Insurance for Green Card holders in America

New Green card holders in the USA are not immediately eligible for Medicare. Till they are eligible for domestic coverage, it is advisable that they insurance coverage. The plans offered here satisfy this requirements and some can even be renewed up to 5 years, there are some limitations such as limited coverage for pre-existing conditions for preventive care. Fill the form provided below to get benefit details of the available options.

Insurance plans for Green Card holders - Fill the form and compare plans
 1) Immigrant's age Spouse
 2) Number of dependent under the age 18
 3) Coverage limit for medical expenses
 4) Deductible amount
 5) Immigrant's country of citizenship Non-USA USA
 6) Countries where coverage is required USA Only ALL nations including USA
 7) Mailing address & permanent address
 8) How long has the traveler been in USA?
 9) Please select your coverage preference Do not need coverage for Pre-existing conditions
Need Coverage for Pre-existing conditions without waiting period
Need Coverage for Pre-existing conditions with waiting period

Green Card in America

The US Green Card, also known as Permanent Resident Card is one of the most important document for immigrants in America. This document was formerly known as the Alien Registration Card. An immigrant is authorized to live and work in America on a permanent basis with a Green Card permit. The Green Permit is a process of becoming a permanent resident of United States and a proof of lawful permanent resident (LPR). The Green Card Holders will be officially granted to utilize immigration benefits in America.
Benefits for Green Card HoldersHow to qualify for green card?

Who is eligible to get Green Card in the US?

You will be eligible to seek Green Card in the US if you fall under one of these categories.
  • Immediate Relatives of U.S. Citizens.
  • Other Family Members.
  • Preferred Employees and Workers.
  • Ethnic Diversity.
  • Special Immigrants.
  • Refuge and Political Asylum.
  • Long-Term Residents.