GeoBlue and HTH Insurance options in different US states

Travel medical insurance and Student insurance plan availability in different states

Worldwide Insurance Services, LLC operates both the HTH Worldwide and GeoBlue Brands. The plans from the two Brands are available in different US states. A customer can buy the different plans based on their state of residence.

Select the state below to know which plans are available in that specific state

Expatriate Plan
Travel Medical
International Student
  • For Expatriate plans, Americans spending 330+ days overseas are deemed to have met the individual mandate. Non-resident aliens in the U.S. are exempted from the individual mandate. All J, F, M and Q visa holders are also exempted.
  • In North Carolina, we are approved to sell our long-term plans which do not include U.S. benefits. Plans which include U.S. benefits are unavailable.

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