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travel insure visit usa insurance In today’s global village people travel overseas and to different corners of the globe for different reasons. In this context, it is common to see people of different age groups traveling to the United States. One of the most important things that they should be concerned is that of health insurance, commonly known as visitor medical insurance or travel health insurance as healthcare in the US is very expensive. Paying out of one’s pocket even for a minor medical expense is unimaginable for a visitor who is visiting from another country and is new to the US and its culture and lifestyle. One never knows what can happen while you are outside your home country.

Many US insurance providers offer plans online and are making health insurance easily accessible to travellers by presenting all the relevant material on the web. These are many highly rated companies located in the US. US travel health Insurance plans are available in two categories which broadly classified as Fixed and Comprehensive visitor insurance. In general, Fixed plans are cheaper than the Comprehensive, however the benefits are limited in a Fixed benefits plan when compared to a Comprehensive visitor insurance plan. It is always safer to choose a Comprehensive option that will cover any unexpected medical situation to the policy maximum. There is a co-insurance factor that is applicable to a comprehensive plan. This is a small percentage amount ranging from 10 – 20% after the deductible is paid which needs to be fulfilled by the customer while the rest of the amount is taken care of by the insurance company. This is usually applicable for the first $5000 of the expense which the insurance company pays 100% for any medical expense. You could review visitor medical insurance plans. Some plans waive this amount if the person seeks treatment inside the network (PPO Network) which is formed by a group of providers located in certain geographical area. Then we also need to consider the renewability option and plan maximum lifetime and the availability of the plan for a particular residential status.

visit usa logoVisit USA Health Care plan is a Comprehensive plan offered by the USI Travel Insurance Services provider and is available for Non US citizens visiting the US. This plan has a maximum lifetime of 364 days. This is available for your spouse and the dependent. The visit USA brochure of the plan details all the benefits and eligibility information. Pre-existing condition coverage is available for $10,000 for people under 65 years while the benefits come down to $2,500 for travellers over 65 years. Here is an example of how Visit USA insurance plan works


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