ambiance is fabulous!

temple of the moon, teotihuacan

Temple of the Moon, Teotihuacan

temple of the sun, teotihuacan

Temple of the Sun, Teotihuacan

There were quite a few people at Teotihuacan since it was a school holiday (holy week before Easter), but, if anything, the lines to go up the temple just made it that much easier to climb up. Not that I needed a break or anything (*cough*). Before I left, besides checking into US travel health insurance for Mexico and what my travel credit card would do for me, I downloaded the Uber app on my phone and entered the credit card I wanted to use for that as well as the Airbnb app.

I had already used Airbnb while in Europe last summer and found (unfortunately AFTER I was on my trip) that it was a nice way to house 6 people in the same place but you DID need to have the app ready to use on your phone. Uber I had not used before and I must say that I found it very convenient. My cousins use it all the time in the city.

I know there is a lot of controversy around it, but here's what I liked about it: (1) the cars are fairly new and clean (some taxis I have taken in Mexico City... well, let's just say they've seen better days), (2) there is no money that exchanges hands since everything, even a tip, is put on the app, and, for security, (3) you have the name of the driver, a picture of him or her, and the license plate, make and model of the car, so you can make sure you have the right ride.

I thought it was tremendously convenient and safe, although we were never out very late at night. It gave me the opportunity to go places quickly and easily. I have taken he subway and we did so again, but this was in some ways much simpler. I also found that the rates were a little better than regular taxis.

So, used Uber to go to the Market of Arts and Crafts (Mercado de Artesanias) where I found some really interesting and wonderful crafts. These also are always changing and evolving, so it's never dull to go back to the same vendors. We took the subway to see Chapultepec Castle which was built in 1785 on a hill in the middle of Chapultepec forest (now a park) and was the home of Emperor Maximilian of France and his wife Carlota from 1864 to 1867 when he was deposed.

It still has much of the furnishings from when they lived there. It also offers wonderful views of Reforma Avenue (which Maximilian had built) which goes into the center of the city.

So, my recommendations for you should you venture to the lovely and historic Mexico City:
  1. Try Uber if you have a smartphone, but do take all security precautions.
  2. CAREFUL of your wallet or purse. Particularly in crowded places such as: the metro or subway, the Basilica, an open air market, or any place else where there are many people in the area.

    Pickpockets often work with partners with one trying to direct your attention to them while the other takes your wallet or cell phone. Those are the items that are most often taken, so be aware of that. Don't put your wallet in your back pocket; a front pocket would be better and if you have a purse, hold it close to your body, especially if it is open at the top; a zippered opening would be better. I recommend leaving passports and nice jewelry in a hotel safe while you are out.

  3. Dress modestly and conservatively. While Mexico has moved into a more modern dress code than in the past which includes shorts, they are still relatively conservative and Mexican men, in particular, are going to be openly appraising of any curves you put on display. If you'd rather not draw attention to yourself, keep buttoned up and covered.
  4. Eat up! Mexico has some of the best food on the planet. There are countless open air cafes and wonderful bakeries abound. However, stay away from street cart food and raw foods unless you purchase them at market and wash it yourself. My family and I had a touch of Montezuma's revenge upon our return.
compare and buy travel insurance for mexico

Remember not to drink water out of the tap or ask for ice in your drink. The hot chocolate, however, is to die for... When in doubt, order the day's special. That will be fresh and wonderful! I highly recommend the restaurant "El Cardenal" with several locations in Mexico City and "Las Delicias" which besides offering wonderful traditional Mexican food, has a show of live music and dancing in the evenings. Well, that's all I have for now.

If you have questions you can email them to us about Mexico Trip cancellation insurance or US travel insurance to Mexico and we would be happy to try and answer them for you.

Photos Copyright by A Christina Longbrake

As ever, we wish you safe and happy travels,
Hasta luego,
Christina Longbrake

Mexico travel insurance – FAQs

Do I need to self-quarantine after traveling to Mexico during the COVID19 pandemic?

Thanks to the Covid19 Delta variant, the travel requirements for travel to Mexico are fluid and can change depending on the pandemic situation.

Currently all travelers flying to the USA are required to get tested for Covid19, however they are not required to quarantine with a negative Covid test result.

What insurance do I need for Mexico?

Visitors to Mexico can purchase a travel insurance cover that provides coverage for all unexpected medical and travel emergencies along with the Coronavirus coverage.

Including Cancel for Any reason coverage is helpful in an event of sudden closure of borders due to Covid19 and the need to cancel your travel plans under short notice. Travel insurance with quarantine coverage is useful should one be infected by Covid and is forced to quarantine while in Mexico.

Will my travel insurance cover me in Mexico?

If the traveler already has an existing travel insurance, travellers need to include Mexico as the covered country before traveling to Mexico to get coverage. Please review your travel insurance policy details to ensure that you have appropriate coverage.

The following are different factors to consider while buying travel insurance – Does the travel insurance provide adequate coverage for the health of the traveler, does it cover the trip expenses should there be delays or cancellation, do you need cancel for any reason coverage which insures the trip if one needs to cancel unexpectedly, does it cover Covid19 related expenses including quarantine.

Can I get travel insurance for Mexico?

Yes, international travelers can buy travel insurance for Mexico online at American Visitor Insurance. America visitor insurance works with several US travel insurance providers and travelers can find several quotes and get best travel insurance for Mexico based on their specific requirements.

Should I get travel insurance for Mexico?

Travelling now during the midst of coronavirus is risky and unpredictable. Purchasing travel insurance to Mexico is not mandatory but it is strongly recommended to be safe and to have a stress free vacation in Mexico.

Travel insurance cover will provide you with the coverage in case of any sickness or injury or any sudden unexpected events due to covid19.

What travel insurance does Mexico come under?

Travelers need to buy International travel insurance to Mexico. One should consider the following factors while buying travel insurance for Mexico– Does the travel insurance provide coverage for the health of the traveler in case of an accident or sickness, does it cover the trip expenses in the event of trip delays or cancellation, does the insurance provide coverage for cancel for any reason should one need to cancel the trip suddenly, does the insurance provide coverage for Covid19 related expenses including quarantine.

At what age does travel insurance become expensive?

Travel insurance is more expensive for older travelers as the price increases steadily based on the age of the traveler. One can state that prices are expensive for travelers aged 60 years or older.

Along with age, other factors that determine the cost of travel insurance is the type of coverage (fixed benefits vs Comprehensive), the maximum medical coverage as well benefits such as coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions.

When should I take out travel insurance?

It’s best to purchase a travel insurance before the start of travel.

Is travel insurance worth getting?

Yes, all international travelers should consider buying travel insurance cover for safe and protected travel. Travelling long hours in a new country increases the risk for unforeseen medical and travel emergencies.

During such times a travel insurance cover will provide coverage and save the insured from a huge financial loss.

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