Covid19 travel restrictions for visiting Canada

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New Covid 19-Travel restrictions to Canada

In its continuous bid to control spread of the new Covid19 variant virus Canadian authorities have announced new stricter travel restrictions in addition to the existing mandatory travel requirements. Many foreign nationals now are not allowed in to Canada even with the Electronic travel authorization (eTA) and a legal visitor visa.

Starting 22nd February, 2021 all those who are entering Canada by air and land need to take a Covid 19 test upon arrival and one more after their 14 day quarantine period. All passengers need to complete an Arrive CAN electronic form with their travel details and quarantine plans and self-assessment of Covid 19 updated before boarding the flight.

Prior to their travel date passengers need to make a detail plan of their travel and quarantining plans . Effective 18th February 2021 all travelers prior to their travel date need to book a 3 night self -paid pre booked stay in a government authorized hotel for quarantine with a continued quarantine for up to 14 days.

If you do not have any symptoms upon arrival you have to quarantine for up to 14 days and isolation for 14 days if there are any symptoms. At the end of the period of 14 days a negative Covid 19 test report is required to be released into the country.

Travellers who are Canadian citizens or have dual Canadian Citizenship with a valid Canadian Passport or if they applied for special exemption are allowed to get an entry at the border. Foreign nationals can travel to Canada only if they are eligible to travel including travellers from US

Foreign Nationals who are a direct or an extended family member of the Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada who is residing in Canada for 15 days or more and a person who is under the Canada’s Indian Act is allowed to enter Canada.

One who is travelling for compassionate reasons which is authorized by the Public Health Agency of Canada to travel to Canada is also allowed.

Few other categories of foreign nationals who are allowed for an entry are those who have received an exemption from travel restrictions and directly travelling from the US for a non- flexible purpose

A temporary foreign worker can enter if they have obtained a valid work permit and usually live in Canada. Have a job offer or a letter of Introduction for a work permit and a complete plan of 14 day quarantine and work in Canada.

Students who want to enter Canada for their further studies must have a valid study permit and must be attending a designated learning institute (DLI) which is on the government approved list with plans to deal with Covid 19 which is approved by their province.

Governments across the world strongly advise to cancel or postpone non –essential travel. Traveling while the new strain of covid 19 viruses around which is considered more infectious than the original strain of virus insuring oneself is even more necessary for a safe travel. Given these conditions, it is strongly recommended to buy good travel health insurance while visiting Canada.

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