Visitor medical insurance for visiting Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica

  • For US residents
  • For Non US residents
Safe Travels Voyager insurance by Trawick International is available for U.S. Citizens and U.S. Residents traveling to Costa Rica with Covid-19 medical expenses covered and treated the same as any other sickness. It satisfies the travel health insurance Costa Rica requirements listed below:
  • Provides a minimum coverage of $2,000 for potential or extended quarantine lodging expenses due to Covid19.
  • Provides best trip insurance for covid coverage for the entire duration of travel in Costa Rica.
  • Provides guaranteed travel insurance for covid cover for medical expenses of at least USD $50,000.
Safe Travels Voyager Plan Details Visa Letter Buy Safe Travels Voyager Insurance
The Safe Travel Voyager insurance plan provides a visa letter stating that the Costa Rica health insurance for visitors covers Covid 19 illness, which is used to complete the Health Pass document and QR code generation. Therefore this plan cannot be bought if the traveler has already left the US. This visa letter can be downloaded online after buying the plan online. To only satisfy the Costa Rica health insurance for visitors requirements, you can use a $0 trip cost and the date you purchased your plane ticket or travel package as the trip deposit date, this will reduce the price of the Safe Travels voyager plan.
The Safe Travels Voyager plan is a trip cancellation plan which means you can insure the value of your trip. However, Costa Rica does not care whether you insure your trip or not. If you enter $500 or less for "trip cost", you will pay the lowest possible rate. Also, the policy is not cancellable (except within the first 10 day "free look" period) since it is meant to be used in case of trip cancellation.

Note that only some specific situations are listed for refund of non-reimbursable costs of your trip (up to what you insured). If you want more flexibility, many people can opt for a "Cancel For Any Reason" rider (or CFAR). If you invoke the CFAR rider, you only get 75% of your money back and you must cancel at least 24 hours before you depart. Note that this policy is technically not extendable as it is meant to cover a single trip only.
Travelers can compare Costa Rica covid insurance cost and buy online according to their needs.

Safe Travels Voyager Insurance benefits
  1. Trip Cancellation: Up to 100% of trip cost insured.
  2. Trip Interruption: 150% of trip cost insured.
  3. Trip Delay: $2,000 including Accommodations ($150/day) (6 hours or more).
  4. Up to $250,000 in PRIMARY emergency medical coverage.
  5. Cancel for Any Reason available.
  6. Pet Coverage Included.
Please select destination as "Costa Rica" in online application to ensure that visa letter document clearly indicates Covid coverage in Costa Rica.
Costa rica covid travel insurance
  • Available for US citizens and US residents whose home country is US and must be travelling outside USA
  • Satisfies Costa Rica travel insurance requirements
  • Includes $2000 in travel delay benefits for Covid quarantine/lodging
  • This is a benefit that more and more countries are requiring, in particular, Costa Rica
  • This insurance used to complete the Costa Rica Health Pass document and QR code generation.
HTH Trip Protector Preferred Plan Details Visa Letter Buy Trip Protector Preferred Insurance
Safe Travels International insurance and Safe Travels International Cost Saver insurance by Trawick International is available for Non U.S. Residents traveling to Costa Rica with Covid-19 medical expenses covered and treated the same as any other sickness. They are travel insurance plans without trip insurance coverage.
They are cancellable and extendable should that be needed. If you cancel before the start date of the policy, you will get a full refund. After the start date, you will have to pay a $25 cancellation fee and you will get a pro-rated refund on your policy.
They satisfies the Costa Rica health insurance requirements for entry to Costa Rica listed below:
  • Provides a minimum coverage of $2,000 Trip Delay benefit for potential or extended quarantine lodging expenses due to Covid19.
  • Provides best travel insurance for Non US residents for the entire duration of travel in Costa Rica.
  • Provides coverage for medical expenses of at least USD $50,000.
  • Emergency Medical & Hospitalization maximum coverage options up to $1,000,000
  • Trip Interruption $7,500 per policy period.
  • Trip Delay $150 a day up to $2,000 Optional : $4000 and $7000
Safe Travels International Plan Details Visa Letter Buy Safe Travels International Insurance
  • Emergency Medical & Hospitalization maximum coverage options up to $1,000,000
  • Trip Interruption $7,500 per policy period
  • Trip Delay - $2,000 ($250 a day) included for quarantine related lodging
Safe Travels International Cost Saver Plan Details Visa Letter Buy Safe Travels International Cost Saver Insurance

