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Compare Quotes for Visitor Medical Insurance

 1. Enter the age of the traveler or visitor Spouse
 2. Select number of dependent under 18.
 3. Select medical coverage limit
 4. Deductible amount (Dollar amount that you pay before insurance pays for medical expense)
 5. Dates for insurance coverage
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 6. Visitor/traveler's country of citizenship Non-USA USA
 7. Country/countries where coverage is required USA Only All nations including USA & Canada All nations excluding USA
 8. Mailing address & permanent address    Same
 9. How long has the visitor been in USA?
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Compare and buy insurance plan

  • The plans available on American visitor insurance are from highly rated insurers.
  • The visitor is given the widest range of plans so that you can find the plan according to your individual visitor insurance needs.
  • Comparison can be done on the basis of cost (premiums), deductible, AM rating of insurance underwriter, PPO network , coverage benefits, pre-existing condition coverages , renewal limitation if any, eligibility criteria if any.
  • After comparing the plans, you can buy it online in a matter of minutes.
  • You will receive a virtual insurance ID card and a hard copy of the policy document will be mailed to your address.