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I did not receive my travel insurance policy document yet. What should I do?
If you have received your order confirmation email you can be assured that your coverage is in full force and effect and has been since the date you purchased your policy. All of the policy and contact information is included in your email. Policies are normally sent out within 24 hours of purchase from our web site by the respective insurance company. If you have not received your policy in 14 days, please contact our office. We will verify your mailing address and request that the policy is mailed out again.
Cancellation of policy varies from one company to another. As long as the request of cancellation is done before the effective date, then the customer will get a full refund. After the effective date on the other hand, then the terms and condition will vary from each company (consult with the plan brochures or Know more for more information on cancellation)
You can call us at 877-340-7910 or email us at and we will have the changes made to your policy and have a corrected policy sent to you.
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