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Corcovado National Park

Corcovado National Park is one of Costa Rica most popular tourist attractions. It was established in 1975 when it was declared a protected area to prevent gold mining. Today the park includes an area of 164 square miles or 424 square kilometres, and can boast of being the largest primary forest on the American Pacific coastline. Corcovado National Park is known as one of the most bio-diverse locations anywhere on the globe, which includes Jaguars, Scarlet Macaws, Sloths, Coatis and plenty of howler monkeys. All of this making it a dense rich rainforest.

Visiting Corcovado National Park

The Corcovado National Park is open to the public both for day trips as well as for overnight trips as long as all visitors are accompanied by a certified guide.

Layout of Corcovado National Park:There are Four ranger stations inside the Corcovado National Park namely, Sirena, San Pedrillo, La Leona, and Los Patos. There are tourist trails from each of these ranger stations. While Los Patos, La Leona, and San Pedrillo stations are located on the edges of the park, Sirena is located at the very heart of the park and is connected by walking trails to La Leona and Los Patos.

Costa Rica COVID-19 travel insurance, Costa Rica visa requirements

I have Costa Rica travel insurance according to government requirements, now what?
Costa Rica Covid Health Pass document and QR code generation

Tourists who are traveling together and living in the same state can be on the same policy (even if they are not related). People from different states will have to purchase separate Costa Rica tourist insurance (different states have different laws regulating insurance, so this ensures that we comply with them). Be sure you start the travel insurance for Costa Rica the day you leave and end the policy the day you land back in the US.
  • Things to do 72 hours before you fly to Costa Rica:
    • Go to Costa Rica’s Health Minister webpage to fill out a "Covid19 Health Pass document for Costa Rica".
    • Fill in details including your flight number, seat number, airport flying into, purpose of your trip, etc. They will ask the standard COVID symptom check.
    • Fill this out FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL traveling.
    • An adult will have to fill the form for each minor (of course). Note that this is where you will use the "Costa Rica Visa letter" that you get from your purchase of the Safe Travels travel insurance.
    • Select “International” as your "Travel Insurance Company" if you have bought an US policy listed on our website. Travelers also have the option of buying a Costa Rican plan (these are listed on the above website). You can purchase a Costa Rican policy available from the government website, but I hear they are generally much more expensive). Also note that when you enter DATES, they will be in the MM/DD/YYYY format which is not the US usual format!! (We have gotten several calls with this small problem!)
    • Upload the visa letter (remember there is one for each person on the policy) onto this website.
    • Once you have completed the online form, you will get a generated Covid19 travel insurance QR Code for entry to Costa Rica. You have to show this QR code to control authorities when requested to satisfy the Costa Rica entry requirement, so again, be sure you have this for EVERY person traveling with you (minors included).
  • Finally, be sure you have a printed version of the travel insurance visa letter (one page) for each person traveling to show this also when requested. Be sure that it shows the country of Costa Rica in the letter (you choose this when you purchase it). Have this for EVERY person traveling with you (minors included). Don’t forget your passport and other important documents either!

Tips about the Safe Travels Voyager plan

The Safe Travels Voyager plan is a Trip Cancellation insurance. You can insure the value of your trip (that is, any non-reimbursable costs you would lose should you have to cancel your trip last-minute. However, this is NOT a requirement of Costa Rica. If you want only to cover the basic requirements of insurance for the lowest price, you can do so by entering $500 or less for "Trip Cost" per person.
If you do want to insure the value of your trip, a number here above $500 will add to the cost of the policy, but may be worth it for you since you will be able to get your money back should you have to cancel for an approved reason via the policy (see brochure for details).
If you want more flexibility in your cancellation options, then you can choose for the "Cancel For Any Reason" rider (not available in all states). This option is only available if you
  • Insure the entire value of your trip costs (air and accommodation, etc) AND
  • Purchase the insurance within 21 days of your INITIAL deposit for your trip.
Note that invoking this rider, you will only get 75% of your documented losses for your trip. However, this will give you the most flexibility as border closings due to COVID are NOT usual options on a trip cancellation policy. You can literally cancel for whatever reason you choose.

