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Visitor Secure Insurance For Visitors to USA

Traveling outside your home country is a novel experience to a lot of travellers especially if they are visiting their son or daughter in another country who has been overseas for some time. People might just want to visit their family abroad whom they have not met in a long time or they might just want to vacation outside their home country.

To make their visit memorable, it is important to ensure

WorldTrips visitor secure insurance
that all of their documentation is complete and that they have all that they need while they are outside their home country. Travel health Insurance commonly known as Travel Insurance or Visitor Insurance is one such high priority item that will put the traveller at ease, and something that he/she can rely in case of any medical emergency while in a foreign country.

There are many US insurance companies that sell travel insurance plans online. Do consider these important factors before buying an insurance policy As they determine the price and benefits you get after buying insurance. The most factor among travel health insurance plans are Fixed/Limited benefits and Comprehensive visitor insurance plans.

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Visitor Secure health insurance plan is a pre-defined fixed benefit plan offered by WorldTrips for international visitors traveling overseas and for US citizens traveling outside of the US.

This is an economical and affordable health insurance plan that travellers can readily buy for any minor injury or sickness and is suitable for a short trip for Non US citizens visiting the US. The plan is classified as plan A, plan B, plan C and plan D based on the policy maximum amounts they provide.

The policy maximum amounts available for people from 14 days up to the age of 69 are as below:

  • Plan A - $50,000
  • Plan B - $75,000
  • Plan C - $100,000
  • Plan D - $130,000

Each plan have their own fixed deductible amount that vary from $0 to $200 as suggested in the visitor secure insurance brochure. For people under the age of 69 this plan covers acute onset of pre-existing conditions up to the policy maximum except Plan D which provides $100,000 lifetime maximum for acute onset of pre-existing condition when the available policy maximum is $130,000.

This plan however does NOT cover acute onset of pre-existing condition for the age of 70 and above. The policy maximum available for the age range of 70 -79 are $50,000 and $75,000 only. For people above 80, this plan provides a policy maximum of $10,000 only. Here is an example of how the Visitor Secure insurance plan works.

Visitor Secure plan:

Key benefits of VisitorSecure travel health insurance

Acute onset of a pre-existing condition

Fixed Benefit plan

Emergency medical evacuation

Dental Treatment

Physician visits

Prescription Drugs

VisitorSecure insurance for USA visitors - Key Highlights

  • Visitors Secure insurance is available for people traveling to the US and abroad.
  • Visitors Secure plan has four types of plans namely Plan A, Plan B, Plan C and Plan D.
  • The plan has the following deductible options and overall policy maximum options for people of different age groups:
Deductible options Plan A Plan B Plan C Plan D
Age 14 days to 59 years $0, $50, $100 $0, $50, $100 $0, $50, $100 $0, $50, $100
Age 60 to 69 years $0, $50, $100 $0, $50, $100 $0, $50, $100 NA
Age 70 to 79 years $100 or $200 $100 or $200 NA NA
Age 80 and above $100 or $200 NA NA NA
Overall policy maximum options Plan A Plan B Plan C Plan D
Age 14 days to 59 years $50,000 $75,000 $100,000 $130,000
Age 60 to 69 years $50,000 $75,000 $100,000 NA
Age 70 to 79 years $50,000 $75,000 NA NA
Age 80 and above $10,000 NA NA NA
  • VisitorSecure travel insurance plan provides coverage for hospital room and board including miscellaneous. The price varies depending on the type of plan.
  • The plan covers Inpatient Intensive Care Unit, Private Duty Nurse, Physician visits, Consultant physician, Surgery and price varies between the types of plans.
  • Outpatient treatment facilities such as surgical facility, pre admission testing, diagnostic x-ray and labs,prescription drugs, Urgent Care are covered with this plan.
  • He Plan provides coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions up to the age of 70.
  • Emergency medical evacuation available for up to $50,000 lifetime maximum for age below 70.
  • Repatriation of remains is covered upt o $25,000 per member.
  • Emergency Quarantine Indemnity for Covid-19 is available with this plan with $50 a day for up to 10 days.

