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What is the latest date for me to purchase travel insurance?
You can purchase a policy up to the day before you travel. However we recommend that you purchase the insurance as soon as possible. Purchasing early will prevent situations where something can happen before you buy your insurance which will not be covered.
To receive the most benefit from the travel policy you must purchase the insurance within 7 to 21 days (varies by company and plan) of making your initial trip payment. If the insurance is purchased within the 7 - 21 day period may you receive two significant enhancements (varies by company and plan) to the policy.
  • Protection against the financial default of a tour operator, airline or cruise line.
  • The pre-existing medical condition exclusion is usually waived.
Please note that most companies count the day you make the first trip payment as day one and not the day when the check is cashed.
The First Trip Payment Date is the date that you first made a payment for the trip you want to insure. This is the date the check is written not the date it is cashed.
To determine the insurable cost of the trip, add together the cost of all of your non-refundable pre-paid trip arrangements.
Coverage begins at 12:01AM the day after you purchase a policy.
Yes. Travel insurance is available to non-U.S. citizens whether or not they reside in the United States.
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