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Roundtrip choice  Why do you need trip protection insurance? Is buying Trip insurance worth it ?
A trip is meant to be enjoyable and fun, to ensure that it remains so, you need to insure your tip. Anything adverse can happen to disrupt your travel, and trip protection plans by Seven Corners are desiged to help you deal with these disruptions with ease.

Here are some examples of possible trip disruptions where Seven Corners Trip protection insurance can come to your rescue :
  • You have spent a lot of money on your airline tickets and hotel bookings, but just before your travel you or a family member fall ill forcing you to delay your travel. Any delay or interruption to your travel can be very expensive.
  • You can fall sick or even have an accident during your travel and need emergency medical service.
  • You need to be evacuated to a facility with the required healthcare facilities for you in the event of a medical emergency.
  • You loose your baggage or passport, or your baggage is damaged.

Seven Corners Trip protection insurance for US residents and Non-US residents

Round Trip Economy
For US residents
One of the affordable travel investment protection plans offering basic coverage at cheapest rates.
Plan Details
Round Trip Choice
For US residents
Trip protection plan offer a wide range of extra options at good prices to get more coverage if required.
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Round Trip Elite
For US residents
Travel insurance offering maximum protection for trip investing expenses which includes sports trips and trip cancellation due to work reasons.
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Round Trip International
For Non-US residents
Exclusive trip protection coverage for Non US residents for trip less than 30 days.
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Frequently asked questions about Trip insurance

Eligibility for Seven Corners Trip protection plans:

  • Round trip choice:
    US residents traveling outside their home
  • Round trip economy:
    US residents traveling outside their home
  • Round trip elite:
    US residents traveling outside their home
  • Round trip international:
    Any traveler who is not an US resident and travelling outside his/her home country for less than 30 days.
    US citizens residing outside US and travelling to US are not eligible to buy this plan

The trip cancellation insurance will reimburse any non-refundable invested trip expenses only if

  • The trip is cancelled
  • The trip is interrupted
  • The trip is delayed
  • The insured missed the cruise or tour connection
There are only some predefined list of conditions for which the trip was cancelled, interrupted, missed or delayed only for which the trip expenses are covered. If the conditions are not satisfied, the plans do not offer reimbursement.

The expenses involved while planning the trip like flight charges, hotel bookings and other costs included or invested in the trip itinerary which will not be refunded in case the trip is cancelled, delayed, missed or interrupted.

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There are plenty of amazing destinations around the world that people would want to visit during their lifetime. Ensure that your travel is fun and safe with good trip insurance.
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