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International travel has become a fairly very common activity today with people from different age groups traveling across countries while wanting to create memorable memories depending on the occasion. People even in their 60s and 70s travel quite often outside their home country. This might not be such an easy decision for some, given the concerns of safety and health. Given that at this age, travelers cannot take their health for granted it is important to take travel insurance for parents while traveling long distances.

Let us look at the situation of elderly parents visiting the US to see the future generation of their family and to spend some with them . They normally are in the age range of 55 onwards. This is the time when people develop certain health conditions depending on their busy lifestyle and other factors.

This indicates the possibility of an existent health condition commonly known as pre-existing conditions. Visitor health insurance plans are available in the market but it is important to choose a plan carefully with sufficient coverage for existing medical conditions. An extremely important point to note is that the coverage for pre-existing condition is available only for the acute onset of the pre-existing condition. Any prescription medication or any kind of routine checkup or maintenance work that is associated with the condition, will not be covered. The visitors medical insurance coverage for acute onset of pre-existing condition varies with the age. It is available to its maximum limit up to the age of 65 or 70 after which it reduces in some plans and is excluded in others.

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Most people are not very clear about the meaning of the pre-existing condition. It is a health condition that the person has already been diagnosed with before the insurance becomes effective. Insurance companies use "look back " period for determining if the condition is pre-existing or not.

Visitors Insurance USA provides an excellent quote compare facility for the customer to enter the required input in the form and view the available plans for the input provided. This makes it easier to filter the plans according to the information in the quote form. The age, preferred start and end date during which the plan will be effective, preferred policy maximum, preferred deductible, citizenship and destination are the details required in this form. Getting quote on this input will show a summary page which consists of the available plans for the entered information along with their price information for the given duration. Changing the deductible value or the policy maximum option will result in a premium price change accordingly. The equation between the deductible and the premium price is inversely proportional. Lower the deductible, higher the premium price.

Some of the most popular visitors insurance with the coverage for pre-existing condition would be :
For people up to the age of 65: Almost all the comprehensive and fixed benefit plans cover pre-existing condition up to this age. Patriot America Plus, Liaison Travel plans, Atlas Travel plan, Atlas Premium America plan, Safe Travels USA Comprehensive plan are some of the popular comprehensive plans that cover pre-existing condition.

For people above 65: Atlas America and Atlas Premium America are the plans that cover pre-existing up to age 80. Safe Travels USA Comprehensive cover up to the age of 89.

Please note that any existing condition that is considered chronic is excluded from coverage. It is recommended to purchase comprehensive travel medical insurance plans as opposed to a Fixed benefit insurance plan due to it's limited coverage.

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Frequently asked questions?

Simply put, a pre-existing condition is a disease or condition a person is already diagnosed with, being treated for, or has, with reasonable certainty before the start of the insurance policy. Companies use a "look back" period to determine if a condition will be considered pre-existing or not. Know more.
No , there are no medical tests required for purchasing visitor travel insurance to usa with pre existing conditions.
The short term visitor insurance plans usually do not cover pre-existing medical conditions, however some plans do provide limited coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions. You can compare the insurance plans that offer pre-existing condition coverage using our compare tool option.
Many people, although healthy and able to travel, particularly older travelers take medications for certain medical conditions. While these conditions can be called "normal" for a person of their age, not all people have these conditions and they will be classified as "pre-existing" by an insurance company. If you do NOT have coverage for it, then the policy will pay $0 for any incident of it, emergency or not. The coverage you can get is limited to "acute onset" of a pre-existing condition which can cover an unexpected life-threatening emergency of the condition which would then give you as complete coverage as you could get for your travels or visitor. This is why we offer some options with this coverage for nearly all ages of travelers. For more information, go here.
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