VisitorSecure Insurance Reviews

Insurance provider
International Medical Group
VisitorSecure insurance rating
AM Best Rating: A++ (Superior) Standard & Poor’s Rating: AA-
VisitorSecure insurance underwriter
Underwritten by Lloyds, London.

No Coinsurance

VisitorSecure insurance eligibility
  • Travelers traveling outside their home country and who are over 14 days of age.
  • US citizens must be traveling outside of the continental US, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands in order to be eligible.
  • For individuals coming to the US who are over age 65, coverage must be effective within 30 days of arrival.

VisitorSecure Travel Medical Insurance - FAQ's

01. What is Visitor Secure travel medical insurance?

VisitorSecure U.S. Visitor Health Insurance is budget friendly visitor insurance plan for visitors traveling outside their home country. It provides coverage for medical expenses and other unforeseen health or accident related events during the visit. This plan also covers acute on set of pre-Existing Conditions up to 70 years.

02. Who is eligible for VisitorSecure travel insurance?

International travelers visiting a foreign country for a short duration, such as tourists, business travellers or family visitors, are eligible for VisitorSecure Insurance.

03. What does Visitor Secure medical insurance cover?

VisitorSecure insurance coverage includes emergency medical expenses, hospitalization, prescription drugs, emergency medical evacuation, trip interruption and other benefits depending on the specific policy.

04. How much does VisitorSecure cost in USA?

The Worldtrips VisitorSecure fixed benefit insurance cost will vary depending on the age of the traveler, the length of insurance coverage, The Plan Limit and the deductible. The higher the plan limit, the higher will be the premium, while the higher the deductible the lower will be the premium. Travelers can choose maximum limits of $50k, $75k, $100k, $130K depending on the age of traveler.

05. Does VisitorSecure covers pre-existing conditions?

Yes.VisitorSecure insurance offers coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions up to 70 years and $25,000 lifetime maximum for emergency medical evacuation

06. Why Visitorsecure plan is cheaper than other insurance plans?

VisitorSecure is a fixed benefit plan and this plan have specific benefit limits for different covered medical expenses. The individual fixed limits are clearly mentioned in the policy brochure. This plan is a scheduled Benefit or limited coverage Insurance Plan. Typically this plan is a cheaper but have limited benefits when compared to other Insurance Plans.

07. Can I Purchase VisitorSecure insurance for Family Members?

Yes, you can buy the VisitorSecure insurance for visiting family members. Check with American Visitor Insurance agents at (877)-340-7910 or read the brochure to understand the eligibility and coverage for family members.

08. How long can Visitor Secure insurance be purchased For?

VisitorSecure Insurance plans may offer coverage for a short period, such as a few days to several months. The duration of coverage can vary, you can get this information on American Visitor Insurance.

09. What happens in case of emergency?

In case of a medical emergency, policyholders usually need to contact the insurance provider, WorldTrips as soon as possible. The contact information is provided in the policy documents, and they will provide instructions on seeking medical care and filing a claim.

10. Can Visitor Secure travel medical insurance be renewed?

VisitorSecure can be renewed before the initial coverage period expires. It is important to check the specific terms and conditions of the policy.

11. How do i file a claim with Visitor Secure insurance?

You will need to contact the WorldTrips claims department and provide necessary documentation, such as medical records and receipts, to file your claim.

Testimonials - From Our Customers

I had a no-problem trip but Seven corners was easy to deal with in the securing of the travel insurance and dealing with a few issues prior to departure.


I have always gotten a quick response with a live person. I placed a claim, we will see it their payment to me is as good as their customer service is.


Good policy options and pricing. Like to purchase high coverage for medical without covering full cost of trips - like the options Seven Corners provides.


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