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Frequently asked questions about INF international travel insurance coverage for Coronavirus

Now that the CDC announced that the world is at a level 3 travel advisory, is there any coverage for your policies for COVID-19?

There is no change in the coverage.

If they are currently enrolled, the policy will not be voided. If they are enrolling after the arrival date (most common situation now) they may go through special underwriting.

INF plans cover COVID-19 like a new sickness, subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. This is not a guarantee of benefits, however, as each claim is evaluated individually.

Currently, we will continue to support our customers and allow new enrollments in INF Standard and INF Traveler USA and others case by case.

Yes, they can enroll in the INF policies.

As of now, the pre-existing coverage will remain intact. For new enrollments, they may undergo special underwriting.

Yes, the plan will cover eligible sickness and accidents.

If they are a Non-US Citizen or Non-US Resident, yes they will be able to

INF plans cover COVID-19 like a new sickness, subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. This is not a guarantee of benefits, however, as each claim is evaluated individually. Additionally, we do not cover anyone who is already sick or showing symptoms, or plans to see a physician in the immediate future. As you know, the situation is developing day by day and is constantly changing. If the Travellers are interested in enrolling, we advise them to enroll right away.

INF travel insurance that covers coronavirus will treat it as a new sickness, even if you are infected on the airplane.

We cannot prove that you were infected with COVID-19 by simply being in contact with someone who had / has it. This has no effect on the coronavirus travel insurance. We will cover COVID-19 like any other new sickness.

Being tested is a service, if we determine a related service was done 12 months prior to the effective date, the condition would be considered Pre-Existing

We would still cover coronavirus like a new sickness. There is no incubation period exclusion clause in our policy. COVID-19 is covered just as if you catch the flu. Both testing & treatment are covered.

Yes, INF will cover COVID-19 like any other sickness. We do not have a pandemic or travel advisory exclusion clause in our policy.

No, INF will not pay out any benefits if you are already showing symptoms of COVID-19 before you enroll in the policy.

Antibody test prescriptions can be obtained via INF's telemedicine program for $0 (free). COVID-19 tests and prescriptions are covered. In both cases, you must be showing symptoms and tests should be prescribed by a physician (medically necessary) to be covered.

INF travel insurance coverage for Coronavirus (Covid 19)

As the world-wide outbreak of the coronavirus (Covid 19) continues to grow with no end in sight - it is important let travelers know that they need to have medical coverage which can cover the cost of treatment. Treatment costs of the coronavirus have been known to reach tens-of-thousands of dollars for in-patient hospitalizations, lab tests, and other needed medical facilities to treat the disease. Although there is no vaccine for the coronavirus, the travelers can still find medical coverage for visitors which will help with the treatment of the virus. Our claims show that individuals who are above 70 years are very susceptible to new illness and sickness such as the flu and pneumonia. In fact, the majority of claims paid out for those above the age of 70 years will be for these types of new sickness - not pre-existing conditions.

The cost hospitalization for a visitor who is aged 70-79 years with a case of pneumonia can range anywhere from $22,564 to upward for $56,323.67! This should be the expectation if one of the travelers suddenly becomes ill with the coronavirus. Often times, many patients will need extra care for these conditions- and this is only exacerbated by their age and that fact that there is still no vaccine for coronavirus.

INF travel insurance coverage for Coronavirus is straightforward. The coronavirus will be covered as per any new sickness in the policy since it is not explicitly excluded. Note that these plans only offer coverage in the US and Canada.

Travel medical insurance for travelers stranded in the USA, Canada or Mexico because of Coronavirus

It is heartbreaking to hear of so many people stranded due to COVID-19. So many borders are closing and travel plans have had to be altered. At American Visitor Insurance, we are committed to getting you the best insurance coverage we can in these uncertain times. Of particular note, the company INF insurance which offers travel insurance plans with coverage in the USA, Canada and Mexica. INF Insurance: offers two fixed benefit plans namely INF premier insurance and INF standard insurance and two comprehensive benefit plans namely INF Elite Network insurance and INF Traveler USA insurance with Covid19 coverage. These plans usually have a restriction on coverage of pre-existing medical conditions for their plan: INF Elite Network Insurance unless it is purchased BEFORE the traveler leaves their home country. INF traveler USA also offers coverage for Coronavirus. In light of the coronavirus epidemic, INF is lifting this restriction on pre-existing condition coverage even if purchased after coming to the US.