What is this quarantine/accommodation benefit? Where can I find it?

The accommodation benefit is a trip delay benefit on the policy. The Trip Delay benefit can be used in case of quarantine or other delay for at least 6 hours on your trip. Be sure you keep all documentation of your delay and receipts of extra expenses incurred during that time. Covered trip delay expenses may include: pre-paid unused and nonrefundable expenses of accommodations, reasonable food and lodging expenses, expenses of rejoining your tour/group and even a one-way economy fare ticket to return you to your originally scheduled return destination. If you are kenneling pets at a facility near your home and they will have to stay longer, this can be reimbursed as well as expenses they incur if you are traveling with your pets! Note that the Safe Travels Voyager now allows you to increase your trip delay expense to $4000 or even $6000. If you are traveling with pets or think you may have additional expenses, this may be a good option for you!

Does Safe Travels Voyager meet Costa Rican requirements for travel there?

YES! This is the only US based company we are aware of that offers the minimum $2000 trip delay benefit (they call it a quarantine/accommodation benefit). Others offer cover for COVID-19, but the key component is the trip delay benefit. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase only this part of the plan. However, since it meets ALL the requirements (exceeds the $50,000 coverage which includes COVID-19 illness), you don’t need to have anything else! Furthermore, you will get a "Visa Letter" for each person on the policy which will explicitly state all the relevant benefits of the policy AND the fact that it covers COVID-19 like any other illness.

More questions? Concerns? Feel free to call us anytime at 877-340-7910!

What to see in Corcovado National Park !

Buy travel insurance for Corcovado National Park
Sirena Station

This ranger station is enclosed by secondary rainforest and therefore attracts many animals to its trails. Visitors are likely to find Monkeys, Sloths, Coatis, Caymans and many varieties of birds.

Buy visitor insurance for Corcovado National Park
San Pedrillo Station

The San Pedrillo ranger station is a primary rainforest region and visitors can be amazed by trees which are over a hundred year old. The station is however not as rich in wildlife, but it more than makes up with flora for what it lacks in fauna.

Travel insurance Corcovado National Park
La Leona Station

The La Leona ranger station is located on the southern side of the park. It does not have as many trails as the other two, however visitors can hike up to Leona Creek and explore the pristine forest habitat..

Corcovado National Park travel insurance
Los Patos Station

The Los Patos ranger station can be reached via the La Palma community from Puerto Jimenez or by a long Eight to Ten hour hike from the Sirena station. Los Patos is only visited on an overnight or multi-day treks.

Costa Rica travel insurance forum

Travel insurance Costa Rica to cover Car rental damage

Does Safe travels Voyager insurance have liability car rental damage coverage and provide a letter saying the following?
The Car Protection (LDW) may be declined upon presentation of a printed letter from your insurance company stating they will cover the damages for a rental car in Costa Rica and they will cover the damages for the rented car in an accident, collision or roll over. In case of total or partial theft of the rented car, the Car Protection also covers any financial losses due to the theft. This letter needs to have the company name and the policy number."
- Angelo

questionDear Angelo,

Safe travels Voyager travel insurance for Costa Rica includes Rental Car Coverage as described below.
If You rent a car while on the Trip, and the car is damaged due to collision, theft, vandalism, windstorm, fire, hail, flood or any cause not within Your control while in Your possession, the Company will reimburse the lesser of:
(a) The cost of repairs and rental charges imposed by the rental company while the car is being repaired;
(b) The Actual Cash Value of the car;
(c) The Maximum Benefit shown on the Schedule of Benefits.

An Insured must be a licensed driver and listed on the rental car agreement in order for coverage to apply.
You have the following duties in the event of Loss due to Rental Car Damage:
1. You must take all possible steps to protect the vehicle and prevent further damage to it;
2. You must report the Loss to the appropriate local authorities and the rental company as soon as possible;
3. You must obtain all information on any other party involved in an Accident, such as name, address, insurance information and driver’s license number;
4. You must provide the Company all documentation such as the rental agreement, police report and damage estimate.
Buy Costa Rica Travel insurance

We continue to have several US travelers vacationing in Costa Rica who have been buying our travel insurance with Covid coverage plans daily.
Good luck and I hope this helps!

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