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travel Health insurance
International travelers should look for reliable travel insurance plans that provide adequate coverage while they are outside their home country. People in the age range of 50 - 99 are also often looking for coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. Many US insurance companies provide visitor travel health insurance plans for short term travel outside one’s home country. These plans can offer coverage for pre-existing conditions with caveats. The main caveat is that plans cover only acute onset of pre-existing conditions. So, what is an “acute onset” of a pre-existing condition as opposed to a worsening of a current medical condition? That is a very good question and one that will be critical to whether your “acute onset” coverage is going to pay for your situation or not. So, let’s define terms to get a clearer understanding of this idea. “Acute” means that the condition came on suddenly and needed to be taken care of quickly. Most companies use 24 hours as a gauge. So, if something is taking weeks to come on, it may not be covered. Also, the condition must be life or life-style (affecting vision, hearing, ability to walk, etc) altering situation. Finally, the condition generally has to have been stable before the trip started; never travel against your doctor’s recommendation and be sure there have been no changes in your medications or treatments for some time. How do you determine if something is “pre-existing” or not. Policies have what is called a “look back” period. Anything that happened farther back in time from the look back period with no further complication or complaint is no longer considered a pre-existing condition. So, if you had a broken angle 10 years ago, most policy look back periods are only 3 to 5 years, so this is no longer considered a pre-existing condition. In the unlikely event that you were to have an issue with that angle, it would be considered a “new” illness even if the problem stems possibly from your fracture 10 years ago.

INF travel insurance for Covid19:

INF Insurance offers visitors health insurance for coronavirus in the US, Canada and Mexico. INF insurance covers covid-19 as any other illness. One of their plans (Elite) has excellent coverage of pre-existing medical conditions beyond the usual coverage for "acute onset" of pre-existing conditions which is a unique offering. You can compare their plans using this link and purchase the one you are interested in by choosing the "buy now" button for the appropriate plan: Please note that the Elite Network insurance and Premier Insurance are cheaper per month if you purchase at least 90 days the first time you buy them. You can compare all available INF US visitor insurance.

Do call us with questions or concerns you may have.
The other thing to note is that at age 70 many plans drop their coverage even for “acute onset” of pre-existing conditions. Policies that do cover it reduce coverage maximums for that situation significantly, so read the fine print carefully especially if you fall into one of these age groups. Very few plans cover up to age 79 and one or two cover up to 89 and 99.
INF offers a few plans that are different and unique when it comes to the coverage of pre-existing conditions, particularly for older travelers. They have two types of coverage for pre-existing medical conditions: (1) acute onset coverage and what they call (2) full coverage of pre-existing medical conditions. American Visitor Insurance has developed a comparison tool for reviewing INF plans that cover the pre existing conditions.

What do they mean “full” coverage of pre-existing medical conditions? How is this coverage better than the “acute onset” coverage? Well, the acute onset coverage is only available under a life-threatening (or lifestyle threatening) emergency, so we are talking about a hospitalization. There are other situations where a pre-existing condition can give you some issues that you want to take care of before they get worse because you are in pain or can’t do what you’d like to be able to do on your trip or simply need to get taken care of (like a urinary tract infection) before they do become a major problem. For one thing, their Elite plan only has a 90 day look back period, so as long as your medications or treatments have not changed in that time frame, any new issues arising could be covered under the policy. Also, since it extends beyond “acute” onset, if you need to get lab testing done or a new medication, this could be covered with the “full” pre-ex coverage that would not be covered with the “acute onset” policy.

What is not covered by a “full” pre-existing condition coverage plan? Your regular medications or regular required treatments (such as weekly dialysis) are never covered. If you are traveling in order to have some medical treatment, that is also not covered, nor complications which may arise from such treatment. Childbirth for someone who is already pregnant is also never covered.

Here is a summary of the coverage for pre-existing conditions :
  1. INF Premier plan: This is a Fixed benefit plan providing policy maximum options of $150,000 and $100,000 for the age of 0-69 and $100,000 for the age range of 70-99. This is a full pre existing coverage plan where the coverage includes doctor appointments, blood tests, special care, urgent care which would not be covered under “acute onset” coverage plans. The coverage for pre existing condition can range anywhere between $20,000/$30,000/$40,000/$60,000 for age range of 0-69 depending n the policy maximum selected and the pre existing deductible selected. The pre existing deductible options are $1000 and $5000. For the age range of 70-99, the coverage could be $25,000/15,000 depending on the chosen pre existing deductible.The Premier plan has a fixed pre-existing condition maximum limit up to which the pre-existing condition would be covered.
  2. INF Elite plan: This is a comprehensive plan and is the and unique among comprehensive plans due to the offering of “full” coverage for pre existing conditions as described above. This plan has policy maximum options of $150,000 for people in the age range of 0-69 and $75,000 for people in the age range of 70-99. This is a full pre-existing coverage plan and covers doctor appointments, blood tests, special care, urgent care and any other treatment needed for a condition that was stable before travel, but started becoming an issue during the visitor’s trip. The pre-existing coverage maximum is available for $25,000 for 0-69 age range and $20,000 for age range of 70-99 with a pre existing deductible of $1500. This plan needs to be purchased for 3 months minimum. The Elite Network plan has a fixed pre-existing condition maximum limit up to which the pre-existing condition would be covered.
    Elite US visitor insurance is not available for visitors who are already in the USA
International travelers concerned about getting the best pre-existing condition coverage while traveling to the US from any other country must have a look at these plans as they are unique in the way the coverage they offer. All INF plans must be purchased for at least 30 days (some 90 days), so they are not meant for very short trips into the US.

To know more about the plans please review these products on our website and read their brochures. Travelers can buy these plans online and a confirmation email is immediately sent to the customer with the policy ID Card and all the other details of the plan. If you have any questions or issues with your purchase, feel free to call on our friendly and knowledgeable staff to guide and assist you.

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