While many other insurers are NOT covering COVID-19 and even voiding policies due to the pandemic, INF insurance is a REAL option for travelers stuck in the US and needing insurance coverage. The INF travel insurance policy is good if you are replacing an existing travel policy that has expired or maybe you didn't have an insurance policy to begin with. International students in the US, Snowbirds from Canada or the UK, tourists from European nations, even US green card holders can purchase these plans. Note that the INF traveler USA ONLY offers coverage in the US, while the INF Elite can be used in the US, Canada, and Mexico (even by US citizens who ordinarily reside outside the US). The INF traveler USA is quite affordable and many travelers and students are even buying this plan to complement their existing insurance option if it has limitations in coverage for COVID-19.
Please know we are here to help you make the best, informed decision to get coverage even for COVID-19! Let us know how we can assist you. Feel free to contact us by email or phone at any time.
Insurance provider
Policy maximum?
$150,000, $75,000

Deductible options?
Traveler USA rating
AM Best Rating: A++
Traveler USA underwriter
Underwritten by ACE American Insurance Company (AAIC), a member of the Chubb Group of Companies.

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Traveler USA Insurance - Key Highlights

  • This is a comprehensive plan too but does not cover pre existing condition
  • Minimum purchase of 30 days is required for this plan.
  • This plan covers COVID-19.
  • Traveler USA plan covers UTI(Urinary Tract Infections) and is unique common amongst the older travelers.

Traveler USA Visitor insurance

  • Most suitable for Non-US Citizens & US Citizen Expatriates visiting the United States.
  • Different plan maximum options available are $75,000 and $150,000.
  • Ratings: A++ by A.M. Best.
  • Underwritten by ACE American Insurance Company, a member of the Chubb Group of Companies.

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INF insurance does not cover medical tourism

INF insurance will not cover visitors to US if they are already sick, if a traveller is already in the hospital, expecting to use the insurance, if travelers have scheduled medical procedures, or if travelers are seeking on-going treatment. If a visitor proceeds to do any of the preceding, it may result in the cancellation of coverage, full refund of the amount paid, and all claims denied.
INF has a 5 day waiting period for new sickness / pre-existing coverage if the traveler has already arrived in the United States.

Traveler USA Insurance Reviews Advantages

Traveler USA Insurance Reviews Covid19 travel insurance by INF for coronavirus will cover eligible medical expenses resulting from COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2.

Does Traveler USA Insurance Coronavirus Reviews cover covid illness?

INF Covid19 travel insurance by Traveler USA travel insurance reviews for coronavirus coverage will cover eligible medical expenses resulting from COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2. Eligible medical expenses are medically necessary expenses that are not subject to another plan exclusion.

A working example of using Traveler USA travel insurance (Offered by INF)

Consider an Traveler USA Plan A example where your:
  • Insurance coverage is $75,000
  • Deductible is $500 per injury or sickness
  • Your claims for medical expenses is $14,500
Below is a simple calculation showing how much the plan/insurance company pays you:
  1. Subtract the deductible from claims amount - $14,500 minus $500 equals $14,000. Insured bears $500.
  2. The insurance provider pays fixed amounts based on the schedule of benefits (as shown in the table) and you have to pay the remaining balance.
Expense Amount billed Amount Insurance Pays Amount Insured Owes
Deductible $500 $0 $500
Hospital Room & Board including Laboratory Tests,
X-rays, Prescription Medical and other miscellaneous
$2,000/day for 3 days Up to $1,600/day, 3 day maximum $1,200
Surgical Treatment $6,000 $4,800 $1,200
Prescription Drugs $600 $480 $120
Diagnostic X-rays & Lab Services $1,400 $1,120 $280
Total: $14,500 $11,200 $3,300

What are some insurance terms important in Traveler USA Insurance reviews?

Review Traveler USA Insurance to know these important aspects of international visitor insurance for USA:
  • Plan Maximum coverage of Traveler USA travel insurance:
    This the maximum coverage that the plan would offer for the medical expenses. Traveler USA insurance offers maximum coverage up to $150,000.
  • What is a deductible in Traveler USA visitors insurance?
    This is the initial amount the traveler needs to pay before the insurance actually start paying. Remember higher deductible have less premium than a plan with lower deductible. Traveler USA insurance offer a set of deductible options for the travelers to choose from. Traveler USA insurance has a range of deductible option is $500.
  • What is a provider network of Traveler USA Medical Insurance?
    It is a network of health care providers. Insurance companies form these in order to control the costs of health care. An insurance plan would pay 100% of the eligible expenses if the insured is admitted to hospital or health care center within the provider network.
  • Renewability of Traveler USA Travel health insurance
    Sometime the travel plans may change and a US visitor may be required to extend their period of stay.Traveler USA Insurance can be renewed up to 364 days.
  • Eligibility to buy Traveler USA Insurance Online
    It provides coverage for Non-US Citizens and US Citizen Expatriates visiting the United States.
  • This plan Underwritten by ACE American Insurance Company, a member of the Chubb Group of Companies.

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